The undocumented knight who tried his best no longer had the strength.


At the same time

, the Deep Sea King waved his giant claws at will,


the undocumented knight flew out again.

The crowd of onlookers looked stunned, and

the cheering and shouting had long stopped.

"It's useless~"

the Deep Sea King said sarcastically.

"Well done."

The undocumented knight who flew out

was caught by Saitama, who was wearing a yellow tights and

a white cape.

Saitama in the picture said to the undocumented knight with his own care:

"Well played, very exciting!"

The Deep Sea King, who was like a small mountain, was a little impatient, and

another garbage blocked the way!

"Another piece of garbage!"

Saitama did not care about the fierce and abnormal Deep Sea King in front of him, and

slowly put the undocumented knight aside.

The camera turned to Saitama's perspective

, and he looked at the fragmented Genos on the side:

"Hey, Genos, you,

are you still alive?"

Genos was angry:

"Old, master!"

Seeing the tragic situation of Genos, Saitama slowly stood up and said

, "You wait,

I'll beat up the seafood clan."

There was a deafening muffled thunder in the sky.

"Bang"! The

Deep Sea King was furious, and

before he flew closer,

he struck a powerful heavy punch.

The bombarding air waves caused the rain to splash dozens of meters around.

Only Saitama's bald head stood still.

Two angry snorts emerged from the Abyssal King's nostrils.

"You didn't get knocked down by me, it's quite a beating! It's completely different from the garbage before it. Saitama

slowly turned around and

looked expressionlessly at the Deep Sea King who was several times taller than himself in front of him.

"Nothing, your fist is too light."

The crowd of onlookers began to whisper.

"Here comes another person."

"Who, hero?"

"That bald head, it seems to have been seen on the hero roster."

"I know, C-grade newcomer, it seems to be ranked second in C-class."

"But still a C-class hero?"

"The situation is still desperate~" "

This situation is not an S-class hero, and no amount of C-class heroes will help."

"But he seems to have been punched just now."

"You read it wrong, it's impossible for a C-class hero to stand there without a punch."

"Everyone has seen how many heroes that terrible monster has beaten away."

For the first time, the king of the deep sea said solemnly:

"I am the king of the deep sea, the king of the sea, the mother of the sea is the source of all things, as the ruler of the ocean, I am a creature standing at the top of the food chain in the world,

you want to resist me?"

Saitama snapped his ears.

"It's raining now, let's start."

Such a sentence completely angered the Deep Sea King.

Its muscles all over its body burst out, and its bloodthirsty eyes were fierce.

The huge fist claw slammed

into Saitama's forehead like a cannonball.

The burst fist even

caused a sonic boom in the air.


In the next second of the image,

Saitama and the Deep Sea King stand opposite each other.

The Deep Sea King still maintained the posture of just punching.

Saitama still didn't respond, standing

in place

as if he had never moved.

It's just that in the abdomen of the Deep Sea King,

a round hole with blood red and muddy appeared.

Through the round hole in the body of the Deep Sea King,

you can see the street scene behind.

Before you know it, the rain has stopped.

But if anyone with slightly stronger strength can see how

terrifying the fist that punched out this blood hole really is!

Slowly, the dark clouds in the sky gradually dispersed, and

finally opened their eyes.

And the onlookers who ate melons,

everyone was stunned to see the strange scene in front of them.

No one made a sound, and

the whole world was silent.


The great earthquake trembled, and the body of the Deep Sea King faltered, and

finally fell to the ground with a bang.

The eyes of the two dead fish slipped out,

leaving only the eye sockets of two black holes.




The crowd of onlookers cheered loudly, and

the cheers gradually converged, covering


waves like a tsunami.

In the crowd in the picture

, some people beat their chests excitedly and shouted loudly,

venting to their heart's content.

Some people hugged each other tightly and laughed.

Some people cried with joy, holding their heads and crying.

And the camera switched to Saitama

, only to see him stunned,

his eyes blank.

Saitama muttered in a low voice

, "It's boring,

I'm looking forward to it a little this time."

The crowd in the light and shadow was

overflowing with excitement.

"Is it done with one punch?"

"Isn't he a C-class hero?"

"How is it possible to kill such a powerful weirdo with one blow?"

"It's so strong!"


At this time, a disdainful question sounded in the crowd.

The camera focuses on a man with a pot lid head, inverted triangle eyes, and

arms around his chest.

"Actually, that weirdo isn't very strong!"

Someone in the crowd retorted,

"But so many heroes have lost."

"Then you can only blame them for being too weak~

" "This..."


Being knocked down by a punch from a C-level hero, you can know how rubbish the previous hero was."

The man with the head of the pot scoffed and continued:

"A class and S class are just a title to put it bluntly, nothing remarkable."

A series of smug laughs followed.

"I can't say that, these heroes fought to the death to protect us just now."

The man with the pot lid waved his hand,

"Who wouldn't do this kind of thing?" What kind of hero is not to defeat the weirdo? Forget it, at least in the end we were saved.

"But the heroes who arrived look no different from ordinary people."

"It's also troublesome to come, and I even call myself a hero!"

Finally, someone in the crowd couldn't see it.

He grabbed the collar of the man at the head of the pot and raised

his fist to glare angrily.

"Did you say enough!"

The man at the head of the pot looked horrified.

"Why throw a tantrum at me, the activities of the Hero Association are funded by our donations, and of course they have to be responsible for protecting us if they give money!"

"This time, it was all solved by that bald head alone, and the other heroes died in vain."

"As long as you use your brain, anyone can buy time, and the performance of other heroes is completely unworthy of heroes!"

The head of the pot lid became more and more vigorous,

but it was still stopped.

"Stop, we are saved anyway, that's enough, how can you slander the people who taught your life so much."



Saitama, who was so sad just now, turned

his back to the crowd and began to emit a series of strange laughs.

"Oh, it's lucky, thanks to the other heroes who weaken the weirdo's physical strength, it's very easy to put it down!"

"It's good that I came late and took the credit without doing anything."

The next moment, the bald man turned his head and shouted at the crowd:

"Hey, go and tell the others, in the end, I solved the weirdo!"

"If you dare to tell the news that I am late, be careful that I beat you up."

The onlookers were stunned.

They were not the only ones who were stunned, but

the viewers also looked at Saitama in ama.

"What's going on?"

"So that weirdo has no strength in the end?"

"Wait, that guy is Saitama, the one who caused the conversation in Z City."


"He doesn't know where to come from, and his ranking has risen rapidly!"

"It's suspicious."

Saitama ignored the comments of the people around him:

"Hey, I said you should quickly take care of the heroes lying next to you, I don't want them to be useless in the future."

His words drew everyone's anger.

"It's really a trick!"

"Too cunning, rob others of their credit."

"In contrast, other heroes are more worthy of the title of hero."

"That's right, he's just a vile and shameless villain."

"If they hadn't weakened the weirdos, we would have finished by now, and we have to thank these heroes from the bottom of our hearts!"

The camera turned to Saitama, who was facing the sun.

At this time, the sky was washed by the rain and it

was blue.

The gentle sunlight shone on Saitama, who stood proudly, coating

his body with a layer of golden light.

Only Genos, who had witnessed Saitama's mighty Genos, muttered, "Saitama-sensei,

is that all right?"

"If that's the path a teacher is going to take! I won't say anything! "

In this way

, the matter is gone,

and the deep hiding and fame.

Saitama stared blankly at the clear sky because of his circle...

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