Seeing Jiraiya slowly sinking into the abyss,

anime characters from different worlds

finally understand why Jiraiya also entered the inventory!

Swimming dragon angelica sea, the sea does not welcome me to come!

What a wonderful video!

Although he died in the battle,

his bravery is still admirable!

Lu Mingfei:

"Looking at the previous video, Zi Lai is obviously the weakest of the three apprentices!"

"It resonates with me!"

"The most uncontending disciple when I was a child did the most contentious thing! Something inspired me.

"But say it in advance, just some incentives!"

One Hundred Thousand Cold Jokes - Thor (Dog Version):

"I am Thor, the God of Thor!" For the glory of the gods of the North! "

Woooo Woof! Woof!

System translation:

"It is not excessive!"

"Those who are willing to make sacrifices for the future of their country! It is worthy of anyone's respect!


"One of the new words I learned in the video is very reflective of my mood, Frog Bu Chok!"

"What's that last phantom that patted Naruto on the shoulder?"

"There is such a strange thing in this world!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes - birds do not king:

"Don't care about these details!"

"But this kind of guy who has been regretting all his life, I don't the king feels really a little miserable!"

"If it weren't for the final indication that this guy has an heir, Naruto, it completely fills his regret!"

"I thought he was going to die of regret!"

Dark Matter Pirates - Poros:

"Although the strength is average, it can indeed be counted as a respectable opponent!"

"But this kind of opponent, it's really troublesome to encounter! Die to bite back!

"Presumably, the plan of that Xiao organization has been disrupted!"

Members of the Xiao Organization:


There was nothing to say, and

in the end they managed to blow up Konoha Village....

Within a certain country in the world of Naruto.

The big snake pill watched from inside the base and slowly sank to the bottom, and

his face became even more gray.

Decades of old friends

, even if the goals and ideas are different,

but the memories of the past are still beautiful!

Although he was used to seeing dead people.

But when this person was someone he cared about extremely closely,

a touch of sadness inevitably appeared in the heart of the big snake pill.

This feeling is really painful,

just like the moment when I first saw death on the battlefield!

Looking at the dim screen,

Orochimaru was speechless for a long time.

However, his eyes became resolute!

Once again, I saw death!

He wanted to get rid of death even more and gain the power of eternal life!

In the Hokage office in the Land of Fire

, Tsunade, who was sitting in a chair, picked up the bottle and poured it into her mouth

, but the more she drank,

the more she blamed herself!

At that time, Jiraiya's death also had something to do with her!

If at that time stop Jiraiya!

Then he won't die in Yuyin Village!

For a moment,

Tsunade remembered his promises and those good memories.

The "crane tail" that always silently supports her behind her back!

Even before going to Yuyin Village,

he always thought about her and did not take a step!

"Jiraiya! You bastard!

"I didn't allow you to die! Your story isn't over yet! "


Compared to the sad atmosphere of the ninja

world, Lu Chuan, who hooks in the main world,

is much more cheerful!

At this moment

, Lu Chuan was staring straight at the screen in front of him,


the data displayed on it was very bad for him!

"I didn't expect that the data obtained by this inventory suddenly became several times more!"

"It's still easy to shed tears in the ninja world!"

"Huh! Are these messages so sad? Watch me do a wave of operations! "



Within the world of Naruto.

Naruto stayed on the Hokage Rock and was choking.

Looking at the figure of Jiraiya dying,

he recalled when he first heard about Jiraiya's death.

Kakashi-sensei called him to Hokage's office.

As soon as he entered the office

, Naruto noticed that Tsunade's mother-in-law, Sakura, Shizune,

and Fukasaku were all looking at him with strange eyes.

At that time, he was still a little puzzled,

and he heard the Fukasaku Immortal speak:

"Is this kid Xiao Zilaiye's apprentice?"

"Yes, he is Naruto Uzumaki!"

Tsunade's mother-in-law replied.

"Are you sure it's Xiao Zilaiya's apprentice!"

Faced with the question of the Fukasaku Immortal,

Naruto said with some anger: "Little Jiraiya?

How to call a lecherous fairy like a child! What kind of divine is this frog grandfather?

Tsunade's mother-in-law also carefully reminded

, "Speak carefully,

this is the master who teaches the art of Jiraiya."


At that time, Naruto was still wondering what was going on

, until the Fukasaku Immortal, who was silent for a moment, hesitantly spoke:

"Anyway, let me tell you first,

Xiao Zilai also died in battle."

That kind of words!

How sad!

He actually opened his mouth and told others that his master was dead!

Naruto still remembers the reason given by Fukasaku Immortal at that time:

"It happened suddenly, and it is also a way to not believe it!"

"Not long ago, I died in the battle with Payne in Yuyin Village!"

"But he left a code at the end before falling!"

Then the Fukasaku Immortal also showed him the three lines of text written under the cloak!

At that time

, he also angrily questioned Tsunade's mother-in-law:

"Did you let him go,


"Why was he allowed to come around like this? The mother-in-law should know the character of the lecherous fairy very well!

"Let a man go to such a dangerous place!"

Now that I think about it,

Naruto also feels that he was too excited at that time!


Zi Lai is also one of the people who are good to him in this world!

He was not accompanied by his parents since

he was a child, and

he was taken care of by three generations of grandfathers when he was a child!

But the third generation of Hokage often needs to deal with a lot of government affairs, and there is no time to pay attention to him!

At that time, he suddenly had someone who treated him like

a family member, and

gave Naruto a family affection that he had never had before!


Naruto didn't see him for the last time when Jiraiya died in the end!

Looking at the lively Konoha Village in the distance,

Naruto's eyes appeared when he and Jiraiya used to be with each other!

He recalled when he had also taught him psychic.

I remember when I took him on a tour!!

I remembered when I also taught him spiral pills!

I remember when I bought him new clothes!

I remembered when I also invited him to eat popsicles!

"Master Jiraiya! I miss you so much!

"But we don't have a chance to eat ramen together again!"

Thinking about it,

Naruto let out a long sigh!


A familiar voice sounded behind Naruto:

"Hey! Naruto! Long time no see! Listening

to this familiar voice,

Naruto was a little confused!

How can this voice

be so familiar!

So he turned around and looked over!

A hedgehog-shaped hair with a dazzling white hair color!

On the forehead with that protective forehead with the word "oil"!

Dressed in dark red armor!

Naruto who reacted cried out!


"Hey! Naruto! Long time no see!

Naruto asked,

"Why are the lecherous fairies here?!" You're not..." Hearing


Zi Lai also smiled:

"I don't know why it suddenly appeared!"


Looking at the happy conversation between the two projected on the screen,

the viewers were also satisfied!

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