After a loud bang,

the originally colorful virtual screen

turned dark in the blink of an eye!

When the viewers were shocked in their hearts,

a sigh sounded from the black screen!

[Final chapter! ] And

as the brightness of the video increases,

a deep blue ocean comes into everyone's eyes!

The turquoise sea, as soft as silk, ripples slightly, from the perspective of projection, the smoke is vast, and the view is endless!

A large number of bubbles are constantly floating in that deep sea, and

it seems that something is sliding down!

Just as the viewers frowned,

a steady male voice sounded

at the right time:

"The frog at the bottom of the well dissipates in the sea!"

With this lament,

the feature film begins!

A man with white hair and

dark red armor appeared.

Under the caresses of the cold blue water

, he was like a sleepy child,

weakly thinking about it.

"Is this the end of Jiraiya Haojie Monogatari?"

In Jiraiya's heart,

his tired body slowly

descended towards the abyss.



"Opening Lightning Strike!" Opening Lightning Strike!

"It's actually the same as the first video! Opening Lightning Strike! Ichigo


"Just by seeing the opening paragraph, I knew this video must be very sadistic!"

"And it has something to do with Naruto! You have to hold on! Nami


"yes! When I read the introduction just now, it seems that the characters in this video have a deep relationship with Naruto! "

Naruto, are you all right?"

Poros, the leader of the Dark Matter Pirates:

"You humans really have a lot of things! If only I could treat it as quickly as I did.

"Then the pain caused by these births, old age, illness and death is simply insignificant!"

Cosmic Emperor Frieza:

"Human again?!"

"What is the difference between such a weak race and the chicken in the first video earlier?!"

"King Ben is almost out of interest! The next few videos will appear quickly! "


Compared to the attitude of the characters in other worlds who do not care about themselves

, at this time,

Naruto in the Naruto world has already cried a lot!

When he saw Jiraiya's figure

, Naruto, who was still shrugging his nose strongly

, finally did not hold back, and

the tears of the whole person were like turning on a faucet,


they couldn't stop flowing down!

"Master Jiraiya!"

"Master Jiraiya, I didn't see you for the last time! What a shame!

"But don't worry, if you enter the video, maybe this time you will be completely resurrected!"

Sakura and Hinata on the side stood at a loss.

Looking at Naruto, who was crying,

they couldn't say a word for a long time.

Although they also feel uncomfortable in their hearts, they are also

Naruto's master,

and Hinata and

Sakura don't know how to comfort Naruto's



After a moment's hesitation,

Hinata stepped forward and said.

"Naruto! Don't worry! Since Chicken Dabao enters the video, it can be made up for regrets!

"That Jiraiya-sama should also be resurrected by that strange screen!"

Hearing this, Naruto turned his head and

looked at Hinata, who was often shy, with a face full of determination.

Now Naruto

is no longer the kid who couldn't even catch up with his friend Sasuke!

"Hinata, thank you!"


In the video

, the figure of Jiraiya, who slides into the deep sea,

becomes clearer.

"What a boring ending!"


When everyone is unclear,

the story of the protagonist in the video slowly unfolds on the virtual screen!

And this scene that appeared was

Jiraiya's self-introduction when he first met Naruto!

This was specially set by Lu Chuan!

The first time he watched Naruto as a child, his

first meeting was also led by Naruto episode 53!

Then Naruto and Jiraiya's first acquaintance should be introduced

and shown to all viewers!

In the video

, Jirai,

who was about to sink into the sea, also changed into the confident satyr uncle!

His silver-white hair flicked back,

and he said dashingly and

without losing his style:

"Good question!"

"I am the Miaomu Mountain Toad Spirit Immortal Su Daoist!"

"Commonly known as the Toad Immortal! See on! "

These two images presented by

the same person, although they are both the same person,

but the viewer can clearly feel the difference in momentum between them!


, as soon as it appeared,

it aroused the interest of everyone in the anime world.


Big Wolf:

"What's going on? The previous picture is defeated!

"How can a human being, who was originally so confident, be so depressed after failing once, and want to die and live?!"

"That is, you should learn about the gray wolf!"

"I really admire its determination, and every time it is beaten away, the next time it is still chased with confidence!"

Lu Mingfei, who was hiding in the small room, tilted his head, and

then he whispered:

"Joy! Big Wolf! Don't think I don't know!

"You two are immortal! Not afraid of death at all! And in the world of Naruto, there is a lot of cannon fodder! "


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