Ash watched as several props appeared on his hand.

His face couldn't help but be stunned.

A green fruit.

A red gemstone.

A strange device.

[Body of Divine Beast]: After taking this fruit, it will increase the favor of strange elves by 50%, greatly improve physical fitness, and be able to perceive Pokémon's emotions and certain thoughts!

[Future Gift]: After using this item, the user's Pokémon companion peak state projection will be randomly summoned, with eighty percent of the strength of the main body, and the existence time is three minutes! Cooldown for a month! (Persistent items, if used as disposable items, will have an unknown effect!) )

[Experience Gainer]: Pokémon stay within one meter and will continue to gain a small amount of experience, with a very low chance of comprehending skills! Unhatched Pokémon eggs stay in range, which can speed up the hatching time and increase the sprite base!

With three props appearing in hand.

Ash looked at the introduction on the prop stunned.

Although it's still a little bit incomprehensible.

But it feels amazing!

At this moment, Dr. Ohki and Ron, who were not far away, also came to Ash's side.

When they saw the prop introduction, both of them couldn't help but be shocked at this moment, and their faces were full of shock!

All Pokémon goodies! Listen to Pokémon!

Randomly summon future Pokémon projections!

A device that allows you to gain experience while lying down!

No matter what kind of reward, if it is exposed, it will cause the world to shake!

Ron's breathing became rapid at the moment, looking at the various rewards Ash received.

The rich ones are simply out of the ordinary.

The heart became more determined at this moment.

It's absolutely right to give that elf egg to Ash to cultivate!

Ash is still a little ignorant and doesn't quite understand the role of these props.

After Dr. Ohki's explanation.

Ash's eyes couldn't help but feel a shock.

Dr. Ohki's expression became more solemn than ever, looked at Ash in front of him, and said solemnly:

"This divine beast fruit, eat it now!"

Ash looked at Dr. Ohki's solemn expression.

Although I don't know why, I still listened to Dr. Ohki's words and ate the green fruit.

The mouth is a little sweet with a cold feeling.

Soon, Ash felt the changes in his body.

A very wonderful power that circulates in the body and becomes warm.

Dr. Ohki and Dr. Ron were both a little nervous at the moment, staring at him closely to see what changes in their bodies.

After a long time, that feeling disappeared.

Ash felt that he had become a little different.

The body has an endless strength.

And it seems that he can detect the thoughts of Pokémon!

Able to partially communicate with Pokémon!

At this moment, Dr. Ohki asked with some curiosity

"Ash, how is it now?"

Ash scratched his head and smiled a little awkwardly:

"Like, there is endless strength?"

"Then, with a warm look, something just seemed to have awakened!"

"By the way, Pikachu has also become a little strange!"

When the words fell, Ash looked at Pikachu beside him, and a little stunned appeared in his eyes:


"You feel a Pokémon-like aura from me?"

The voice fell.

Ash was also stunned.

Looking at Pikachu in front of him, after a moment, he reacted and muttered:

"Can I actually hear Pikachu?"

Dr. Ohki beside him, Ron quickly understood.

The fruit that Ash ate gave him some of the strange abilities similar to Pokémon!


In Pikachu's perception, Ash's breath becomes like a Pokémon.

There was a frenzy in Dr. Ohki's eyes, full of incredulity!

Ron didn't study this piece, so naturally he was a little puzzled and asked:

"What's wrong, Ohki?"

Dr. Ohki shook his head, the excitement in his eyes couldn't be stopped, and he took a deep breath before he could barely calm down and said

"Do you know what that means?"

"Being able to clearly feel the thoughts of Pokémon means that Ash and his own Pokémon can have a more tacit cooperation, reducing the difficulty of improving bonds!"

"Increase the favor of strange elves by 50%, and can also perceive thoughts, even an ordinary person, with this ability, can be upgraded to the elite level in a short time!"

"Not to mention Ash..."

Speaking of the following, Dr. Ohki did not continue.

But at this moment, how could Ron not be clear?

Not to mention Ash's love for Pokémon!

That is to say.

Ash is a perfect match for this prop!

Dr. Ohki paused for a moment, looked at the blue gem, and continued to speak:

"Able to summon the peak state of any Pokémon in the user's life!"

"What an unheard of prop!"

Ron came back to his senses at this moment, looked at the props in Ash's hand, and couldn't help but mutter


"This reward... It's amazing! "

"If according to this statement, summoning the projection of future Pokémon, doesn't it mean that it contains the power of space-time and space?"

Dr. Ohki nodded, and a touch of embarrassment appeared in his eyes:

"Ash, you've really got a few incredible items..."

"The rewards of this World God List are really rich!"

Dr. Ron was also sincerely happy for Ash, and said with a smile

"These props can make you a Pokémon master quickly!"

"Especially the last props, lying at home can also become stronger!"

After listening to it, Ash was not very happy.

Just shook his head and said seriously

"Doctor, it's impossible to become a Pokémon Master while lying at home!"

"Moreover, on the way to becoming a Pokémon Master, there are still many landscapes and stories waiting for Pikachu and I to explore!"

At the end, look at Pikachu beside him.

Stretched out his fist.

Pikachu was stunned for a moment, and finally nodded heavily.

A large and a small fist collided together.

Ron looked at this scene and couldn't help but be a little stunned.

But Dr. Ohki, who was next to him, couldn't help but smile.

After Xiao Mao saw it, he just whispered:

"The scenery during the trip..."

At this moment, Dr. Ohki's communicator beeped.

It was discovered that it was Kikuko's call.

After telling Ash not to fully expose what he got, he finally left the place with Ron.

With Dr. Ohki leaving.

The surrounding crowd soon poured in.

"God, Ash, it's really powerful, in the future, you have just stepped into the journey, and you have the strength to surpass the elite trainer!"

"You are the pride of our true new town!!"

"I really didn't expect that Xiao Zhi would actually become a god beast relationship in the future, it's really amazing!!"

"Yes, it is because of Ash that we know that Sherabi actually has a race!"

"The relationship that won't be counted later is still Ash, right?"

"Hahaha, although I also want to, but it's really unlikely, it's already great to be friends with two divine beasts!"

Listening to the discussion of the people around him, Ash said a little embarrassed

"I'm just lucky!"

At this moment, a voice appeared in the crowd.

"Ash, what props did you get this time?"

"Yes, I'm also curious and tight!"

"Will it be some kind of powerful prop?"

After hearing people's questions, Ash finally looked at the mantle rock not far away.

Finally walked towards the place, in the situation that people were a little confused.

Ash picked up the mantle rock, and his face was full of ease.

People around are seeing this behind.

Suddenly completely dumbfounded!

Mantle Rock!

You know, the weight is hundreds of kilograms!

Ash actually lifted up so easily?

Although the human physical fitness of the elven world is generally stronger, but

It still can't be so outrageous!

Easily lift a hundred kilograms of Pokémon!

And it's easy!

After Ash put it down, he looked at everyone who was a little dumbfounded and scratched his head.

Finally, take out that peculiar device.

【Experience Gainer】!

People around me lean their heads to see the introduction of the props.

Soon, completely stupid in place!

As long as Pokémon stay by this device, they can continue to gain experience and even awaken skills!

In other words, as long as you stay in this device long enough, the Pokémon really keep getting stronger!!

At this moment, looking at Ash, who was still smiling not far away, and such an explosive prop.

People's emotions completely exploded!

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