Guono Village.

White looked at the video playing in the sky.

Among them, the villager who invited Ash to come to Guono Village was himself!

A flash of consternation flashed in his eyes.

I didn't expect that in the future, I would actually know Ash?

That 10-year-old beat an elite trainer!

Rated as a divine beast relationship by the World God List!

Moreover, there are many undiscovered secrets in him!

And it seems that Sherabi should be present in this forest.

Indeed, in the village, there is a legend about Sherabi.

But I've never heard of anyone ever seeing it.

Just think it's a legend!

But now, with the broadcast of the God List, the surrounding villagers rushed over!

"White, I didn't expect you to actually meet that boy named Ash in the future...!"

"Water-kun, the legendary Pokémon, no one in the village has seen it yet!"

"Oh my God, White, you've really made Gonomura famous!"

There was a sudden commotion in the crowd.

Surround the place.

White was a little overwhelmed for a moment.

Just then, there was another commotion in the crowd.

A voice came!

"That boy is..."

Look in the direction where the sound is coming from.

The crowd in the village was also completely boiling!

Because it was Miku and his grandmother who appeared!

He is also the guardian of the village!

Keep the village safe in the forest and on the edge of the village!

The crowd, which was originally a little noisy, suddenly became quiet at this moment!

Miku's grandmother still had disbelief in her eyes, and she looked at the World God List in the air so stunned.

He opened his mouth, but there was a hint of excitement in his cloudy eyes:

"It's really him... That teenager!! "

At this moment, a flash of doubt flashed in White's eyes.

Too late to ask too much.

The light mass suddenly descended at this moment.

With terrifying coercion, at a speed that the naked eye can barely capture, he instantly appeared and stayed in front of White!

The crowd suddenly became quiet at this moment.

In the end, everyone present immediately understood that someone from their Guoye Village had also been chosen!

If you answer correctly, you can only get rewards!

The crowd was thoroughly boiling :

"It's actually true, and the answer link is actually true, doesn't that mean that you can get a huge reward?"

"Didn't you see that the Elf Alliance announced the rewards? As long as we can get one of these props, maybe we can become a more powerful trainer, and even if we are not good, we can sell it for a high price!! "

"White's luck..."

"Yes, not only can I know Ash in the future, but now I actually have the opportunity to choose, and I am envious to death!"

Not far away, a flash of stunned light also flashed in Miku's eyes.

Just at the request of grandma.

Finally, I helped my grandmother and came to this place.

But I didn't expect it, and I also witnessed this scene!

White changed from initial confusion to excitement.

But then he bowed his head again.

The expression became a little frustrated.

Although I got the opportunity to answer, I didn't know the answer at all.

It feels like every answer makes sense!

What's more, what will Ash meet in the future, how can he guess?

The surrounding crowd immediately noticed White's performance.

Some people can't help but have some doubts:

"What's wrong? White, you should be happy at this time, you have been chosen! "

"yes, White, why do you seem to have a frustrated face..."

White was a little helpless, and finally just sighed:

"The point is that I don't know the answer at all..."

"If you guess blindly like this, there is only a 1/4 chance!"

When the words fell, the surrounding crowd suddenly stirred.

The video only plays to that point, and who will know the answer?

At this moment, Miku's grandmother suddenly spoke up:

"I want to..."

"I probably know the answer!"

The words fell, but it was like thunder, exploding in everyone's heart!

The eyes of the audience were immediately attracted.

Grandma Miku looked at the World God List in the sky, and she calmed down at the moment, with a little nostalgia in her eyes:

"I appeared in the opening video..."

"That boy, I've met it too!!"

For a while, everyone's eyes were filled with incredulity!

"Mihisa, let me tell you, a child disappeared in our place 40 years ago..."

"He somehow disappeared in that forest, and besides, I won't be mistaken, it's the boy above!!"

When the words fell, the audience fell silent!

Mihisa's eyes were full of incredulity.

She didn't expect that her grandmother actually met the boy?

More shocking words appeared:

"That was about 40 years ago, that boy's age, if you put it now, it is exactly the same as that Pokémon doctor named Yukinari Ohki!"

The words fell, but the crowd was in an uproar at this moment!

People simply can't believe it.

Grandma Miku, who lives on the edge of the village and is considered a strange old woman, actually knows the famous Dr. Ohki?

Moreover, the teenager who appeared in the video....

It's actually Yukinari Ohki?

That famous Dr. Ohki!

The people around were completely boiling.

It has been discussed before, why did Dr. Ohki appear on it?

But now it all makes sense!

That boy is Dr. Ohki!!

White's eyes were full of disbelief!

After a moment of silence, this answer may not be correct, and the option of the crossed Sherabi looks more likely....

But at the moment, he decided to go with the feelings.

gave its own answer:

"I choose Yukinari Ohki who is unconscious!"


Rocket Team Headquarters.

Musashi and Kojiro have just finished their mission and are back to report to headquarters!

Meet Yamado, Kozaburō, who also completed the task.

Yamado stood there, looking at Musashi and the others not far away, and smiled disdainfully

"Hehe, Musashi, completing the task is still as slow as ever!"

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