[Ash barely catches the ferry and meets an enthusiastic villager].

[A few people agreed to go to his forest to see! ] 】

[In the process of the ship's journey, I vaguely saw that a sky blue Pokémon with hair fluctuating like water was silently watching Ash and the others! ] 】

[I learned through Dr. Ohki that it was the legendary Pokémon, Mizu-kun! ] 】

[A few people go to Mr. White's home in the forest village! ] 】

[Team Rocket Musashi three, have been following them, in order to capture Ash's Pikachu! ] 】

[Ash and the others came to Guono Village and explored the depths of the forest! ] 】

[There was a mutation, and several people were moving towards the sound! ] 】

【Q&A session is on! 】 】

[May I ask Ash, what will they encounter?] 】

[A, the water lord by the pond! ] 】

[B, the Sherabi who crossed over! ] 】

[C, Oki Yukinari, who fell to the ground and was unconscious! ] 】

[D, a treasure hidden deep in the forest! ] 】

As the video plays, the legendary Pokémon Mizukun soon appears!

Water Monarch, known as one of the three holy beasts!


It immediately caused heated discussions on the forum!

"My God, it is actually a water lord who is known as one of the three holy beasts, I heard that this Pokémon is very difficult to encounter, and has the ability to purify sewage!"

"Good fellow, I call good guy, won't it, Ash just arrived at this place, and a divine beast came to welcome him?"

"Hey, listening to your description, there is that smell in an instant, I met a divine beast as soon as I came, is the divine beast really that good to meet?"

"Most people can't meet a divine beast in their entire lives, and Ash met it so easily, which caught me off guard!"

"His luck is too good, isn't he?"

"Yes, when you go to a place, you will meet the mythical beast of local legend... Good luck indeed! "

"No, I don't think it's necessarily luck, maybe it's just because people are related households, black box operations..."

"Hahahaha, God is a secret box operation, but it is indeed a little outrageous, I actually met the Water Lord, and there will definitely be Sherabi later..."

"When you go to a place, there will be a divine beast to pick up, what is a related household? This is called a relationship! "

True New Town.

With the appearance of the Water Lord, the crowd suddenly caused a burst of exclamations!

"Wow, it's actually the legendary Divine Beast Water Monarch!!"

"Ash's luck is also too good!"

"Then again, Shui Jun looks really beautiful, and his every move reveals elegance..."

"Why did the Water Sovereign appear in this place? Is it really here to pick up Ash?! "

"How is that possible? Although I also hope to pick up Ash, this is obviously a coincidence..."

"That's also a huh!"

"But it's really cool!!"

Ash looked up and looked at the picture played out by the World God List.

Shui Jun's beautiful figure appears in the video.

In particular, the wavy hair whiskers can only be said to be worthy of the legendary Pokémon!

Imprint this scene deeply in my mind.

A flash of anticipation also flashed in Ash's eyes.

Own future... Will you meet a divine beast...!

Whispered softly:

"Legendary Pokémon..."

Xiao Mao beside him looked at Ash's serious side face.

For a while, I couldn't help but sigh in my heart.

Perhaps it is precisely because Ash loves it so much that he can be on the list and become a so-called mythical beast relationship!

I can't be thrown off too much by him!

Becoming the strongest Pokémon researcher also seems like a good idea.


Pokémon training can't be left behind!

Not far away.

Dr. Ohki sees all of this.

Turning over some quaint sketchbooks, a touch of nostalgia flashed in his eyes, and it seemed to be with a little sigh:

"What happened then..."

Dr. Ron looked at Ohki with such a gesture.

Infinite curiosity suddenly arose in my heart.

I couldn't bear it, and finally asked:

"Ohki, what happened then?"

Dr. Ohki just smiled, and finally sighed with emotion:

"That's when I knew..."

"Ash he... It is not destined to be ordinary!! "

This remark fell.

But it made Ron's heart gush with endless shock!

Dr. Ohki's description of Ash's words sounded so incredible.

But all this happened to Ash, and it seems quite reasonable!

It's just that all he has in his heart now is endless curiosity.

What happened to Ohki and Ash at that time?

What is in the sketchbook that Damu is holding now?

Before Ron could ask.

The Q&A session begins!

This time, a ball of light flew towards the people gathered in Zhenxin Town.

Soon stay in front of Ash's mother Hanako!

For a while, the people around were a little shocked.

I didn't expect to choose Hanako this time!

More envy....

As long as you answer correctly, you can get great rewards!

Hanako's face was visibly stunned....

You know, she's not a trainer.

But I didn't expect that the light group still chose itself?!

Of course, adjust your mentality quickly.

Looking at the four options above, after seeing Dr. Ohki's name, my heart was indeed slightly touched.

It all seems to be strung together!

It was also with the help of Dr. Ohki that he settled in Zhenxin Town!

And it helped them a lot!

Selfless help all the time!

And this Pikachu is also different from the other royal families.

Obviously, Dr. Ohki still has three royal families in his hands, that is, the Elf Alliance will allocate places according to various places, and there will be no shortage of them!

But Dr. Ohki chose to give Ash Pikachu!

I don't know why, but it certainly won't harm Ash!

But precisely because of this, there are still some doubts in my heart.

Until you see these options.

The possibility comes to mind.


Without any hesitation, Hanako blurted out:

"I'll pick the third!!"

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