In the video

, because Lu Mingfei quietly "kidnapped" the underworld princess Eriyi,


gave birth to a reward order of 1 billion yen!

1 billion yen!

In this day and age,

this is astronomical!

And Yuan Zhisheng's subordinates saw that their young master was so nervous about his sister, and

they thought he was a sister control!

The life and death battle of the sword and shadow did not make Yuan Zhi vivid, and

he never thought that his

subordinates actually took the lead in breaking Yuan Zhisheng's defense!

Yuan Zhisheng, who couldn't help but laugh bitterly,

still put all the worries in his heart out!

"You still don't understand what I'm worried about, I'm not worried about the safety of Ei Ri, but the safety of the city, 20 hours is enough for Ei to destroy Tokyo... If she wanted to. "


you must know that the painted pear clothes that look harmless to humans and

animals are a walking humanoid super nuclear weapon!

No matter how much you prefer our little princess,

the power contained in this skinny body cannot be ignored!

This explosion, the

lives of 10 million people in Tokyo is no joke!

And that 1 billion yen bounty

also caused a sensation in Tokyo within hours!

The highest bounty in the history of the entire underworld family

, with the blessing of this devouring monster of the Internet,

was sent to hundreds of thousands of people in the form of MMS messages in a very short time!

In the steel forest of heavy rain

, tonight,

every gangster

member in Tokyo City is sleepless for a billion yen!

They will sweep the city and

stay up all night searching for Uesugi Ei!

And our decrepit boy

, at the moment, does not know what he has done,

how much has changed!

The people of the world's largest city cluster are sleepless,

and he is still carrying our little princess to the hot pot.

However, if he knew that hundreds of thousands of people were looking for him all over the city,

he would definitely not be able to eat hot pot so leisurely.

At that time, it will be "upside down" again!


it seems that letting Eri enjoy a good life

for a while seems to be the best result.



"'You still don't understand what I'm worried about, I'm not worried about Eri's safety!'

"Ahhh! Is it really appropriate for Erie's brother to say such a thing? Tsuchima


"Little burial! Sweep away the garbage at home before talking!

"It's so much rubbish coming back every day! You still want me to clean up!

"I was thinking it was time! I want to learn Minamoto! "

One hundred thousand cold jokes - the nameless devil:

"It's all already a walking nuclear weapon!" What else do I need to worry about?!!!

"What should really be worried about is indeed what Gennaku said!"

"With a nuclear weapon that can destroy the city at any time and is unstable! It's hard for Lu Ming not to be afraid! "


hate hard work!" Hurry up and be a rich woman!

"Even a girl like Eriyi!"


"Small business really! Miss Eriyi looks very gentle!

"What is a girl like Miss Eri! What a faux pas!

"Right! Yukino! Ichisei


"Ahhh! Ahhh! Isn't this older than Senior Chiya Hachiman?!

"Senior Bigu, please don't pursue me! You are a good person! "


did I pursue you!"


"Small business??"

Yukinoshita Yukino:

"Hichiya ..."


As soon as the camera turns

, while the two humanoid monsters are enjoying the food without heart or lungs,


girls are anxious about their marriage events.

Dressed in a full costume, hating sky-high black high heels and sharp eyes,

Mai Jiu De appeared to satisfy all people's fantasies about the royal sister!


Campus Four Boss - Sakita Azusagawa:

"Sister, please step on me!"

"Trample on my dignity!"

"Please don't show mercy, you can step on my face directly! Thank you! "

The four bosses on campus-big teacher:

"This guy is the one who is in a group with us?!"

Campus Four Bosses-Fold Feng:

"I don't understand, how can this kind of guy be at the same level as us and be called the Campus Four Bosses?"

Brother Lu:

"It should be that he also has a pair of dead fish eyes."

"After all, this is about to become the standard for the protagonist on campus."

Ten Cold-Little Donkey Kong:

"Self-detonating monster Biqigu, the people of Jianghu are called big teachers."

"People talk ruthlessly and have less Aya Xiaolu, and they have more feelings for the harem."

"Strange things are common, brother Saki, senior sister and sister are looking for me."

"Energy saving and electricity saving Bongtaro I'm curious about Bing Ling."

The four bosses on campus:

"How is it exposed!!" ×4

Donkey Kong:

"No, just now I walked around the universe and saw a few people in this universe who look like you."

"Then I read it casually."

Campus No. 5 - Instrumentalist Watering Kettle:

"Why can't the four campus bosses add another person?"

"Look, only the world where Jiyou is not injured is complete!"

Campus Four Boss - Sakita:

"Engage with the base? "


In the video

, there are all kinds of eccentrics sitting in the richly decorated hall

, including artists with long hair

, trendy fashion designers,

and dignified managers...

Equipment boxes were piled high in the corner, and

everyone was waiting.

As the door opened

, the "fully armed" Shutoku Mai strode in,

and the skirt was breezy.

After a short silence,

the audience broke into applause.

This arouses the LSPs' trampled hearts even more.

"Shunji Kumagai, costume matchmaker."

"Ryoji Suzuki, emotional counselor."

"Yui Sanma, model."


At the end of the introduction of one social elite after another

, Mai Shutoku lightly high-fived:

"You are experts in all walks of life,

we invite you to come here to give advice to this couple and achieve perfect love."

"We are the think tank of love, we are also Venus and Cupid, looking forward to the best performance of everyone."

Looking at the "love think tank",

Mai Jiu De began to continue to explain other requirements.

And that heroic and sassy figure

left the big teacher with tears of regret!



Or a rich woman who steps on a horse!

Sister Mai Shutoku!

I don't want to work harder!

Even if you break through the dimensional wall

, as long as you are a rich woman,

what can't you do?

Yukinoshita Yukino:

"Ahem, there is a rich woman here, you don't need to break through the dimensional wall."

Sakita Azusagawa:

"Yes, wife-sama! Can you send your location privately?

"I've been a little short of money lately, but I'll still pay my own fare to see you!"

Big teacher:

"???? Meow meow?

"Which bunny girl sister over the side, please take care of the people in your family."



A little confused,

to be honest,

I don't know what I'm doing when I write it myself.

Think of where to write where.

BBK point reader,

click where to think.

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