[Sherabi's Token]: Has magical powers, can exert different powers at certain moments, and after using it once, it will become an ordinary item!

White looked at the token that appeared in his hand.

And about the introduction that follows.

I couldn't help but be stunned for a while.

There was also a little incredulity in his eyes.

To know.

Before the video played, he did not believe that there was a Sherabi in the world!

No one in the village has ever seen it.

When he was a child, White often heard his grandfather mention Sherabi, and at that time, endless expectations rose for the legendary Pokémon!

Can go over time.

There was no more news of Sherabi.

The altar that goes to worship every year is also because there is no one to take care of it, and it has long been overgrown with grass!

White was no longer convinced of Sherabi's existence.

But now.

Look at the props in your hand.

【Sherabi's Token】!

It is a small leaf, but it looks crystal clear with a faint fragrance.

With the advent of props.

The people around suddenly gathered.

Looking at the token in White's hand, they all burst into exclamations!

As a resident of the forest, they have been influenced by the story of the legendary Pokémon Sherabi since childhood.

Can go over time.

Everyone no longer believes in the existence of Sherabi!

But until this moment.

With the broadcast of the World God List, as well as the appearance of props.

People thoroughly believed in the existence of Sherabi!

"Sherabi actually exists..."

"Ah, I seem to remember, on the stone tablet in the village, the totem of Sherabi was drawn!"

"It's also thanks to Ash, if it weren't for him and Dr. Ohki, maybe we wouldn't have seen Sherabi in our lifetimes!"

White listened to the discussion of those around him.

Thoughts also drifted into the distance.

Clutching the props in his hand, Ash....

It was all brought by that teenager!

As for the role of this prop, it is not so important.

Because of the Sherabi, it used to be the faith of the whole village.

It is also a childhood memory for everyone!

White clutched the leaf tightly and looked up at the World God List.

If someday.

I really have to thank that boy in person!


True New Town.

Dr. Ohki connected the video call.

At the end of the video.

Soon the appearance of Mother-in-law Kikuko appeared!

Dr. Ohki looked at his former opponent and couldn't help but feel a little stunned.

Time flies so fast....

Even the encounter with Ash has been 40 years!

Elf League Meeting Room.

Mother-in-law Kikuko looked at Dr. Ohki who appeared.

I was a little in a trance for a while.

Since Dr. Ohki embarked on the path of Pokémon research.

So I concentrated on studying Pokémon and delving into academics!

Dr. Ohki's former trainer friends came to persuade.

But in the end, it didn't work!

They haven't seen each other for more than a decade!

And I didn't get in touch halfway!

Seeing Dr. Ohki appear, he couldn't help but be a little stunned for a while.


Dr. Ohki on the other end of the video was the first to break the silence:

"Kikuko, long time no see!"

Mother-in-law Kikuko was stunned for a moment and muttered

"Long time no see..."

Two people who haven't seen each other for years.

But there is not the slightest rustiness.

Mother-in-law Juzi took a deep breath, quickly adjusted her heart, and opened her mouth to explain her intentions

"I called to discuss the World God List, and the boy... Ash! "

Dr. Ohki couldn't help but smile:

"Kikuko, you're still so direct!"

Cleared his throat before continuing:

"I'm sure you've guessed it, I traveled back 40 years and met Ash!"

"So it's not that I chose him, but fate chose us!"

When Dr. Ohki said this, his eyes were shining, looking at Mother-in-law Kikuko, and those high-level members of the Elf Alliance behind him!


"Ash he... It's really different! "

"In the future he will be a great trainer, and... Pokémon Master!! "

When the words fell, the audience fell silent!

Not only the opposite mother-in-law Juzi, but also the elf high-level.

Dan Di looked at the picture in the video blankly.

Looking at your own idol in the picture... Dr. Ohki!

He actually gave such a high evaluation to that boy called Ash!

After a moment of stunning.

A little anticipation appears in my eyes!

He is more and more looking forward to the day when he meets Ash!

Even Ron next to him was a little sluggish!

But it was quick to react.

I remembered Ash's determined look.

His body is full of enthusiasm for elves!

For a while, Ohki's actions didn't seem to be so difficult to understand!

Ash, he maybe... What a Pokémon Master!

After a long while, Mother-in-law Kikuko spoke:

"Is that so..."

"I've never heard of you giving anyone such a high rating!"

Dr. Ohki bowed his head slightly and continued

"I also saw the rewards you announced!"

"As for our side, we have also received several rewards...!"

After Dr. Ohki's description.

I also know that I got a few items here!

After understanding the role of props.

The high-level of the Elf Alliance was a little shocked!

Boost mental power and increase talent ceiling!

Enhance recovery speed and improve recovery effect!

No matter what the effect.

For the top powerhouses, they have a strong attraction!

Because it seems that these two effects are not too strong.

But for the Heavenly King-level trainers who are already difficult to improve their strength, any increase in strength is a fatal attraction!

What's more, this 20% talent is capped....

And, terrifying recovery speed!

Needless to say, raise the talent ceiling.

Sounding useless recovery speed.

If you have a stronger recovery ability than your opponent when your strength is equal, recover your injuries, and recover your physical strength...

That's an almost certain victorious situation!

Although the saying tool cannot be used in the game.

But those evil villains, when they are engaged in field battles, life and death battles

And who cares so much?

Therefore, the entire elf alliance high-level was stunned!

Although the props they got worked well.

But compared to this, it is still too much worse!

After learning that it was Ash and Mao who obtained it, respectively.

Mother-in-law Juzi even made a decision immediately and blocked the news!

Only in this way can Xiaozhi Xiaomao's safety be guaranteed.

I am even more thankful in my heart.

Fortunately, the prop news was released before, which confused a lot of attention.

Otherwise, once the prop effect on their hands is exposed, it will cause a lot of shock in the world....

At that time, how many forces will be engaged in competition!

Just when everyone's hearts have not yet calmed down.

At this moment, Dr. Ohki said a point that everyone ignored!

That's the most important point!

Dr. Ohki took a deep breath and slowly spoke:

"That's Ash's reward... Definitely the scariest!! "

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