As Jiraiya disappeared into the distance outside Konoha Village

, the camera began to twist again,

but Jiraiya and Tsunade's "small movements"

were still noticed by the melon-eating masses!

Brother Cheng on campus:

"I feel like there are still some things that have not been said between them?"

"Shouldn't you take the opportunity to go up at this time?"

Two-sided turtle:

"What do you understand?" Is it possible that this is Jiraiya's ploy?!

"Ji Lai is the same as me, but he will not take the opportunity to confess! You know, beauty is what I persevered to move! "

Boiling sheep:

"That's it!" It's the same with decent gentlemen like us and Jirai!

"If you take advantage of this opportunity to confess, can you still be called Haojie?!"

Tom the Grey Cat:

"Damn, he pretended to be there!"

"The video just now also went to peek at the women's bathhouse!"

Jerry the Mouse:

"Poor Tom is being toyed with by her!"

Tom the Grey Cat:

"Jerry, don't mention my old business!"

He Dachun:

"There is no good end to licking dogs!"

"You have to learn from me! Straight men until the end have everything! You're right! Wife Plum Blossom Eleven! "


Just as the anime world was discussing,

new graphics were already appearing on the screen.

This is a country where sparse raindrops are constantly falling!

In the display of the peculiar climate of this land,

a line of subtitles appears in the center of the screen: Rain

Hidden Village!

The architecture of the village is extraordinary,

it is actually made of steel!

Just look around and find a few stone buildings!

The strange shapes of steel pipes of different sizes stand everywhere,

which adds a peculiar scenery to Yuyin Village.

When the viewers were puzzled,

the system also intimately commented on the reasons for the

peculiar architecture of Yuyin Village.

Because of the huge amount of rainfall in the country,

a lot of pipes and sewers are needed to evacuate the stagnant water.


I saw a man wearing a forehead guard with the word "oil" written on his forehead and a

red mark under his eyes.

In the sea near Yuyin Village,

Zi Lai also sneaked here through his psychic beast.

Look at the steel forest in front of you.

Ji Lai also thought secretly.

"Although I sneaked in, what should I do next?"

The picture rotates here

, and at the top of the tower on the highest floor of Yuyin Village, a

man with three black nails on his nose,

orange-yellow hair and

purple circled eyes appeared!

This is exactly Yahiko!

But to be more precise,

now he is already Heavenly Dao Payne!

Tiandao Payne raised his head and looked into the distance, and

his action attracted Xiao Nan's attention.

Xiao Nan asked curiously,

"What's wrong?"

"Someone blocked my rain. This breath of Chakra is quite strong!

After a moment of silence

, Tiandao Payne said to Xiao Nan again:

"Xiao Nan, when the rain stops,

you will use magic to find out the intruder!"

Although Xiao Nan was a little surprised that

a strange ninja would suddenly enter Yuyin Village at this time,

she still suppressed the curiosity in her heart.

"Leave it to me!"


, Tiandao Payne's hands quickly froze,

and the raindrops that kept dripping from Yuyin Village for many years stopped!


Zi Laiye, who entered Yuyin Village,

also knew about the great changes in Yuyin Village after a short inquiry into intelligence


For example:

The ruler of Yuyin Village has

long changed from the ninja world demigod Yamakiyu Hanzo

to the current Lord Tendo Payne!

And it is said that

these so-called "angels" were directed by the so-called gods!

But the name of the lecherous immortal is not for nothing!

Just when Jiraiya was working seriously,

he passed by a ninja world green building!

When I saw these buildings

, I couldn't help but show an idiotic expression,

but it attracted the eyes of the viewers!

While having fun,

Jiraiya accidentally got a piece of information from a woman who was comparable in size to Tsunade!

He has been exposed!

Although he didn't know how he was exposed,

he also saw

the strength of the

new ruler of Yuyin Village!

See here.

Tsunade's tears suddenly flowed

out unstoppably!

This picture,

she knows better than others what it means!

Jiraiya went to Yuyin Village and died!

And now as soon as he enters the village

, he is discovered,

and I am afraid that he will be murderous immediately!

And after watching the scene where Tendo Payne found Jiraiya,

the audience of the anime world and the audience of the

ninja world were immediately surprised!

Known as one of the three ninjas, this world's top ninja

was actually discovered just after entering someone else's territory.

That's really fast


And that so-called Heavenly Dao Payne!

It's obviously Yahiko from the previous video!


Yoshikage Kira:

"What's going on?" Isn't this orange-haired man Yahiko growing up? "

Why is he called Heavenly Dao Payne now?"


"That's fun! His eyes are wonderful!

"Is there any energy in it?!"

Lan Ran:

"Tiandao Payne, it seems that he is a member of the Xiao Organization, and he will also die in their hands?"

"Jiraiya's apprentice Yahiko fought with him, a life and death battle between master and apprentice, what an interesting battle!"

Yujiro Fanma:

"This white-haired old man called Haojie can't believe this until he dies!"

"Not only did his three disciples not die, but they also established an organization that made this world fearful!"

"Ahaha! Interesting!


"Hey, hey! Why are you big villains suddenly so active!

"Although I had prepared in my heart, I still couldn't believe that Zilai was about to die at the hands of my disciples!"


Then the screen jumps again, on the

highest floor of Yuyin Village.

After Xiao Nan's operation, he investigated everything clearly!

"It's Jiraiya!"

Back in the room,

Xiao Nan reported the situation as soon as possible.

And Payne sighed after hearing this:

"Is it? It's Master Jiraiya!

"It's really nostalgic!"


Hearing this

, Lu Chuan, the mastermind behind the scenes,

silently added:

"It's nostalgic. This is not the attitude when you kill Zilaiye. "

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