The picture in the video began to change rapidly

, and when Jiraiya refused to become a

Hokage, the elders of Konoha Village, who had no choice,

could only find Tsunade, the most unreliable of the three Shinobi, to become the fifth generation Hokage!


The screen jumps, and

Jiraiya comes to Tsunade's office.

"I found out where the organization is hiding!"

Hearing this

, Tsunade exclaimed,

"What! Are you sure? Tell me quickly! Jiraiya

laughed and quipped:

"Don't be in such a hurry, especially when you still have to make a big bet."

"How? After a long absence, let the two of us go outside to drink, and say okay while drinking!

"Stupid, I'm a fifth-generation Hokage! Going for a drink in broad daylight is worthy of those ninjas who are on a mission? "


Tsunade was really fragrant!

Outside the sake house in Konoha Village

, two bottles of shochu were down

, and Tsunade

was drunk,

obviously a little drunk.

Jiraiya complained,

"You're a Hokage! You have to be responsible for what you say! Then

, seeing that the time was ripe,

he told everything he knew about the Xiao Organization!

"So, the leader of the Xiao Organization is hiding in the Rain Hidden Country?!"

Tsunade's tone was slightly surprised.

"Well, anyway. In order to verify that the rumors are true, I will sneak into the investigation and make a battle plan! Hearing

that Jiraiya was planning to go to such a dangerous place alone,

Tsunade was a little worried.

"It's too dangerous for you to go alone!"

"I'm one of Konoha's Three Shinobi! You should know what this means!

Tsunade lowered his head in silence and

replied after a long time,

"I'm sorry. Let you be this kind of losing character every time. Zi

Lai also snorted,

"Hahahaha, suddenly what's wrong with you."

Tsunade sighed,

"You are the one who should have been the Hokage!" Master Sarutobi also thinks that the next Hokage should be yours..."

"I'm not the material for Hokage!" I'm more comfortable with freedom. Zi

Lai also replied quite freely.

How could Tsunade, who grew up together, not be able to see through Jiraiya

, she Nan Nan said,

"You regret not being able to stop this Tai Snake Pill." So I've been investigating the actions of the big snake!

In this regard,

Zi Lai also shook his head and denied it.

"There's no need for that anymore."

"I didn't expect that guy to die. In the past, the three of us have been following the third generation of old men.

Tsunade took the wine and drank it.

Zi Lai also sighed:

"The times are constantly changing... You who used to be beautiful, now you are also an old woman over half a hundred years old!

He looked at Tsunade's drunken look and sighed,

"It's really helpless to think that you have a lot of thoughts about the dead in your heart." However, if you think about it calmly, you will find that it is not the same. At

this time,

the actions of the previous Hokage came to Jiraiya's mind.

"My mission is to be a role model for the next generation and help them."

"For this, I will be the handsome place of the elderly, right?"


As the sun sets

, the glow of the sunset quickly disappears as if it was blown away by the wind,

just like the beautiful years they can never go back to.

It felt

like the final show of the Silent Age!

In the park

, Tsunade and Jiraiya sat on the benches

, and the

sunset light brushed on them,

and they looked a little lonely!

There was a long silence.

Tsunade was the first to speak, breaking the silence.

"Xiao Organization, how powerful the characters who can command those guys are can't be guessed!"

"And you also specially ran to the enemy's eyes to die!"

Jiraiya naturally knew that this trip was dangerous, but

he did not answer Tsunade's question.

"Then, it's almost time to go..." The

words fell,

and Jiraiya got up and

prepared to leave Konoha Village.

Tsunade, who was a little drunk, asked worriedly,

"Come back alive!" If even you die..." Although

the topic was a little gloomy

, Jiraiya smiled and turned around and replied,

"Will you cry for me?" Then I would be happy.

"But it shouldn't be as sad as Duan was back then."

I have to go on such a dangerous mission,

but I didn't expect that I would still tell such a joke.

So Tsunade scolded softly,


To reassure Tsunade,

Jiraiya suggested.

"Then gamble with your favorite gamble!"

"Just bet I'll die! Anyway, you lose every time you gamble!

"But if I come back alive..."

At this moment

, Tsunade's face was shocked

, and she looked straight at Jiraiya

, watching her former partner step into danger,

but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Feeling the silence of the surrounding atmosphere,

Jiraiya suddenly laughed.

"Just kidding, just kidding!"

"I thank you very much, men will become strong after being dumped, which means that if a man does not have the strength to smile, he will not be a man!"

"You have to be able to use these things as inspiration!"

It was clear that he was close to the last sentence, and

Tsunade, who did not get the answer he wanted in his heart,

was a little lost.

"Do men have to be strong?"

Zi Lai also pretended to be inscrutable and said:

"Almost. And happiness should not be a man's pursuit!

"What a handsomeness." Obviously, even a woman's words are not even qualified to be dumped! Hearing

this, he laughed.

After the atmosphere became dull

, Zi Lai also took the baggage,

and was ready to leave: "It's time to




"Is the uncle of this video going?!"

"If you go, it will be exactly like the one you just saw!"

"This uncle sank into the sea! You're going to die! Saitama


"Huh? Will you die if you go this time?


"It should be!" Look at the progress of the video, it has been introduced!

"Maybe it'll be time for him to fall into the deep sea!"

Looking at the messages that refresh on the virtual screen,

the viewers of Ninja World can't help but feel sorry.

"Zilaiye, is this constantly lost life coming to an end soon?!"


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