The reward appears in Hanako's hand.

[Recovery Gem]: Worn around, it can increase the recovery speed of the body by 50% and increase the healing effect by 30%!

A gemstone lies quietly on his hand.

Hanako saw the effect of this prop.

Increase wound recovery speed?

Speaking of this, Hanako remembered.

Every time he sew clothes for Ash, sometimes if he didn't pay attention, he would be poked and bleeding from needles.

Is it because of that reason that you have received this reward now?

Ash also came over at this time.

After seeing this prop, there was also an extra surprise:

"After that, even if you are injured, you can recover quickly!"

Hanako saw Ash, who was a little excited.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes:

"You kid, it hurts when you get hurt!"

Ash snorted and touched his head.

It looks a little dumbfounded.

Hanako looked at Ash's appearance, and a warm current flashed in her heart, and she spoke gently:

"Also, you kid is always so-so, and now if you want to embark on a journey alone, I don't know if you can do it!"

Ash looked a little helpless.

Pulling his head, he didn't care:

"Got it, got it!"

Hanako looked at this Ash's appearance, and her originally worried face was also a little funny:

"Look at you, when you mention Pokémon, you don't know how excited you are, and if you want to say that you are a shrunken-headed turtle!"

Ash just pouted.

After Xiao Maocai next to him saw this scene, he even quipped:

"Ash is always that reckless!"

"Today is the day of receiving Pokémon, and it is actually the last one to come!"

Ash looked at Xiao Mao not far away, and retorted with some reluctance:

"I watched the Pokémon game yesterday too late!"

Just then, Dr. Ohki came over.

He patted Ash's shoulder and said with a smile

"Then you can't make excuses for being late!"

Ash saw that it was Dr. Ohki and scratched the back of his head with some embarrassment.

Dr. Ohki looked at the props not far away, and a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

In the end, I just sighed:

"The ability of this prop is also powerful!"

Hanako looked a little curious.

Until now, I still don't understand something.

Dr. Ohki then explained:

"You must know that in the wild, Pokémon trainers, and Pokémon are fighting side by side!"

"Although most of the time it is the trainer who directs the battle, it is sometimes easy to be injured by mistake, and there is no place for treatment in the forest!"

"Moreover, I look at this prop, it should also improve the healing effect of Pokémon!"

"For Pokémon that are born to recover faster than humans, the effect should be better!"

"In the wild, whether it is a trainer or a Pokémon when injured, increasing the recovery speed of the body and increasing the recovery effect of the tree fruit may also play a key role!"

With Dr. Ohki's easy-to-understand answer.

The people around me also understood.

For a while, there was some shock.

You know, although Pokémon have strong vitality, they are more likely to be in danger of life if they continue to fight!

Pokémon have a high mortality rate!

Therefore, every town will set up a Pokémon hospital building!


The chance of a trainer getting injured is not small!

Hanako nodded, did not hesitate, and handed the prop to Ash.

Ash looked a little confused.

Hanako smiled and said gently

"I don't see any danger at home."

"On the way to becoming a Pokémon master, you will definitely encounter a lot of dangers, this thing can help you more or less!"

In the end, he smiled quietly.

Ash looked at the warm props in his hands.

Listening to Hanako's words, a warm current rose in her heart.

Aspiring to become a Pokémon master, Hanako did not deny his dream.


He has been silently supporting him behind his back.

Hand-sewn clothes... That's it all!

Ash was silent for a moment.

Looking at Hanako in front of her, as well as her relatives and friends around her, Dr. Ohki, Xiao Shigeru...

Ash nodded heavily, and an incomparable firmness appeared in his eyes:


Dr. Ohki and Ron looked at Ash in front of them.

The immature face reveals an incomparable firmness!

Dr. Ohki just watched quietly.

Finally smiled.

Ash is still that Ash!

It never changed.

As for Ron next to him, he was a little shocked.

This was the first time he had seen the boy up close.

It reveals a firmness that does not match age!

And also... Can't suppress that love for Pokémon!

That cheerful personality, sincere love.

All deeply infected everyone present!

At this moment, Dr. Ohki suddenly felt the communicator in his pocket begin to vibrate.

Looking at the displayed screen, it is Kikuko!

After glancing at Ron.

Quietly leave the crowd!


[Ash and his group walk in the forest, looking for rare Pokémon].

[There were terrifying vibrations and sounds in the forest, and the dazzling light shrouded! ] 】

[The group headed towards the location! ] 】


[The boy appeared from the light holding Sherabi].

[After feeling the breath of humanity, the weak Sherabi braced his body and flew behind the temple where he was worshiped].

[Ash and the others arrived, found the unconscious teenager, and took people to the village! ] 】

[The boy's name is Yukinari Ohki! ] 】


Guono Village.

As the video plays, the answer is announced.

It immediately caused a shock!

People's eyes are full of incredulity.

Finally, it stopped at Miku and Grandma Miku!

It's really Oki Yukisei!

There was a little incredulity in White's eyes.

Although it has long been mentally prepared.

But after actually seeing this scene, it is still a little unbelievable.

Legendary Pokémon, Sherabi!

God of the forest!

Due to its proximity to the forest, many temples were built for Sherabi.

Every once in a while, people are organized to go to the temple to worship and pray to the gods of the forest to bless them!

But even so.

People only think that Sherabi is just a legend....

No one has actually seen a Sherabi!

But now.

Sherabi really showed up!

For a while, the crowd was completely boiling...!

"Sherabi actually exists!"

"Oh my God, it's really Oki Xuecheng!"

"Shhh, that's Dr. Ohki!!"

"Grandma Miku actually knows Dr. Ohki?"

For a while, all eyes focused on Grandma Miku!

At this moment, Grandma Miku looks at the teenager who appears in the video.

There was disbelief in his eyes, and tears flashed in his cloudy eyes.


"It's really him..."

"It's really that kid!!"

In the next moment, the light shrouded and the reward was issued!

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