With the brief introduction of Jiraiya's name,

everyone can barely get to know the protagonist of this inventory video.

After that, the

first chapter of "The Death of Jiraiya" begins!

[The beginning of the regrettable life of the toad fairy! ] 】

In the video

, Jirai, who has been practicing hard for a long time,

also begins to travel around the world!

On a rainy night,

Jirai, who was wet all over, also stayed in a broken temple in the Land of Rain.

When he sorted out his clothes

, the rag old man who was hiding from the rain together asked coldly:

"Young man,

why travel?"

At that time, the young self also had lofty ideals, and

without thinking,

he answered the old man:

"In order to explore his own destiny!"

"Walking in this world according to the dreams of some adult!"

Then a baby cry caught Jiraiya's attention.

After feeling a milk candy from his arms,

he slowly handed it over.

"Do you want milk candy?"

Before he could react

, the baby who was originally lying quietly in the arms of the old man actually

bounced up and bit the milk candy!


In Jiraiya's astonishment,

the old man spoke:

"Fate does not need to be sought!" The fate of choice can only be silently accepted.

Then the elderly ninja got up and left.


It seems to verify what the old man said!

The increasingly turbulent ninja world made

Konoha Village, which was desperate for ninjas to participate in the war,

finally ordered the recall of ninjas outside!

And Jiraiya, who traveled in all directions,

eventually had to turn back to Konoha Village because of the third ninja war



In the picture,

as the friction between the borders of the major countries becomes more and more intense!

Keep changing dead and injured too many ninjas!

Even as a personal disciple of the third generation of Hokage!

Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade

were still sent to the forefront of the war against the Land of Rain!

In the picture,

a ninja dressed as a typical ninja of the Land of Rain is

standing condescendingly on the head of a doll fish!

And in front of him,

there were Konoha ninjas who had suffered heavy casualties!

In the pile of corpses

, there were three Jiraiya with different scars,

Tsunade and Orochimaru!

Zi Lai Ye and others obviously fell into the downside!

But at this moment

, the ninja world demigod Yamashiro, who seemed to have won, said proudly:

"I am afraid that this battle is the victory of the Konoha ninja!"

So I'll let you go!

Just as the young and vigorous self was not convinced

, he said angrily:

"We don't need your pity,

we can continue to fight!"

"Don't say it, Jiraiya."

Tsunade, who knew that he was no match for his opponent Pepperfish Hanzo, persuaded softly.

And in the face of Jiraiya's answer,

Hanzo didn't seem to care.

For the three people in front of him,

he appreciates it very much!

This may be the common fault of the big guys!

Always a special talent.

Then Hanzo said, "

All three of you are strong and can survive in this situation!"

"I, Hanzo, will call you Konoha Sanshin from now on!"

"As a price to live. Carry your own honor! "

Konoha Sanshinu!

It really lives up to its name!

In this era when hangings have not gone anywhere!

As a prestigious ninja demigod Hanzo,

his strength has been confirmed by countless battles!

And can fight the ninja demigod and

survive from his hands!

Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are already the top powerhouses of this era!

And in a pile of stone caves in the distance,

without the knowledge of Zilaiya and others!

Yahiko, Nagato, Xiaoran and the others watched everything without revealing the whole time!

This also made them yearn for the great power of ninjas!


Soul State - Uchiha Madara:

"Demigod? I am not between the pillars, what a rat generation dares to call a god!

"In the future, I will show you what the power of God is!"

Soul State - Between the Thousand Hand Pillars:

"Madara! You're actually there! I didn't expect to be able to speak in the state of the soul!

"But there is a person among the juniors who can be turned into a demigod by the present generation! It seems that the ninja world has not fallen! "

Soul State - Sarutobi Sunchop:

"Nani! Lord Pillars! You also speak in this video! "

Soul State - Thousand Hand Pillars:

"Hahaha, Nikka! Listen to it, you have become a third generation of Hokage!

"Your disciples are well trained! You didn't lose his face! "

Soul State-Sarutobi Hinata:

"Lord Pillars! You complimented! "


Just when the big guys of the Naruto world were chatting hotly,

suddenly a comment came into their eyes!

Soul State - Jiraiya:

"Nani! Hinata-sama! The legendary Lord Pillars! You guys actually chatted in the video! "


That unexpected comment shocked

the ninja world for a hundred years!

Jiraiya, who is the protagonist,

actually sent a comment in his soul state!

This is a famous scene of tears belonging to Jiraiya,

if the protagonist speaks and speaks!

Then Lu Chuan still can't earn the emotional value of the anime world?!

[The Toad Immortal has also been banned! ] And

at this time

, the soul state in hell was also confused,

I just said a word!

It was actually banned!

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