"Hey! Uncle!

"Hey! Uncle! ×2

Just as Nami was about to ask a question,

the two people eating cherry pie next to them stopped eating and

slammed the table in unison!

"Huh? What's up? The

bartender suddenly felt inexplicable.

It is understandable

to be called uncle by a teenager, but when he saw another man in a white shirt who was dozens of years old

and actually called himself uncle, the

bartender's face couldn't

help but look weird!

You guy looks like a middle-aged uncle!

I'm not necessarily a few years older,

it's not appropriate to call me uncle!

After a few seconds of awkward silence looking at each other.

Luffy, who had black lines and a painful expression,

said at the same time as the man in a white shirt who

was extremely enjoying his expression at the moment:

"This cherry pie is hard to eat!"

"This cherry pie is delicious!"

And as the camera zooms out,

people can get a glimpse of the face of the man who eats pie with Luffy!

It turned out to be Blackbeard!

But at this moment,

he is far from the domineering momentum in the video introduction!

At this moment,

these two people

who had just met gave birth to a sense of disgust in the center of the underworld that hated each other!

Following his inner feelings,

Luffy and Blackbeard began to stare at each other's eyes at the same time!

That terrifying aura,

it seems that the two of them can cause a bloody battle in the blink of an eye!

But looking at each other for a moment

, in order not to cause trouble,

they finally drank the drink in front of them.

And with the two of them drinking happily,

new contradictions inadvertently arose again!

"How is this drink so delicious!"

"Why is this drink so bad!"

Luffy and Blackbeard once again have different opinions because of the same flavor of soda


The occasional disagreement

made Blackbeard look displeased:

"Is there something wrong with your tongue?!"

But Luffy's answer was quite provocative!

"I see that there is a problem with your head!"

As soon as the words came out,

the atmosphere now became tense!

Seeing that the two pirates were about to fight in their own shop

, the bartender uncle began to persuade:

"Although I am not a chef,

it doesn't matter what you say!"

So Luffy glanced at Blackbeard in front of him and

took the lead in ordering the ingredients he wanted from the bartender.

"Hey! Uncle, I'm going to buy 50 portions of meat and go back as a gift!

But Blackbeard, who was upset with Luffy just now, said deliberately:


I want 51 cherry pies!"

"Wait a minute! I want 52 servings of meat! "

Being hated by people deliberately raises the number to disgust himself, and

Luffy is not to be outdone!

In this way,

two people who hated each other at first glance began to compare!

"Sorry, my pie has changed to 53 copies!"

"That's not right! My meat was changed to 54 servings! "

Send 55 copies!"

"60 portions of meat!"

The higher the other party,

the more unhappy the other person is!

The end result is that the amount of food starts to explode!

"Send 70 copies!"

"80 copies!"

"100 copies!"


the anger of the two burned!

They shouted,

"I think you're trying to go against me!"

Solon, who was watching the play on the side, couldn't help but complain:

"Why can you all quarrel here!"

As bystanders, they didn't know that

the mutual

disgust in the underworld

had deeply affected the two of them!

Seeing that the two were about to fight

, Nami hurriedly persuaded:


don't forget what you promised me!"

"And how can we have the money to buy so much meat back?!"

"We didn't come out to buy!"

Hearing the word procurement,

Blackbeard laughed!

Just about to find a pirate to kill and make trouble,

isn't this sent to the door from the net?!

"Are you a pirate?"

"Yes, that's right!"

Receiving Luffy's affirmative answer,

Blackbeard instantly became interested!

"How much is the bounty?"

"30 million!"

The price Luffy quoted surprised Blackbeard a little,

"30 million? Just by you? How can it be! Swindler!

"I didn't lie to you! It's true! In

this way, the smell of gunpowder between the two became stronger and stronger!

In order to avoid conflicts in the store,

the bartender uncle decisively wrapped Blackbeard's things.

"Hey! Feed! I'm not fighting in my shop!

"Big man, take the things and leave quickly."

Not wanting to be noticeable,

Blackbeard picked up the cherry pie and left immediately!

Although this is the first time that this pair of old enemies have met,

this short process

is enough for others to see the problem!

No matter in terms of personality

, or the nuances of tasting food,

everyone can feel the disharmony between the two!


Blackbeard Pirates - Rain no Hiryu:

"The captain and the straw hat kid, obviously two strangers who have never seen each other in their lives!"

"I didn't expect the approach to dealing with problems to be so similar!"

"It's just that the two favorite things seem to be all opposites?!"


"Why not!"

"Except for eating, Luffy and Blackbeard were all arguing during the whole process!"

"Although they are so different, if I hadn't known about Blackbeard in advance, I'm afraid I would have thought he was just a trick!"

"His appearance is so confusing! Just a middle-aged decadent uncle! Lu


"But if you look closely, there are really too many differences between them!"

"Let's start with body size! Luffy belongs to that skinny and feels very lean! And Blackbeard is huge, obese and bloated!

"In this way, they are simply two opposite people!"

Sero Ultraman:

"Monchi. Road D. Fly! Marshall S. D. Tichy! The best of the two D's!

"For Uncle Ben, both Blackbeard and Luffy want to reach the top of Pirate World!" Become One Piece! "

The two of them, in ideals, in beliefs, coincide, but. There is only one One Piece!

"So no matter what happens in the end, there will definitely be a battle between them!"


"Boom! Now my combat power is 530,000!

"A thousand combat power can destroy a planet, and you are still struggling on the ball!"

"You scumbags! With so much time to do something meaningless, it's better to feel the power of King Ben! "


Star Travels - Clara:

"The despair of others is really the happiest thing!"

"Although listening to Frieza's description, I am not his opponent either!"

"But the little bugs in the pirate world don't seem to be able to even escape the planet!"

"Sure enough, the gap in strength can't change anything!"

Star Travels - White Eyes:

"Clara, I remember that Blue Eyes seems to let you go to Uranus on errands?"

"Why, you actually watch videos in your free time?"

Seeing the senior cadre of the Galaxy Eye Lord White-eyed speak, Kra,

who was still enjoying the video for a second, instantly withered!

You know,

this adult is a figure who can easily freeze a giant planet!

At this moment,

Kra once again clearly felt the gap in strength!

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