Because of the thoughts of that pirate minions after his death,

the thoughts of various characters in the comment area began to clash fiercely!

Just one sentence left with "The key comes!" "

The atmosphere heats up very quickly!

And in the dark of the "war" in the comment area,

the video jun silently implemented the progress bar!

"Haven't you arrived yet? Usopp!

Luffy's astringent voice rang in Usopp's ears.

Usopp knows the patience

of his captain.

So he said perfunctorily:

"Yes, I haven't seen it yet!"

"That island called Gaia. It doesn't seem very far away! The

camera came to a young swordsman with green algae hair, and

Nami next to him said:

"Hmm! The weather has been stable since just now!

"We should enter the island-shaped climatic zone!"

Then Luffy and the legendary 50 yuan Joba appeared in the picture!

"So Gaya must be Spring Island!"

"The weather is so warm and comfortable!"

"Spring is a good season!"

"Seagulls seem to be very comfortable!"

Standing, talking deer!

In an instant,

Conan they were shocked!


"Talking deer! Your world is amazing! "

Fruit-pineapple blowing snow:

"What is this?!" I'm a fruit!

"You've even seen talking fruits!" Actually shocked by a deer?! Manjiya

- Sakata Gintoki:

"That's nice! Spring has arrived!

"Spring has arrived, and so has the time for animal mating!"

"You're right! Dingchun?! "



Translation: (Why @ us!) We are not lower creatures! Manjiya

- Kagura:

"I said Gintoki-san, speaking here will be seen by people in the anime world!"

"The image of the House of Everything is about to be ruined by you!"

"Can you stop saying such strange things? All right? Silver time-san? "

At this moment, in the Gintama World,

Ginshi hiding in General Edo's mansion is dark!

"Kagura, this bastard, suddenly spoke so politely!"

"This will make it seem that I, the owner of the Everything House, is very uncultured!"

"In that case, then I'm welcome!"

Then the corners of Yinshi's mouth rose slightly!

Manjiya - Sakata Gintoki:

"Hey, hey! Isn't this the woman in the House of Everything?

"Girls who usually can eat more than a dozen bowls of rice in one breath scold without gasping!"

"Why are you so gentle today?!"

Kagura, who was exposed by Ginshi to the old bottom, turned black.

Manjiya - Kagura:


At the same time

, as the protagonist of the theme of "Spring Has Arrived",

Choiba Bengbu lived!


In the video

, when Qioba praised the beauty

of spring, the Straw Hat gang couldn't help but revel in the spring breeze,

looking leisurely!

Immediately, they accelerated their sailing speed, and

soon a pleasant atmosphere of the town came into Luffy's eyes!

"It's great, the town in front looks good!"

"Don't you feel like a resort?"

But when the Merry sailed closer,

Usopp suddenly found that the ships moored near the town

were all skull flags!

Usopp wondered,

"But how can the ships moored in the town be pirate ships?"

"Is it my delusion?"


, Nami, who ran over,

slapped Usopp with a palm.

"Usopp, you really are!"

"How can the pirate's ship stop in the harbor in an upright manner?"

Breaking out in a cold sweat, Usopp echoed:

"Hahaha, that's what I said!"

It's just that I

don't know how much he believes in this sentence.

But soon,

a cry for help came from the shore!

"Help! Kill!

This cry for help completely shattered the illusion of Nami and the three:

"What kind of town is this!"

After these farces,

Luffy also successfully stepped on the stone slab of the town!

"There seems to be all kinds of characters here!"

"This town seems to be quite interesting!"

In this way,

the two major combat power and road idiots

of the current Straw Hats gang were the first to leave the ship!

And Nami, Choba, Usopp who were hiding behind the beams looked at the unreliable captain and muttered:


"Do you think those two guys can come back without getting into trouble?"

"yes! Besides, this town doesn't look good! "

A few people, you say a word

, in the end" old mother" Nami can't worry about Luffy,

or decisively ran to chase him!

On the way to tell Luffy not to cause trouble,

they are attracted by a roar!

"Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Following

the sound,

there was a man dressed in black with a strong physique showing off his muscles!

At this time,

some tricks came into play.

"That guy again!"

"This is already the first number of victims?!"

"He's not some famous bounty wanted criminal!"

"Who the hell is that?"

"I don't know, just don't get involved with him anyway, that fighting champion!"

Although Luffy and Solon don't look very intelligent,

they are particularly sensitive to battle-related matters!

When they heard the word champion,

they asked rhetorically:


And "old mother" Nami couldn't help but complain:

"What are you two excited about?!"


Looking at his energetic grandson in the video

, although he did not become a navy as he envisioned,

Karp was also somewhat relieved.

Naval Hero - Karp:

"Hahaha! Worthy of being my good grandson! It's so energetic!

"It's all my education!" It's just like me! Sengoku


"Bah! Stinky not faceless!

"I heard that when you used to train Luffy, you used your one-punch mountain fist!"

"Luffy, they often don't eat because they can't meet your requirements!"

Steel Bone:

"Sengoku is right!"

"I look at the video, your grandson Luffy doesn't seem to be very smart!"

"Could it be that you hit him too hard before!"

"He's out of brain now!"

"Bah! Don't face! To practice boxing, you need to hit the fist of the mountain to bully your grandson!


"I can't believe what's going on! But I was blown away!

"But I heard that the hot fist was actually used to train Luffy!"

"It can only be said that Luffy's brain is not bright must be your grandfather's problem!"


In the video

, the glowing Luffy and Solon are hindered by Nami's lewdness,


finally follow Nami!

And some people with extremely high IQs

, looking at the black-clad fighting champions who have appeared twice in a row,

also came up with some ideas!

"How's this place?"

"It doesn't seem to be too noisy!"

After going around in circles,

the three of Nami Luffy finally came to a place that was beautifully decorated with casual decoration.

"But it's so beautiful here!"

After sighing a little

, Nami, who was carrying a huge amount of money,

trotted and began to enjoy the beautiful scenery around her!

"I didn't expect that such a fierce and vicious town would also have such a place!"

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