The changes in the Assassin Wu Liuqi World naturally

shocked not only the Assassin World!

The virtual screen that fills the anime world and

broadcasts the resurrection of Chicken Dafei live every second!


"What a situation! Chicken Dafei has been resurrected! Luffy


"That's awesome! The protagonist who enters the video is rewarded!

"If I also get into the famous scene video!" Could it be that Ace might also have been resurrected?! Naruto


"Resurrect the dead! Then can my family also..."

"And Master Jiraiya!"


"There is hope for my people too!"


"It's just resurrection, I happen to have a method here!"

"Sasuke, do you want to try it?"

Third generation Jojo:

"Resurrect the dead!" So, can Siso also be resurrected?! "


Goku, who had been staring at the screen, buttoned his head.

It turns out that everyone has a sad past!

It's a shame that

if they were in one world,

they might be able to use Dragon Balls to revive those who died.


[No.9, the death of Jiraiya! ] 】Just

after people were sincerely happy for the reunion of Chicken Dabao and Chicken Dafei,

a new tearful scene set by Lu Chuan also began!

One Piece World.

Luffy looked at the screen that was still rolling countless messages in the last second, and

suddenly changed just now!

Like Luffy,

Nami Solon and the others looked

at the newly appeared video suspiciously.

Jiraiya's death?


Naruto World.

At this

time, Naruto's day's training was over

, and in his free time,

he accidentally looked up and

saw the subtitles on the virtual screen!

"Death of Master Jiraiya!"

Naruto looked at everything in disbelief!


Could it be because he had a poisonous mouth not long ago and

sent a message about the resurrection of Da Fei,

so the video suddenly selected him?!

After pondering for a long time,

Naruto raised his head that was so excited that he burst into tears.

"Master Jiraiya! Will you be resurrected too?! "


While Naruto was weeping and sad

, the virtual screen,

which was still changing colors,

officially began to broadcast the scene!

[Almost persuaded to return to Nagato

,] [Almost rescued the master

,] [Almost touched Orochimaru

,] [Almost became Hokage,] [Almost with Tsunade

,] [Almost saw Naruto as Hokage,]

[ Almost saw Naruto get married

,] [He's always a little close,]

[A little closer! The

mysterious and cold voice of the system sounded

, and when it finished the early lines summarized by

Lu Chuan, it deliberately paused for a while:

[You Long Angelica Hai Hai does not welcome me to come!?]

Looking at his masterpiece

, Lu Chuan, who was peeping at the screen,

sighed with emotion.

Zi Laiye's death

was the most pity for Lu Chuan.

Although it is to investigate intelligence and

investigate Payne's secrets,

I still feel that it is too forcibly dead!

I don't know because the early setting is not determined, the

immortal mode obviously has super perception and defense,

why is it sneak attacked?

The immortal art

that is obviously used can still be absorbed....

In order to make the protagonist grow,

the price paid is too heavy!

The moment when I saw the back of the last fairy song.

Lu Chuan's tears really flowed out!

But just like Watergate,

Jiraiya's story is a wonderful story!

Lu Chuan felt that

, perhaps, as Zi Lai Ye said

, his life:

failing to protect his two disciples, masters,

and even friends failed to dissuade, seemed

to be a failed and boring life.

But Ji Laiye's life

is almost without regrets!

Before he died,

he knew that he did not kill the three children back then!

Before he died,

he finally saw Naruto grow and

believed that he would be able to become a generation of Hokage!

He may not have been able to protect the three generations of masters, but

he protected the Will

of Fire left over from the three generations and passed it on to the next generation of Naruto Uzumaki!

His death

, as he said,

is just a sequel!

Jiraiya's story is

not over yet!

His life

is worthy of the name of Haojie.

Died on the battlefield,

not in the days when they were finally in peace.

He put himself at his most brilliant and strongest moment.

Left to that child,

left the inheritance to those who can be entrusted with it!

Maybe one day

, Jirai will also meet the Watergate couple in hell, and

Watergate happily shares Naruto's growth with him

, and when he listens

, Jirai will laugh and say,

"Of course, that little ghost,

but one of my three Shinobi's disciples of Jiraiya Haojie." ?! "


It was not only Lu Chuan who was full of emotion

, but at the moment when Jiraiya's death came out,

the ninja world also set off an uproar for this!

The ordinary villagers of Konoha Village came to the clearing one after another.

The prestige of the three Shinobi of Konoha,

they have heard about it since they were children!

Although they don't know why,

they don't have the ability to send comments on a heavenly screen!

But this does not prevent them from gossiping.

"You said that one of the three Shinobi, Jiraiya-sama, why is it so miserable?!"

"yes! Watch the introduction of that video! Why is the life of Jiraiya adults so bumpy!

"Bastards! Is this important? Lord Zi Laiya is such a great figure, his death must also be vigorous! "


In the discussion of the villagers,

the death of No.9 Zilaiya officially began!

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