Dark Grey Dojo.

With the playback of the video, even Xiao Gang, who is usually extremely mature, is a little shocked at the moment!

Take a deep breath.

For the boy named Ash.

The heart becomes more exciting!

In the future, I actually became a companion with him and embarked on a journey together!

So what role will he be?

Xiao Gang held his chin and quickly thought of an answer.

Pokémon Breeder!

This is what he has always wanted to be....

It's just that because he has been the owner of the Deep Gray Taoist Hall, he spends most of his time fighting.

And training your own Pokémon....

However, occasionally in my spare time, I still read books about the content of cultivators.

At this moment, Xiao Gang's father muttered:

"I didn't see you in the future, but you actually have such excellent companions!"

Xiao Gang also looked up and looked at Xiao Zhi in the video:

"Yes, he is indeed very good!"

Then the conversation turned, looking at his irresponsible father, and he complained mercilessly:

"Do you know how difficult it is to throw the Deep Ash Daoist Hall to me all these years, and to pull my younger siblings?"

After Xiao Gang's father heard this, he was suddenly a little embarrassed.

Suddenly coughed a few times and wanted to change the subject:

"You also have to improve your strength, otherwise, it's not good to be thrown away too far by Ash!!"

Xiao Gang was suddenly a little speechless: "Bastard dad! "

"You start changing the subject again!!"

A moment later.

Xiao Gang also looked up at the sky.

Looking at the appearance of Ash above, will the corners of his mouth hook a curve...


I'll definitely catch up with you!


At this moment, the World God List in the air began to play again!

[Ash and the others went to the village with Sherabi, and Sherabi was suddenly attacked by Sherabi, but finally avoided! ] 】

[The Rocket Team trio appeared behind him, and the highest cadre of the Rocket Team appeared in front of him, Bishas, forming an encirclement! ] 】

[After some battle, when Sherabi protects Ash and the others].

[Unexpectedly, throw the dark elf ball at Sherabi, and Sherabi is captured! ] 】

And as this scene fell.

People's eyes are full of incredulity.

Can't even believe it.

Divine beasts, legendary Pokémon.

How easy to be captured?

That's when the Q&A session starts again!

[Question: What happens next after Sherabi is captured? 】

[A, Sherabi uses her own power to break free from the Dark Spirit Ball! ] 】

[B, Ash defeats Bishas and finally rescues Sherabi! ] 】

[C, Bishas stepped on the soles of Ash, and Sherabi was not saved! ] 】

[D, under the operation of the three members of Team Rocket, accidentally released the Sherabi! ] 】

As the video airs.

The Q&A session is here again!

People looked up at the video playing in the air, but their eyes were full of indignation at the moment!

The real world.

"What a bastard! Team Rocket is indeed an evil villain!! "

"It's really bad to break the trees first, and take advantage of the danger of people while Sherabi is protecting them!"

"Hmph, if evil does not suppress righteousness, they will all be defeated by Ash!!"

"That's it, and I still have a little doubt that it is possible for the Spirit Ball to capture the divine beast?"

"The Spirit Ball has a certain chance of capturing the Divine Beast, but that probability is very small, or even negligible!"

"Yes, although Sherabi threw the Pokeball while she was not paying attention, the Divine Beast is not a small Pokeball that can be trapped!!"

"But it doesn't seem like his ball."

"Damn Team Rocket, actually sneak attack, Ash will definitely not let him go!!"

With this scene broadcasting, people became extremely angry!

Actually taking advantage of people...!


True New Town.

After Ash saw this scene again, he clenched his fists even more, and there was anger in his eyes.

Actually... Sneak attack on Sherabi!!

Moreover, he deliberately took advantage of the relationship between himself and Sherabi to capture it while he was distracted!

The surrounding crowd is even more exciting!

"That guy called Bishas is really hateful, he actually took advantage of people's danger!"

"Then again, the answer session actually appeared again, doesn't that mean that there is another rich reward?"

"What do you think is the answer this time?"

"I think it's the 2nd, Ash fought a lot, and finally defeated the guy named Bishas and saved Sherabi!"

"I think the last one is very likely, after all, that Musashi Kojiro they seemed a little stupid from the beginning, maybe give this Pokeball to them for safekeeping, and soon release the Sherabi!"

"I think it's quite possible that the first Poké Ball can really bind Sherabi? That's a divine beast! "

"You must know that the stronger the Pokémon, ordinary Pokéballs cannot accommodate it at all, and the probability of capturing them is extremely low!"

"Not to mention that it's a divine beast!!"

"Listening to you say that, it seems to be true..."

Not far away, Ron also had a little anger in his eyes.

Those scraps of Team Rocket!

Then he turned to look at Dr. Ohki and asked:

"Ohki, it should be the first!"

Dr. Ohki was silent for a moment, looking at the first option, only shaking his head slightly.

"If it's the first, first rule it out..."


Ron suddenly became a little surprised.

His face was full of doubts.

Some do not understand, why exclude the 1st in the first place?

You know, the probability of Pokéball catching Pokémon is not high!

Not to mention a divine beast in full state!

The chances are even lower than winning the lottery.

Why would this be ruled out in the first place?

Dr. Ohki saw Ron's doubts and slowly exhaled before he opened his mouth to explain

"He is not a fool, naturally he does not use ordinary Poké balls..."

"His kind of Pokeball, I once saw in ancient books, adding an evil substance to the Pokeball can change the Pokeball to reach a ninety percent capture rate!"

"Even if it is a divine beast, after encountering that evil substance, it will be awakened to the deepest evil in its heart, and finally obey the master of the Pokémon Ball!"

"This is the most perverted part of this ball!"

"Theoretically, as long as it is captured into this spirit ball, even if it is a divine beast, it will be contaminated by the substances in it!"

Ever since Dr. Ohki is back in his own time.

As soon as I have time, I will look up the records about this....

I finally found it in an ancient book!

Evil substance!

Polluted pure Pokémon!

Awaken the deepest evil in your heart!

When Dr. Ron heard this, his eyes were also a little shocked.

As a study of the existence of Pokémon genes, I did not pay too much attention to these things.

Now, after hearing it, Dr. Ron finally understood.

That Bishas is ready!!

There was silence for a long time before he slowly spoke:

"It seems that it should be selected in the second and last option!"

At this moment, Dr. Ohki spoke again:

"No, it's the second one!!"

The faint voice fell.

Originally, Dr. Ron, who was still a little emotional.

At this moment, it is like suffering a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

His eyes were full of disbelief, and even because the reaction was too intense, his voice became a little lost:


"How could it be the second!!"

Dr. Ohki's eyes were a little embarrassed.

Looking at the broadcast screen, a flash of remembrance flashed in my eyes:

"But it really is..."

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