At this time, the tearful Naruto did not know

, and immediately in the memories of Jiraiya,

there would be a surprise that belonged to him!


Jiraiya's muttering slowly ended.

His mind came to mind what he had said to him while chatting with Watergate.

Watergate can name your child with the name that comes to mind when eating ramen


Hope called: "Naruto"!


, at that time, Watergate was very serious about saying that

he was an outstanding ninja with real ninja talents,


there was no more outstanding ninja than him!

Seeing this,

Luffy and the others couldn't help but feel happy for Naruto when

they watched the video and cried



"Naruto! You see! Your name was taken down by your dad and Jiraiya!


"yes! An outstanding ninja with true ninja talents!

"There is no more outstanding ninja than him!"

"These are what they expect from you!"

Dragon Ball - Son Goku:

"In this case, something should have been done! But it won't help you!

"Although I don't know what to say to comfort you!"

"But, Naruto! Conan, they all have a point! "

Tutor - Sawada Tsunayoshi:

"No matter how difficult it is, Naruto, you need to come on!"

"Because you can't let Jiraiya die in vain!" Let's have a snowball fight together!! And watch the fireworks together! That's why you need to fight hard!

"Can't stop here!"


Seeing everyone who had been comforting him,

Rao Naruto's face was thicker than the city wall, and he couldn't help but cry!

And Ji Lai, who is the protagonist of the video, can only smile brightly.

Fortunately, he could not speak,

otherwise he would not have seen such a tearful scene.

In the video

, thinking of Watergate's words,

I couldn't help but think of Naruto's

tenacious appearance!

That character that does what you say!

Jiraiya said with some relief,

"Naruto! You're like the protagonist in a novel I wrote!

"Inherited the beliefs and wishes of Watergate and Jiu Xinnai! In contrast to this, I..."

After a short pause

, Jiraiya's serious voice sounded again:

"The so-called ninja refers to those who can endure, and the most important talent of a ninja is not how many ninjutsu they know,

but their firm perseverance. A person who becomes a thief if he can't stand hunger is not worthy of being called a ninja! "

Remembering that Naruto never gave up along the way, never got discouraged!

Jiraiya plucked up a breath of strength:

"Be honest and frank, never break your oath, never give up easily at any time, if this is your ninja, Naruto..."

"As your teacher, how can I give up lightly, if you have to ask why, the disciple's ninja must inherit the master's!" Right, Naruto!

"Never give up, this is the real choice I should make!"

That moment!

A bright light appeared in Jiraiya's eyes!

No doubt!

In the last period of his life,

he also understood his mission!

Naruto had no doubt. You're a prophet!

"After that, it will all be entrusted to you!"

When the words fell

, I saw that Ji Laiye, who had stopped struggling,

also climbed up again with perseverance!

He used his last strength to engrave a code word that

only Naruto knew about behind the back

of the Fukasaku Immortal!

Immediately afterwards

, without giving Payne time to stop them,

they immediately channeled away from the deep immortals!

"Obviously the heart has stopped, it's really tenacious!"

"Go solve him!"

Five Payne shot at the same time and

drove Ji Lai into the blue lake

water, ensuring that Ji Lai had no power to act this time!


there is the first scene in the inventory video!

"Jiraiya Haojie Monogatari, so it's a bit decent, right?!"

"Final chapter, the frog at the bottom of the well dissipates in the scroll of the sea!"


, although the words are the same,

now this passage is more hopeful!

And corresponding to Jiraiya's words,

the corners of his mouth in the video couldn't help but raise slightly!

"Hahahaha! It's quite decent!

Then he said to himself,

"Okay. It's almost time to put pen to paper!

"By the way, what's the good title for the sequel?"

"Hmm! Naruto Uzumaki character words! This is good! "

At the same time.

Just as Jiraiya in the video is chanting Naruto, the

camera changes here!


, who was on a mission far away, suddenly felt a weight on his shoulders,


he seemed to feel someone patting him on the shoulder.


After watching the ending of the video, the people watching this video were

filled with emotion in their chests!

Jiraiya's life was full of regrets.

As introduced earlier in the video:

almost saved his best friend Orochimaru

, almost was with Tsunade

, almost saved the water gate,


almost protected the master's third-generation Hokage Ape Flying Sun!

He was originally a hanger boy.

Play and play every day, with joy written on her face and a girl in her heart!

But like this, he.

I didn't expect that one day I would also be given a heavy task to

find the legendary child of prophecy!

Even for this.

Jiraiya has been wandering all his life, using all his energy to find someone who can change the ninja world!

Do great things to save the world!

Although he died in the sea in the end,

his face was full of relief!

As he said,

the excitement of the story depends on the ending!

And he did everything he could, and the rest was left to someone he trusted!

At this moment, Naruto, who was already weeping with everyone's comfort because of this sad video


was even more tearful!


"Jiraiya-shi! I will live well! Don't worry!

"Thank you all for your comfort!"

Soul State - Sarutobi Sun Chopper:

"What a life worthy of praise! Jiraiya!

"There is no doubt that your life is completely meaningful!"

"It's worthy of being my ape flying apprentice!"

Soul State - Second Hokage Senjuma:

"Hinata, worthy of being the apprentice of my apprentice teaching!"

"Although I haven't met him, I know that you are my own heritage!" And he learned what I taught you! It's a hundred steel! "

Soul State-Ape Flying Sun Chopper:

"Teacher, you actually dare to say such a thing?!"

"I saw that the big snake pill got your true biography!"

"Because of the forbidden book you studied, how many disasters did Konoha Village suffer later!"

Soul State - The First Hokage Senjukuma:

"It's a pity, Hinata, Jiraiya is already dead and can't speak!"


Tap, who is peeping at the screen, is also eating melons!

Since he could not speak,

he could only complain silently:

"Those of you who died many years before me can speak on the screen!"

"I didn't expect that I should also become a soul!"

"These bastards!"


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