"Good! That's awesome! In

the Divine Weapon Xuanqi World,

Nangong Wentian stared at the blood hole in the abdomen of the Deep Sea King with wide eyes.

Is a hero such a powerful existence?!

At this time, Nangong Wentian, who was just entering the rivers and lakes, was

far from being able to shake the might of martial arts by raising his hand in the future.

After seeing the strength displayed by Saitama,

he couldn't help but start

to have an inexplicable yearning for the word


In the distant territory of the Jade Dragon Country,

young Nangong Wentian was also staring at Saitama's invincible figure in a daze.

After a while,

Nangong Qianya poked his body.

"Brother, you've been staring at that big bald head for a long time!"

"Qianya, I decided!"

Xiao Wenya tilted her head and silently looked at Nangong Wentian.

"Brother, what's wrong?"

"I want to be a hero like an undocumented knight! Uphold justice!

"I also want to be as strong as Saitama, but still protect the weak Superman!"

In this way

, unknowingly, the future savior of the Jade Dragon Kingdom made

a decision that went against his ancestors and

became a hero....

Ninja plane.

Xiao Li, who has been deflated on the battlefield many times, is being treated.

After watching the video,

the injured Xiao Li was greatly encouraged.

Most of the people there don't use ninjutsu!

And it turns out that simple physical skills

can also be cultivated to that extent?!

Xiao Li's mind came up with his teacher Matt Kai.

"Even if, no, one in a hundred million cases."

"If you fail, I will die with you!"

"From the moment I saw you."

"My ninja path has become to train you to be a great ninja!"

The words spoken by the teacher Matt Kay before his own surgery sounded in his ears again.

For a while, Xiao Li couldn't help but burst into tears

, "The teacher didn't lie to me, I want to become an excellent ninja, even if I don't have talent,

it doesn't matter if I can't master ninjutsu and illusion!"

"I can put in more than ten times more effort than others, teacher! I see it!

"It turns out that it's not just us, there are so many people in the world, who can achieve such a degree by physical skills alone!"

Xiao Li looked at the stars in the sky, and the

flame of hope burst out again in his eyes.

A few years later,

in Six Roads . In front of Madara are

two physical madmen with eight doors of dunjia-the door of death...

As viewers think,

the video should be over.

But surprises are always everywhere.

The screen that had just gone dark suddenly

showed the word "fanwai".

"Fanwai: My original intention?" Pursue a blood-boiling battle! At

the beginning of the video,

a familiar red fist still crossed.

While the viewers were apprehensive,

the next second the

camera came to a corner of Z City.

There were no special houses there

, just very dilapidated houses,

one next to the other.

A very narrow path stretches into it.

Small steps on both sides are covered with green moss and

extend all the way to under the eaves.

The people around were quiet,

but I could hear the dogs barking from time to time....

As for the lights,

there is only one "Tamura Hotel".

The downcast Saitama wore that ordinary hero uniform and

quietly walked out of the alley.

Saitama, who was alone, carried a bag of discounted food, and the

narrator also confided his heart on the side.

"The evil of the world continues unceasingly."

"That hasn't changed since I became a hero."

"In other words, I didn't have a single impact on society, but I didn't feel sad."

"But I have a problem!"

Hearing this, the viewers of the one-punch superman world couldn't help but concentrate.

Saitama's heart was all cold just now, and

his mood changed only when he said his troubles.

Maybe this is how to defeat him!

In the anticipation of the strange people

, Saitama said slowly:

"That is,

I feel that my emotions are gradually fading."

"Whether it's nervousness or fear, or joy and anger."

"It's starting to stop feeling."

Against the bald head that shone to the point of reflection,

Saitama's figure was invincible:

"Is it while I am gaining power."

"Lost something important as a human?"


, while he was in a daze,

the car freak next to him flipped out a tire and hit Saitama.

The car freak was the first to introduce himself:

"I'm sorry to be seen by you!"

"I am... Because I love cars so much!

And Saitama stared blankly at the narration in the weirdo's heart:

"When I used to fight, my heart would be flooded with waves."

"Fear, anxiety, anger."

Saitama then kills the car weirdo with a punch

, and his inner narration emerges:

"But when I punch it,

they all disappear."

As soon as the camera turned,

Saitama came to the house to wash his uniform.

"I came home unscathed and washed my hands every day."

"I'm fighting weirdos, monsters."

"I don't feel any soul collision at all."

Saitama, who finished his housework,

began to leisurely lie on the sofa and watch TV.

The narration never stops:

"I'm a hero, purely a hobby."

"In short, as long as I'm happy, that's it!"

Saying that,

he silently turned off the light and lay down.


The sky gradually brightened, and

Saitama, who was sleeping soundly,

was lifted by a pitch-black hand holding his head.

He wrenched his big hand at random, and

then the weirdo in the black shadow kicked out and

knocked Saitama away.

Saitama, who reacted, noticed that a monster appeared behind him, and

in a hurry,

he blocked the attack with both arms.

At this time, the

weirdo who attacked Saitama finally revealed his original appearance!


However, Saitama, who blocked the attack with both hands, did not check for too long, and

soon he was shot away again!

At this moment

, the underground people living in the one-punch world were full of stunned faces,

and the people of the

Hero Association were even more so!

Looking at the strength of the underground people,

it is stronger than the Deep Sea King who appeared just now!

As the king of the sea, the king of the deep sea could not hurt


and this underground man made Saitama's cheek bleed with one punch!

This underground man,

at least the dragon level!

But what makes the underground people hesitate is that

this weirdo is too strong!

Is it really a race of underworld?!

In the video

, the confused Saitama met such a powerful weirdo for the first time,


couldn't help but sigh

: "So strong!"

"What are you?"

The tall brown weirdo smiled disdainfully,

"What? It's rude to talk!

"We are real earthlings!"

"You people seem to call us underground!"


The underworld people shake!

This brown weirdo admitted that it was an underground man!

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