In the hot discussion in the comment area,

the video screen turned.


Looking at Ji Dabao, who suddenly stood up again, the

Mountain Rooster King himself was stunned!

Why is this fat chicken so resistant to beating?!

And the fear of humans made

the pheasant sweat profusely

, and it looked anxiously at the clock and muttered,

"Has four minutes passed?!"

Then, the

king of the pheasants leaned down and rummaged in his trouser pocket.

"Pounce on the street! I'll hit the booster to kill you!

"You forced me!"

But something embarrassing to the king of the pheasants happened!

The fortifier in his mouth is gone!

The confused pheasant king muttered,

"Why is it gone?"


As the mountain rooster king conjecture

, in order to match its conjecture,

the video camera also began to move and turn to Dabao!

And Daibao also took

out a tube of syringe from his trouser pocket at this time


"Are you looking for this thing?"

In the shocked eyes of the Mountain Rooster King,

Chicken Daibao explained proudly.

"I have long discovered your inferior cheating methods!"

"Let you beat up the fun, just to steal this thing!"


, Dabao, who had a blue nose and a swollen face, said defiantly:

"You stupid chicken!

There is no such thing.

"You can't win the big fly at all!"

The tearful chicken Dabao roared.

"Da Fei is the winner of that game!"

This sudden reversal of circumstances instantly

gave the viewers the confidence to defeat the Mountain Rooster King!

Shinnosuke Harano:

"Daiho! Come on! Representing Dynamic Superman to destroy the evil Pheasant King!

"It's up to me to give you a hand!" Hey ha! Dynamic light waves! Dynamic Wave Ball! Luffy


"Is it finally Daiho's turn to fight back?"

"I was dying watching the previous video!"


"The will of fire lives on! Go on! Daibo! With the hope of Big Fly and Little Fly!

"You must defeat the king of the pheasant!"

Dongfang Shusuke:

"Rush, Dafei!" Take your friend's last wish!

"Defeat the Pheasant Queen and leave this place!"


Jojo World

, staring at the comments that slid overhead,

Dior laughed wildly!

How ridiculous it

is to hold justice for an evil emperor like him


At the same time

, in that distant world of blade teeth,

so is Yujiro


He clapped his hands and laughed unabashedly, and

his disdain could be distinguished by others at a glance!

In the midst of shame,

Yujiro Fan Ma tore the wooden chair under the seat to pieces!

Yujiro Vanma:

"Hahahaha! What about getting that tube of booster!?

"Witty little bugs are struggling! It's just a bug that can be scared to death with a slap! Dior


"Oki Ohki Ohki Ohki Da!" This fat chicken! In the end, it must be solved by the king of mountain chickens! Lan

Ran suddenly said:

"It's really ugly! King Pheasant!

"It took 4 minutes to deal with an ordinary blue-feathered chicken."

Night God Moon:

"Rely on a tube of ineffective enhancer to reverse the situation?"

"It's a pity that you can't use notes on life in another world!"


"Noisy! Noisy it! The more you try to express your emotions, the more emotional points I get! As

the mastermind behind this tearful roll call scene

, Lu Chuan, who is peeping on the screen,

is getting more and more excited!

These villains from different worlds are so active,

but it has brushed him a lot of heat!

[Surprising points are being

harvested...] [Collecting Spit Value

Points...] [Wordless Points are being harvested...]


The record of point increase that is constantly reminded by the background of the system is all

"white flower" silver!

At this speed

, he punched Saitama,


the day of kicking Lu Mingfei was coming!

Although he can't get so many points just by relying on this famous scene

, Lu Chuan estimates that

the points this time are enough for him to increase his life expectancy for 10,000 years,

and he can also help Ji Dabao make up for its regrets!


After Lenovo,

Lu Chuan also looked at the video again.

In the video,

Chicken Dabao's roar

was replaced by the laughter of the mountain chicken king.

And its calm and relaxed posture

also makes the viewers feel that things are not good!

While the viewers were confused, the

king of the pheasants explained:

"You didn't take anything!"

"Because, DX Booster requires a very strong body to use!"

It rolled its eyes and


"Blue feather chicken, it's for eating!" After using it, the blood vessels throughout the body will burst!

"When the time comes! It will only die more painfully! Aha! The

appearance of the mountain chicken king laughing wildly seemed

to arouse Dabao's anger!

Just when it was proud,


In a soft piercing sound,

Daiho's face expressionlessly injected the enhancer!


Ben's still calm and relaxed pheasant king was stunned!


chicken is not an ordinary chicken

at all!

It's so ruthless!

Even if it violently describes the pain of injecting a booster!

Chicken Dabao still used it firmly!

That's something that the king of the pheasants himself is afraid to use!

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