The female ninja

who appeared in the scene quickly cut through the mess and arranged all the work in a moment.

"Tokyo Love Story!"

This is the tool's plan to name the two "giant pandas" in pairing.


pandas are not easy to call the opposite sex.

Even with the help of a tool person like Mai Shutoku, the

Tokyo love story has not progressed for a long time.


In the video

, while waiting for Eili to take a bath,

Lu Mingfei received a message from his "younger brother" Lu Mingze.

This is also Lu Mingze's identity

, which was exposed to everyone's eyes for the first time:

"The weather is so good, I was watching beautiful women on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, a wave hit,

and bathing suits of various colors fell off!" Brother, how are you doing in Japan? "Text messages are pure nagging gestures.

"What do you say? What good have you done yourself, you yourself do not know? "Lu Mingfei is not righteous.

"I guess brother, you are also spending time with beautiful women before the moon!"

"yes! I am waiting for beautiful women in fear! I'm afraid that the beauty will tear down Tokyo unhappy! I can't afford this tricky beauty!

"For the well-being of mankind, brother, you can't afford it!"

"Does this have anything to do with human well-being?"

"To unlock the secret of the White King, a few keys are necessary, but the other keys are in the hands of the opponent, and only the key of the beauty is in your hands."

"But we still can't solve the puzzle with this key, right? It's like if your safe door has three locks, you only have one key, and you still can't open the door.

"But if you think differently, if the key is in your hands, then no one else can solve the puzzle." Your opponent also wants to save all the keys to release the resurrected god.

"The problem is that this key is a big living person!" It's not that I can run around with little things on a keychain! And this key has the ability to tear down Tokyo!

"You underestimate the Uesugi patriarch, with her ability can destroy the entire Tokyo plus the four prefectures of Chiba, Yamanashi, Saitama, and Kanagawa!" You have not seen the angry state of the Uesugi family.

"Don't think it scares me! Anyway, I am tied to a nuclear bomb, and I will be afraid if you tell me that this nuclear bomb is not an ordinary atomic bomb, but a new type of hydrogen bomb? Amusing!

"Listening to my brother, I am relieved to say so! I'm ready to go swimming in the sea now, no other questions, this is the end of this chat, I wish you and the head of the Uesugi family a happy relationship! "

Hey, hey, hey! Just, okay? The most critical question has not yet been said! How can I control this girl? She is a humanoid weapon, but I don't have the code to force her to obey. Lu Ming was not in a hurry.

"Oh? Do you still want a password that forces the Uesugi family owner to obey? Brother, I have to state one thing first, the head of the Uesugi family, although she is a beautiful girl, but she is one of the keys to contact God, and I sent her to you to let you hold an important card, not for your lustful pleasure!

"Say! Correct! Affair!

"Just make her happy."


From their conversation,

it seems that this guy who calls himself Lu Mingfei's younger brother has

the ability to reach the sky!

And Ange and the others, who were still making plans for the future,

were silently soaked in cold sweat at this moment!

In this world,

there are actually such powerful organizations as Mai Jiu De and Lu Mingze!

The Japanese branch was also a big problem, and

after thinking about it carefully,

Principal Ange suddenly felt a lot of pressure.


In the video,

when the two girls are busy making plans for a Tokyo love story.

Mai Shutoku's cell phone rang,

but there was no caller ID.

"Great work girls! Are our bride and groom okay?

Lu Mingze's lively and frivolous voice sounded.

Ange's eyes widened alertly

, Lu Mingze, who he was afraid of just now, was called Lu Mingfei's younger brother

, and listening to the voice,

it seemed that he was really a teenager!


The conversation between the two in the video continues.

"Things are going according to your plan, and the expert group is all in place. There is no progress today, and from tomorrow, the codename 'Tokyo Love Story' is officially launched.

"With such a strong panel of experts, can they fall in love with each other in a few days?"

"Strive for half a month."

"Seven days."

"Seven days?"

Mai Shutoku was taken aback, even the seven days of flash marriage were too fast,

and Uesugi Eri and Lu Mingfei had not called at all.

"We only have seven days, six days for them to fall in love, and on the seventh day, at sunset, their wedding will officially begin."

Lu Mingze's laughter sounded:

"The head of the Uesugi family is a peerless beauty, and every man should love her."

"But Chen Mopu's influence on Lu Mingfei is too great."

"I read a book that says that there are 20,000 people in this world who will fall in love with you at first sight, but unfortunately you may not meet any of them in your life. Love at first sight is not magic, it is destiny. Chen Mopu is the first person on Lu Mingfei's destiny line, and I hope Uesugi is the second. The first time we were caught off guard by fate, so we failed miserably in the face of fate, and the second time we were already armed, we could not fail twice on the same thing.

"Of course, it's good if it fails, so that our Lu Mingfei little angel will fall a little deeper in the abyss of despair!"

In an instant, Lu Mingze changed the tone of obscene joy.

"Seven days is the limit of death?"

Mai Shutoku asked.

She didn't understand the meaning of the boss's words, but the order had been conveyed completely, ninjas are like soldiers, as long as the order is clear, there is no need to ask the reason behind the order.

"Yes, I hope the bride will live until the wedding day." The boss hung up.

Su Enxi and Mai Shutoku looked at each other, and

their boss's words revealed obvious information that Uesugi

Eri's life left may not be much.



Harano: "Big brother and big sister only have seven days!"

"Then it's better not to let them meet."

Death God Sulfur:

"Seven days to match the giant panda plan, I don't know if it will succeed?"

"Let's make a bet, Moon."

Night God Moon:

"Seven short days, good memories end in a few days."

"No wonder, after all, this is a tearful scene, you have to be sad."

"Since you want to bet, choose one that doesn't have a high success rate. I chose success!


Hahaha, do you think that too, Moon?"

"The news revealed by Lu Mingze doesn't sound simple."

"Then keep watching quietly!"


I was going to abbreviate it directly

, but it seems that you prefer the dragon family to be more detailed here,

so let's slow it down.

Also, I thought of an idea today:

enoki mushrooms are not easy to digest when eaten! Pull it out or that.

So you can eat and pull, pull and eat, and it should be widely promoted!

Solve the problem of famine in the world! (Manual funny)

I named it "Project Enoki Mushroom"!

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