Viper Instructor, Dominor, Bishas, Flindo, Dr. Nanbo... Join the meeting room!

One person after another enters the meeting.

Before Sakaki joined, it suddenly became extremely lively!

Viper Instructor: I haven't been so lively for a long time, everyone is here!

Domino: This time Boss Sakaki held an emergency meeting, it should be about the World God List, and the boy named Ash!

Dr. Nanbo: It probably won't be that teenager, although he is very talented enough to defeat elite trainers, but not enough to threaten Team Rockets or call an emergency meeting!

Viper Instructor: I think Dr. Nanbo is right, it should be about that world god list, and the Elf Alliance!

Matori: I can still reveal a little bit, it's almost because of the Elven Alliance!

Dominor: Maybe it's because they announced the props there, and I don't know what they want to do....

Bishas: Aaaaaa?!!aa

With the news of Bishas appeared.

Meetings that were otherwise noisy were quiet.

After a moment of tranquility, the last message followed!

Real Bird: What? Listening to what you mean, did you get the opportunity to choose?

Domino: Bishas, you're a lucky guy, but you don't seem to have a choice?

Dr. Nanbo: What? You actually got a chance to choose an answer? That's very few people selected....

Message after message.

Bishas: yes, obviously the most normal thing that seems to be option C is the last option?

The chat room suddenly fell silent.

Frindo: Hehe, are you too stupid, you didn't expect it, or did someone else think of it, didn't the two guys from the Elf League hit?

Bishas: You...!!

Matori: Okay, stop arguing, Boss Sakaki is coming!

The words fell, and suddenly became quiet.

Soon, Sakaki joined the meeting room!

Dr. Nanba: Boss Sakaki!

Domino: Boss Sakaki!

Bishas: Boss Sakaki!


After saying hello, Sakaki didn't talk nonsense.

Straight to the point:

"This time, the main discussion is about the World God List and the True New Town!"

Sakaki's voice was very cold.

There is also not much explanation....

When the words fell, it was like throwing a stone towards the calm lake, stirring up terrifying waves.

In the online conference room, it immediately began to boil!

What a new town!

Even if I didn't know this place before, but after the broadcast of the World God List

Who doesn't know about this place?

That's the town of the divine beast!

But in the eyes of everyone.

That boy called Ash, even if he has a strong talent?

Facing such a behemoth as Team Rocket is tantamount to blocking the car with a mantis!

Dominau: What? Boss, you want us to investigate Zhenxin Town? What is there to check in a town!

Flindo: Investigate the boy named Ash? Boss, there's no need for this....

Bishas: Isn't it just a little brat, it's not a big deal....

The online conference room suddenly fell into a noisy.

Right at this moment.

Sakaki roared angrily:

"Shut up for me!!"

There was silence in the room.

Sakaki's words were filled with almost irrepressible anger:

"Are you all a bunch of pig brains?"

"Little brat?"

"Have you ever seen a 10-year-old kid who is comparable to the king of heaven?!"

"Is the Pikachu in his hand really that simple?"

"Obviously, when the battle in the video was held, the power that exceeded the race value broke out, you say it's not a big deal?!"

"It is suspected that a Pokémon that transcends race values will become the initial elf of the rookie trainer?"

"Who is standing behind him? What forces are standing, do you know ?! "

Sakaki's series of questions were not only sharp and sharp, but also questions they had never thought of!

For a moment, the conference room fell silent.

Extra place.

Dr. Nanbo stopped the experiment in his hand and took a serious look at the content above.

His expression became more serious than ever!

They seem... Always underestimated Ash!

At the age of 10, he has the strength of a quasi-heavenly king or even a heavenly king....

If he really grows up

I'm afraid that even behemoths like Team Rocket will have to pay attention to it at that time!

Because he's not alone....

What are the forces and backgrounds behind him?

After hearing Sakaki's words, Bishas's expression also became extremely gloomy at this moment.

Damn Sakaki, isn't he obviously a little brat?

A little fart made him pay so much attention.

It seems that it is better for the Rockets to be in charge of themselves!

At this moment, Sakaki's voice sounded.

Bishaston was shocked.

Because of the impressive, it is his name!

Sakaki's tone was still so indifferent:

"Bishas, you appeared in the video, and you should have something to do with Ash later!"

Bishas: That's right, Boss Sakaki, I do see myself, I will definitely catch Sherabi!!

Sakaki just bowed his head slightly:

"As for the actions of the Elven Alliance, as well as the plans of the rocket team behind, let the real bird order..."

Soon, the meeting was in full swing!

At this moment, the World God List in the air began to play again!

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