Inside the shelter

, Genos, who had no combat power to block sulfuric acid for the little girl, was

randomly beaten out of the wall by the

Deep Sea King holding his head!

The Deep Sea King, who jumped out of the shelter after him, said with pity:

"If you were the only one, that dissolved liquid would easily be avoided!"

"I didn't expect to kill myself to save the child!"

"Although you are an idiot, you can be proud of hurting me!"


that, the Deep Sea King exposed the cheek that had just been pierced,


at this moment it had recovered intact.


Just as it was getting its hands on it, a familiar bike rushed in!

"Justice Rush!"

With the sound,

the thin bicycle smashed towards the Deep Sea King!


The furious Deep Sea King looked behind him, his

eyes acquainted with the undocumented knight who arrived.

The panting undocumented knight took on an aggressive pose and

began to report himself:

"Ride the righteous bike!"

"Undocumented knights join!"

Genos, who still had half a breath left, asked laboriously,

"Is it the first place in the C rank?" Stay, stop! Ordinary


who had the same questions as Genos

also gathered around the gap in the shelter:

"It's an undocumented knight!"

"The undocumented knight is coming! But..." "

The citizens' concerns are right.

After being provoked,

the Deep Sea King single-handedly squeezed the arm of the undocumented knight rushing over.

"I'm tired of playing."

Saying that, he flicked the undocumented knight up and down,

like playing with a small bug.

After a few flicks,

the clothes at the arm of the undocumented knight automatically broke due to too much pulling force


And the undocumented knight was also thrown out.

The Deep Sea King glanced at the undocumented knight in boredom, and

then it remembered that it still had business undone.

The Deep Sea King, who turned his head,

silently stared at Genos and began to say to himself:

"Ah! I'm sorry!

"It's a little late to finish you!"

Before it raised its feet,

the bloodied undocumented knight rushed over again!

"Justice captures!"

Stopped by the same bug twice in a row

, as the king of the sea,

the king of the deep sea instantly became furious!

In the sea it rules,

no creature has ever dared to annoy it like this!

The anger caused the Deep Sea King to unconsciously change back to the Deep Sea state.

"I know no one!"

When he was held by the Deep Sea King and thrown out,

the undocumented knight silently spoke.

Undocumented knights who were thrown out of the street struggled:

"Have hope for me!"

With all his strength,

he rolled over and tried to get up again.

Blood flowed slowly down the goggles mixed with rain

, and he roared depressedly: "

C-level heroes are useless!"

"I know best!"

"I'm not fit to be a B-class!"

"I'm weak!"

The undocumented knight

who stood up shakily still told his suffering:

"I know very well!"

"I can't win you."

"I also know best!"

The Deep Sea King was annoyed by the noise

, so he turned his head and said,

"What are you arguing about?" Kneeling and begging for mercy?

"But I can only go up!"

The undocumented knight who was talking to himself also turned to face the Deep Sea King:

"It's not a question of winning or winning!"

"I have to fight you here!"

The Deep Sea King coldly complained:

"What kind of mess are you talking about?"

"Go and die!"

Looking at the Deep Sea King, whose body was several times his size,

the corners of the

undocumented knight's mouth couldn't help but tremble.

But soon a crisp little girl's voice encouraged him:

"Come on! Come on! Undocumented knights!

"Big brother on a bicycle, come on!"

Poros, who was in the distant universe, was stunned

, feeling as if someone was shouting:

"Come on,

big brother who drives the spaceship?"

When he was stunned,

the little girl in the video was still shouting:

"Kill that Abyssal Clan!"

The little girl shouted and cried tears that could not help falling, infecting

the adults around her.

"That's right, come on!"

"Come on, undocumented knight!"

"Kill that guy!"

"It's up to you! Undocumented knights! "


In an instant,

the people who were stunned in the entire shelter

began to wave their arms and

cheer for the

undocumented knight!

The undocumented knight standing in front

of the Deep Sea King, although his body is only as big as one leg under the full open body of the Deep Sea King,

he still poses like a rainbow!

After all,

behind him are thousands of ordinary citizens!


He roared and

shot towards the Deep Sea King with all his strength!


The figure of the Deep Sea King did not move at all....

The entire shelter silently stopped shouting, and

the Deep Sea King also looked at the undocumented knight with a look of disgust.

"It's useless."


Boom. Moe Xi:

"Turnips! If you can't beat it, you shouldn't be on it!

"It's going to die now!"

Pineapple blowing snow:

"It's going to die!" How come the undocumented knight hasn't been upgraded yet!

"If you don't upgrade a bit, you'll be pinched to death by the Deep Sea King soon!"

Shinnosuke Nohara:

"It's terrible! Big brother is already bleeding!


"Don't look at this bloody and violent thing, children!"

"Whose child is this, cover his eyes!"

Kira Yoshikage:

"Uh-huh, as I expected."

"Instead of intense pleasure, replace it with deep despair."

"It is precisely because the undocumented knight wants so-called justice too much that this disappointing end has occurred."


"That little girl is really annoying!"

"Originally, this bug would be killed by the Deep Sea King immediately, but I didn't expect to be disgusted by her!"

Tide and Tiger - White Face:

"Ahahahaha! Humans are really selfish, watching her cry and say that she wants to kill the Deep Sea King but can't do anything about it.

"What a delight!"

Bird does not king:

"Although everyone is a villain, our painting style is a little different!"

"Come on, big brother on a bicycle!"

Lu Chuan:

"Spicy eyes."

Little Fruit Ding:

"Spicy eyes plus one."


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