Ron looked at Ohki blankly, looking at his serious appearance, knowing that Dr. Ohki was not joking.

It is even more impossible to joke on such occasions!

I opened my mouth, but I didn't know what to say....

His eyes were full of incredulity.

No matter how Ash is strengthened, it is also the existence of easily defeating elite-level trainers!

Not to mention reaching the level of a heavenly king, there should be a threshold for barely touching a quasi-heavenly king....

But why?

It will become the third option!

Looking at the teenager in the video, Ron clenched his fists even more.

Unknowingly, he had already recognized Ash.

Even... Looking forward to where he can go in the future!

How far can the potential of that Pikachu be tapped?!


There is also anticipation in my heart.

Want to see him and Pikachu at the pinnacle!

How amazing should that be?

And how heart-shaking it will be!

But now he told him that the answer would be to be trampled under the feet of that Bishas?

Ron couldn't accept that.

In that boy's body, he saw too much.

The same fanaticism as yourself, that love from the heart!

It also deeply shocked his heart....

How could he be defeated?

Especially this vile rocket team!

With that in mind.

Ron seemed to think of something and opened his mouth.

Vaguely, it seems that something was guessed.

Looking at Dr. Ohki next to him, he was silent for a long time, but in the end he didn't ask.

He knows.

Even if he asked, Dr. Ohki would not tell him!

Because at this moment, Dr. Ohki, with a strong reminiscence in his eyes, and a touch of... Expect?


Team Rockets, in the conference room.

As the video plays, there is also an answer session.

The cadres of the rocket team who were still in the conference room suddenly boiled!

Dominau: This... Actually appeared in the Q&A session again?

Dr. Nanbo: yes, I don't know which lucky ones will be rewarded this time....

Bishas: Of course the one who chooses me will be rewarded!

Frindo: Don't daydream here, you must know Ash's strength, that is to defeat the elite trainer, although he is only ten years old, his strength is definitely not to be underestimated!

Dr. Fuji: yes, Ash is really strong, Ohki... Is this your choice, but no matter how strong it is, how can it be comparable to artificial divine beasts?

Bishas: @富林多你这个混蛋!!

This is the moment.

On an island, in a secret laboratory.

Dr. Fuji looked up at the sky.

The World God List also appears above....

Looking at the boy named Ash in the air.

There was indeed a little sigh in his eyes, oh wood....

Are you reluctant to explore with me on Pokémon genetics because of this teenager's influence?

Dr. Fuji sighed slightly.

He admitted.

That boy called Ash, his talent is unique!

Of course, not only his talent, but also his love for Pokémon...

Perhaps in the future, it will stimulate the fetters hidden in the genes.

But that's only the best scenario.

Dr. Fuji and Dr. Ohki had predicted.

In most Pokémon's bodies, there is more or less the power of bonds!

A certain level of bonding between Pokémon and trainers will trigger evolution and gain more power!

Even according to their inferences.

Some Pokémon and trainers can even gain unique powers!

But that probability is only one in 100,000!

He admitted that the boy named Ash was very strong.

I also love Pokémon.

But... How can the fetters that only exist in theory and evolution appear?

And, even if it appears.

Could it be that he could still fight his own artificial divine beast?

Come to think of this.

A flash of fanaticism flashed in Dr. Fuji's eyes.

Look at the purple Pokémon located in the vessel not far away.

Although he has not yet awakened, he can detect a huge amount of power!

That's the result of your own!

Based on the fantasy gene, the strongest artificial divine beast!

This will be the progress of mankind across history!

A flash of embarrassment flashed in Fuji's eyes, but alas.

Ohki was adamantly opposed at first.

Dr. Fuji just left, and finally met Sakaki, provided huge funds and experimental materials, and finally got the results now!

Dr. Fuji took a deep breath.

There is a touch of fanaticism and excitement in the eyes!

This Pokémon will soon ... Awakening soon!!

Inside the conference room.

Bishasfulindo is still fighting.

After Duo Mino saw these two living treasures again, he was a little helpless for a while.

Domino: Don't argue, maybe you will choose one of us, let's discuss the answer first!!

Flindo: Bastard Bishas!!

Bishas: Bastard Flindo!!

Look at the appearance of these two people falling in love and killing each other.

Dominuo's face was even more helpless.

As for Dr. Nanba and Dr. Fuji, the two began to discuss scientific research.

For a while, Dominor felt a little big-headed.

There is a feeling that a group of pig teammates can't be brought by themselves at all!

At this moment, there was one more person in the conference room!

[Nazi joins the meeting room! ] 】

With this prompt, it sounds.

Soon, under the surprised gaze of Dominor.

Nazi finally appeared!

Nazi: Why did you hear these two arguing as soon as you came in? Really, not for a moment!

Domino: Yes, yes, simply, these two can't meet at all, they have to quarrel together!

Nazi: Yo, Xiaoduo, come so early!

Domino: I don't have any tasks, so I came quickly, why did it take so long for you to come?

Nazi: Speaking of this, I feel a little speechless, there is a rookie trainer who has been challenging the dojo, so that I can't get out!

Nazi: Especially after seeing the video broadcast, I felt even more helpless, obviously they are the same age, the gap between that person and Ash is too big!

Domino: That's how it is, it's been so long... But then again, there are really very few people like Ash!

Nazi: Yes, I was a little curious about that teenager, and I was a little impressed by the love of Pokémon so much!

When Duo Mino heard this, he suddenly became a little excited.

Finally found my own fandom!

Dominau: Wow, which option do you think would be?

Nazi: I guess, option A should not be possible, but there is something in the dark ball of the Bishas guy, then it should be B!

Dominau: Hahahaha, I think it's a bit like the last option, after all, those newcomers are really interesting!

While the two were still discussing, the right to choose the World God List was officially issued!

Two light clusters suddenly appeared in front of Nazi Domino!

Dominau: Oh my God, I actually got the choice!

Nazi: I have it too?

As the two spoke up, it suddenly made Bishas Frindo, who was still arguing, stop, including the two doctors who were still discussing artificial divine beasts!

FLINDO: What? Domino, you actually got it?

Dominor: Yes, there are some surprises, hehe, Nazi, let's choose an option!

Nazi: That's exactly what I mean!

Meanwhile, on the other side.

True New Town.

Ron still hadn't looked back.

At this moment, the light mass suddenly appeared!

Finally stop in front of him!

At this time, Ron was completely stunned.

Dr. Ohki next to him looked a little surprised:

"Ron, you've been chosen!!"

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