"Although there is a smell of very good food!"

Watching Nami enter the park,

Luffy followed.

"Guest! Guest! I'll be embarrassed by you guys!

"If you run in yourself!"

Just as Luffy Nami and the others were visiting the hotel,

a housekeeper ran out of the room not far away!

Looking at Luffy's dumbfounded look,

the butler didn't say anything.

Because he knew that

all those who could come to this island were some vicious pirates!

So, in the face of Luffy's puzzlement,

the butler explained:

"Because this Tropical Hotel has been all covered by Uncle Bellamy's group!"

"So ordinary guests are not allowed to come in!"

After listening to the words of this butler

, Solon, who had been observing the surroundings, was surprised:

"This is originally a hotel"!

But apparently, the

butler was very afraid of his Bellamy!

"If Uncle Bellamy finds out, the matter will be very serious!"

"Trouble the three of you to leave immediately, okay?"

Nami is a little dissatisfied with the expulsion

of the housekeeper!

"What, can't you come in and take a look? Who is that Bellamy? "

I don't do business because of a person's name!

In the eyes of Nami, who regards money as her life,

this is absolutely impossible!

After all, if you have money, you don't earn it for nothing!

"Hey! What's wrong! At

this moment,

there was a voice of accountability outside the door!

In an instant, the

butler broke out in a cold sweat,

obviously scared!

"Where did these dirty boys who don't know if they are dead or alive!"

Then Saqis, who appeared earlier in the video,

walked in with a woman in his arms.

The butler, who was still stiffened, said flatteringly:

"Uncle Saqis, welcome back!"

The housekeeper's flattery did not eliminate the

woman's dissatisfaction, and the woman's tone was still quite dissatisfied:

"Don't talk nonsense,

quickly blast them out!"

"Don't you know how much we spent to wrap this place?"

Saqis added:

"Not wrong at all!"

People watching the video gasped!


Isn't this the usual protagonist treatment?

The protagonist is provoked

and insulted by the little minions because of some small things


But the protagonist is the protagonist after all!

In the face of Xiao Xiao's provocation, he not only ignored it,

but ignored the other party!

This makes the little minions angry

, and then strikes at the



the ending Xiao minions are destroyed by the protagonist!

Saqis, danger!

Don't you know who this person in front of you is?!

SAQIS: I don't know.


Watching Luffy being insulted,

the straw hat brothers of the pirate world instantly became uncomfortable!

Luffy Fan - Bartolomeo:

"Hey! This guy called Saggis, what are you barking at a dog? "

Do you know how powerful Luffy-senpai is?!"

"Senior Luffy is the 5th emperor on the sea today!"

"Do you know whose blood flows on Luffy's senior? Do you know who Luffy-senpai has high hopes for?!



"This introduction sounds a little familiar?!"

"It's you! Naruto! Your dad is the fourth generation of Hokage, and the third generation of Hokage has taken care of you since childhood! Sanninja Jiraiya-sama teaches you ninjutsu and has high hopes for you! Naruto


"Shikamaru, you said so!"

"Seems to sound a bit like me!"

Luffy Fan Brother Bartolomeo:

"Let me introduce the identity of Luffy's senior!"

"Luffy's grandfather is the legendary naval hero - Vice Admiral Karp!"

"Luffy's father is Mr. Long, the leader of the revolutionary army, the largest resistance organization in the world government!"

"Luffy's predecessor, the introduction of the Pirate Path is Lord Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the New World!"

Seeing Bartolomeo of Pirate World madly bragging about Luffy's identity, the

entire Pirate World was stunned!


Why is this ugly kid with such a

great identity!

With this kind of identity,

even Draco can't afford to provoke it!


, among One Piece

, if there is an identity background,

Luffy is undoubtedly the most!

Whether it is the ruling force of the sea, the navy

, the revolutionary army that the world government is most afraid of, or

the apex of the


Almost all the big forces have something to do with Luffy!

Moreover, Luffy's

relationships are all top notch in it!

Let's start with Luffy's grandfather Karp.

Karp is known as a naval hero

, who once destroyed the pirate Locks

, and even chased the whole great voyage of the pirate king Roger,


sent Roger to the execution ground!

What's more, there is also a setting against the sky, that is,

his strength will not weaken because of old age!

Such a man

, when he was young, used mountains as sandbags,

his position in the navy is self-evident!

Although he is only a lieutenant general,

who in the pirate world does not know the high status of Lieutenant General Karp!

Then there's Luffy's dad Dragon,

the man known as the world's most vicious criminal.

All this time,

Dragon has been plotting to subvert the world government.

Although he has not shown real strength,

he is definitely not under the marshal!

The current dragon stopped taking care of Luffy after confirming that Luffy was self-reliant.

However, if Luffy is really in danger in the future, the

dragon will definitely help!

Isn't this the proper setting of "rich young master"?!

If the "entrepreneurship" is unsuccessful as One Piece,

then Luffy will be forced to return to inherit the "family business" and overthrow the world government!

And count the pirates with the most scattered forces in this world!

For example, the female emperor in Wuhai

, the "overlord color luck ability" Bucky who was defeated by

Luffy, the former seven-martial sea sand crocodile, etc.

, the main background is still from a Four Emperors

, that is,



who once led Luffy on the road of the

sea thief!

That Luffy can walk sideways just by reporting his identity!

When it comes to this,

it is necessary to say that the most powerful combat weapon in the pirate world!

Among One Piece,

there are 3 ancient weapons.

And there are only two known whereabouts

, but these two,

Luffy has already got it!

The location of the Hades who can destroy the island in the ancient weapons

is already in the mind of Robin, Luffy's crew!

And another crew member, Frenchy, also has the blueprints of Hades in his head!

There are also ancient weapons that can call the sea king class to destroy the world.

Now it can also be counted in Luffy's hands!

This sea king is the mermaid princess

White Star, White Star really regards Luffy as a friend, if one day, Luffy is in danger,

White Star

will definitely stand on Luffy's side!

Just Luffy's identity, subverting the world is simply not a problem!

At this moment,

the people of the pirate world widened their eyes and could not speak for a long time!

Because after listening to Bartolomeo's introduction,

they knew what is called the proud son of heaven in this world!

Lu Chuan, who is a lemon essence, is already sour:

"Bah! Bloodline dogs! Don't shake people if you have the ability, single out! "

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