The encounter between Blackbeard and Luffy has

temporarily come to an end!


a man outside the tavern with a narrow scar on his left eye passed

by Blackbeard, who was leaving!

"Is there a pirate in a straw hat here?"

When the people in the tavern heard this familiar voice, they

immediately exclaimed in a cold sweat:


And Bellamy, the owner of the audience, smiled proudly:

"You are the wanted criminal with a reward of 30 million, Luffy in a straw hat?"

Although the caller's tone was not good,

Luffy did not take it to heart!

"What for?"

Solon, who was worried that Luffy would not recognize the situation

, still reminded:

"It's not like I'm talking to you,


Nami was also puzzled:

"Isn't that guy called Bellamy, the guy who just chartered that hotel?"

And as Bellamy gets closer and closer to Luffy,

the pirates in the tavern start whispering!

"Did you hear that? That little man in the straw hat is worth 30 million!

"That little ghost? Really fake!

When Bellamy stood in front of Luffy

, Luffy silently complained,

"Why do you always meet some big guys today?!"

"Give me the most expensive wine in the store."

Bellamy didn't answer Luffy's question first,

but beckoned for a bottle of wine.

"Give this imp something he likes."

Then Bellamy's companion arrived belatedly.

"There's no seat to sit?"

"How? This shop stinks and dirty!

"And all the cheap rum was ordered!"

The tone of the Saqis and his gang was extremely arrogant,

but the small characters in the hotel did not dare to say more.

"Come, drink!"

At this moment,

Bellamy's ordered two glasses of wine.

"Oh! Thanks!

The naïve Luffy didn't think much about it, and

thanked Bellamy:

"So you're fine!"


Luffy took the drink and drank it freely!

But at this moment

, Bellamy suddenly stopped talking about martial virtue,


Luffy's head and smashed it on the wine table!

Seeing Bellamy's make a move,

his accomplices began to laugh wildly!

However, as the second-in-command of the Straw Hat Pirates,

Solon is not a vegetarian!

Between the electric flint,

he pulled out his knife and pointed it at Bellamy's throat!

"What do you want to do? Small miscellaneous.

"It's up to you to answer that question."

Solon has a black line on his face and his eyes are cold!

The captain is attacked by strangers next to him,

which is simply an insult to himself!

But at this critical moment

, Nami, who was afraid of things,

actually interrupted Solon!

"Solon, wait a minute!"

"We haven't heard anything yet!"


At this moment,

the people watching the video have black question marks on their faces?

Your captain was beaten in the face

, and your teammates want to help him avenge him, if

you don't help,

forget it!

The stepping horse actually stopped his teammates,

what news has not been heard yet?!

What news can be so important?

Yujiro Vanma:

"This idiot, is this the reaction of his own companion being hurt?"

"Thinking about calming people? Your purity is too low! Dior


"Too weak! Too weak! In the face of this kind of opponent, you actually need to be afraid!

"I know! There is a limit to human ability! Learn one thing from a short life... The more you play tricks, the more you will find that there are limits to human capabilities... Unless beyond humans!

"Luffy, I see you're talented, come with me! Stop being human!


Dior, what do you understand?"

"But Nami, I often see you active in video comments, after watching this video, you don't want to direct Luffy in the future!"

Lu Mingfei:

"Then I will also make two sentences!"

"Nami, I advise you to be kind and don't continue to pit Luffy."


At the moment, in the

world of real pirates.

Nami expressed her helplessness at being suddenly reprimanded!

She held her forehead and regretted her original behavior,

and complained:

"Who knew that the man named Bellamy was so weak!"

"Luffy was serious and easily knocked him down!"

The old color critic on the side comforted:

"Nami, don't blame yourself! All blame Bellamy that bastard!

"How could you do something wrong as a beauty?"

"Everything is supposed to be Bellamy, I don't know how to do it!"


Shangis began to "lick" Robin again!

And the people who were watching the video with relish,

just smiled at their actions.


In the picture

, Luffy, who was attacked by Bellamy, slowly stood up,


he wiped the dust from his mouth.

"Good, you should be mentally prepared, right?"

Hearing this,

the little minions gathered around began to add firewood and firewood.

"Heard no, that kid wants to fight Bellamy!"

"Up! Come on!

In a burst of hugs,

Bellamy laughed maniacally:

"Haha! This is not a fight, this is a test!

"Come on! Let me see how powerful you really are!

But Nami's obstruction sounded again:

"Luffy, wait!"

"Hey, uncle, we want to go to the empty island, do you know any relevant clues?!"

Hearing Nami's words blurted out in a hurry,

the pirates around them widened their eyes!

Empty island?!

"What is she talking about?"

"Wouldn't you?"

After two sentences of doubt,

only the silence that was followed by the drop of the needle!

After glancing around

, Nami was puzzled and continued to ask:

"We want to go to the empty island, if you know how to get to the empty island..."

Hahaha! Bellamy

, who couldn't hold back, was the first to laugh!

Immediately afterwards,

the pirates,

who were originally silent, began to laugh loudly!

"Hahaha! She said she wanted to go to the empty island? "

Spare me."

Nami said angrily,

"What's so ridiculous?"

"But obviously the record pointer points to nature!"

The wanton sneering pirates froze for a moment, and

then they burst out laughing again.

"Remember, remember, the record pointer is clearly pointing to the sky!"

"The record pointer is inherently easy to break!"

Hearing everyone laughing at herself,

Nami's face became even more blushing.

Bellamy, who had planned to have a good fight with Luffy, also sat down.

"What a defeat to you!"

"How can you even believe such old stories? There are islands in the sky?

Then Bellamy smiled and asked,

"What era are you?"

"The mystery of the peculiar currents on the Great Passage proves this one by one! Upward current is one of them!

Seeing Luffy without waves

, Bellamy explained:

"A ship swallowed by the upward current will be pushed into the air,

and then the whole ship will fall directly into the sea!"

"Unwitting ancient navigators imagined that there was an island in the sky!"

Hearing Bellamy's explanation,

some viewers of the anime world also felt that it made sense!

After all, an island floating for 10,000

meters seems unrealistic in the pirate world!

Pirate World,

does there really exist an empty island?

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