As Dr. Ohki's voice fell.

Originally, I was still shocked by the people who were rewarded with a lot of money.

At this moment, I suddenly woke up!

That's right!

When this World God List first appeared, the divine beast relationship household that was counted was Xiao Zhi!

The rewards of these answering sessions are all because of Ash!

What does this mean?

Explain Ash's reward, waiting for the video to finish playing, it is definitely not easy!

Even to the point of horror!

Now the reward is so terrifying, then at that time, when the Ash reward is distributed, won't the people of the whole world be crazy?

Dr. Ohki's face showed a little helplessness.

Although Little Smart has received many rewards, Dr. Ohki is happy for him.

But at the same time.

If the reward is too terrifying, it will attract many people's covetousness!

You have to be prepared before then.

Mother-in-law Kikuko on the other side understood what Oki meant.

After a moment of silence, he suddenly spoke

"At that time, the Elf Alliance will take some of its hands to go to True New Town!"

Dr. Ohki was slightly stunned.

A gentle nod at the end.

He was silent for a long time, and finally did not say the reward he had received.

It's not that he wants to smuggle the reward.

Rather, when necessary, this hidden ability may be able to turn things around.

At least, there are too many people in the Elven League, too mixed!

It is precisely for this reason.

Dr. Ohki did not join the Elven Alliance.

Dr. Ohki was given a 99% immunity stat restraint item, but in the end he hid this information for Ash's safety.


League of Elves.

Mother-in-law Kikuko ended the call with Dr. Ohki.

The atmosphere of the scene became a little heavy.

After a long silence, Daigo took the lead in breaking the silence:

"The alliance must send forces to support!"

"The safety of Ash and Dr. Ohki must be guaranteed!!"

"Do you have any doubts about everyone here?"

The words fell, and the audience was silent.

Apparently, no one has an objection!

Because no one knows how terrifying Ash's reward will be and how much commotion it will cause!

Right at this moment.

A voice suddenly came!

"Can you let me pass?"

Look in the direction where the sound is coming from.

He is the world's number one trainer... Dan Emperor!

There was a little fanaticism in Dan Di's eyes, and there was excitement that could not be concealed.

Not only Dr. Ohki, but also the boy named Ash!

On him.

I did see a lot of things!

And it was affirmed by Dr. Ohki.

Therefore, he especially wanted to meet Ash!

Daigo and Kikuko's mother-in-law looked at each other.

Everyone present also looked at each other.

Originally, Daigo was still a little distressed, and he didn't know who to send, but now the Dan Emperor actually took the initiative?

Right at this moment.

Yulongdu next to him suddenly couldn't sit still.

Dan Di wants to go to Zhenxin Town?

Protect that boy named Ash!

To be honest, Yulongdu was also very curious about Xiaozhi in his heart, and after hearing the words of the Dan Emperor, he suddenly couldn't sit still:

"I'm going too, I'm going too!"

Daigo looked at the Imperial Dragon Ferry in front of him, looking frizzy.

I couldn't help covering my forehead for a while, my face full of helplessness:


"When will your frizzy personality change?"

Yuryu Du looked at Daigo not far away and scratched his head in embarrassment:

"Where is the frizz..."

Speaking of the back, the voice is getting quieter :

"Besides, wasn't I certified as a Flying Heavenly King by the World God List?"

"Maybe we'll be able to get there sooner..."

The words fell, originally there was a somewhat serious atmosphere.

At the moment, they are all a little stoic.

Daigo was also crying and laughing.

After a moment of contemplation, he said the same as Adu, which is indeed a good answer as far as the current situation is concerned!

Adu's speed is already fast.

And also got an increase in power-ups!

Be able to arrive faster!

Originally, his strength was also very terrifying

Not to mention the increase in getting items now!

It can be said that the current Royal Dragon Du, in the Heavenly King, is really one of the best!

As for the strength of the Dan Emperor, it was the world's No. 1 trainer champion!

His strength is naturally unquestionable.

Since embarking on the journey, there has not been a single defeat.

That fire-breathing dragon in one hand is also flying extremely fast!

If the two of them arrived first to protect Ash's safety, it shouldn't be a problem.

After Daigo was silent for a long time, he finally nodded:

"That's all there is to it."

"The current situation is not clear, Yulongdu and Dan Emperor can prepare, and then rush over first!"

"After all, it's still a long way from that place..."

"The core strength of the Elf Alliance is drawn, and if you want to get there in a short time, it will still take a while to operate!"

After getting Daigo's answer.

Imperial Dragon Du suddenly became a little excited!

Dan Di also smiled, and a flash of anticipation flashed in his eyes....

Dr. Ohki, Ash!

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door.

Soon a staff member stepped forward and submitted a document.

Recently, the evil forces have begun to stir!

After seeing this material report.

The atmosphere of the Elven Alliance became a little heavy.

Mother-in-law Juzi said with a little embarrassment:

"Those evil forces that are usually hidden have also begun to be a little restless with the emergence of the World God List!"

At the end, the tone changed abruptly:

"Then we have to get ready!"

"We must not let this hard-won peace be destroyed by them like this!!"

"Start the three-level readiness state!"

Everyone present suddenly turned serious!

The mountain rain is coming.

After the staff member has submitted his report.

Quickly exit the meeting room and take the door with you.

Come to a hidden place and take down the Alliance badge on your chest.

It was transformed into a communication instrument!!


Some of the information just discovered, report it all!


Tokiwa City, Tokiwa Dokan.

Sakaki easily defeated a trainer who came to challenge.

Whatever the challenger tries.

How many times have I challenged, on Sakaki's side, I just can't beat it and can't get the badge!

For a while....

They are all beginning to doubt their own level!

In the end, he lowered his head and covered his face and cried.

Sakaki listened to the information coming from his ears, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Ignoring the sad trainer.

After learning that two personnel of Zhenxin Town were rewarded.

And it's also a very scary reward.

For a while, just sighed slightly:

"The alliance is really calculating..."

"However, you still underestimate my means!!"

Exhale deeply, at this time.

Many thoughts also came to mind, after driving away the trainer and closing the dojo.

Step into a hidden chamber!

Looking at the information on the screen, it is the configuration of Dr. Ohki's victory that year....

And lots of Pokémon pictures in his yard!

It's just a Tokiwa forest away from Shinshin Town!

Sakaki tapped lightly on the armchair, his gaze revealing a gloom.

As for the arrival of the power of the Elven Alliance, it will be a few days.

And the research results of Dr. Fuji seem to have made a huge breakthrough!

Should... Just these days.

But now, the most important thing is not to fight the grass and snakes!


Whether Dr. Ohki still has hole cards in his hand is also unclear.

His eyes flickered several times, and finally he ordered to the secretary Matori beside him

"Go get Musashi Kojiro!!"

"I have something to say to them..."


At this moment, the light curtain began to flicker, and the World God List in the air began to play again!

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