"Go to the nest, Ash is so terrifying, has he been secretly exercising all the time?"

"You are stupid, it must be the prop that Ash just obtained, this [Experience Acquirer] is really too perverted!"

"Hey, as long as you stay with this device, you can continue to gain a small amount of experience?"

"But as mentioned above, it is a small amount of experience, and that experience should not be very much!"

"Yes, I see that the awakening skill he mentioned above is also a small probability that it may comprehend the skill, so this prop is actually not as strong as imagined!"

"Yes, it should be like this!"

The surrounding crowd is still discussing.

And Ash's attention was all focused on Pikachu.

At this time, he looked a little shocked and a little incredible:

"You mean, just comprehended a new skill?"

As Ash's voice fell.

Pikachu beside Ash nodded, and a touch of excitement obviously appeared in his eyes!

Just now, I suddenly realized a new skill.

And I feel that I have become a little stronger, it should be upgraded!

After getting Pikachu's answer, Ash nodded and finally spoke

"So can you show it now?"

Pikachu nodded again.

Under the somewhat stunned gaze of everyone.

Ash asked, and Pikachu nodded.

For a while, I was a little confused.

But in the next moment, with Ash's consent, Pikachu finally showed the new skill he had just comprehended!

A flash of electricity!

With the activation of the ability, Pikachu suddenly turned into an electric light.

Rush towards the mound not far away.

With a bang.

Suddenly, debris flew up!

The people around who were originally a little confused were completely dumbfounded after seeing this scene.

Full is incredible!

Pikachu actually learned to flash electricity?

To know.

This Pikachu was just handed out today!

As a newcomer, the Pokémon received is impossible to have such a skill as an electric flash.

Then there is only one possibility, really because of this prop, Pikachu learned to flash light!

Although for now.

Pikachu uses it to a very weak effect.

It should be related to his rank!

But the Pokémon of the rookie trainer, learning the skill of electric flash, is very shocking!

Most importantly,

Is there really no fighting, and after a while, Pikachu can automatically comprehend skills?

As long as you stay for a while, you will be able to comprehend the skills and become stronger!

At this moment, the audience fell into silence.

After Ash saw Pikachu use his skills, his eyes couldn't help but flash with excitement and excitement:

"Well done, Pikachu!!"

Pikachu also looked a little incredible after using his own skills.

After hearing Ash's voice, he was visibly encouraged:

"Pickup Pickup!"

Until now, the surrounding crowd was completely boiling.

"Oh my God, is this the skill that came out of that prop? A flash of electricity! "

"Hey, you know, I flashed light, but after having a Pokémon, it took months to comprehend it!"

"No, won't you? This is simply outrageous, that device can actually comprehend skills, without any combat!! "

"Hey, if only this device could be popularized, then it would be able to be presumptuous!"

Not far away, Xiao Mao had a panoramic view of all this.

Taking a deep breath, he understood.

The gap between Ash and himself is being made up by him little by little!

In just a moment, I comprehended a new skill, and the electric light flashed?

It's really a terrifying prop!

If you don't work hard, I'm afraid you will soon be thrown off by Ash!

Thinking of this, the sense of crisis in Xiao Mao's heart became even stronger.


After a simple exchange.

Dr. Ohki knew that the Alliance had sent forces to help.

The Dan Emperor and the Royal Dragon Du, as the vanguard forces, will arrive first!

Dr. Ohki nodded, and after learning about the current situation, his tone also became a little solemn:

"It seems that due to the emergence of the World God List, those evil organizations have also begun to become less peaceful!"

Kikuko Kikuko's tone was a little embarrassed:

"Yes, I want to take advantage of this chaos to test the bottom line of the alliance!"

In the end, a chill couldn't help but flash in his eyes:

"Of course, it will cost them all!"

Dr. Ohki muttered

"Looks like I have to prepare in advance..."

When Mother-in-law Kikuko heard this, she couldn't help but look slightly sideways, looking at Dr. Ohki in the picture, her eyes fluctuated slightly.

But it quickly returned to normal, and it seemed to be deliberately changing the subject:

"Ash, how was the reward he received?"

Dr. Ohki raised his cheeks for a moment before nodding heavily!

"Well, Ash's reward is more generous than I thought..."

Soon, through Dr. Ohki's description, the people of the alliance also learned about two props!

[Body of the Divine Beast]!

【Experience Gainer】!

As for one prop, Dr. Ohki didn't say anything in the end.

It can also be regarded as a hidden hole card for Ash!

In some cases, it may be able to play a key role.

But even these two things, when Mother-in-law Juzi and others on the other end of the phone learned about it, they were extremely shocked!

Elf Alliance meeting room.

With Dr. Ohki's description.

For a time, it also set off terrifying waves!

Can sense the emotions of Pokémon!

And a 50% good impression of strange Pokémon!

Each one is so shocking.

And the [Experience Gainer] is even more terrifying.

As long as Pokémon are with you, they can continue to upgrade and become stronger!

Even, even skills have a chance to awaken and comprehend!

Even Daigo, who is known as the calmest, is a little shocked at the moment after learning about the props obtained by Ash, and it takes a long time to calm down!

Hiba even exclaimed directly: "How is it possible to gain experience unconditionally and comprehend skills?" "

Hiba blurted out even more at this moment.

You must know that Pokémon themselves grow alone and are extremely slow, which is why the profession of trainer was born!

Pokémon trainer, as the name suggests, is to train Pokémon and make a training plan!

That is, want to become stronger.

Then you have to train, you have to fight....

It is impossible to become stronger and comprehend skills while lying at home!

And now, with the advent of this prop.

Lying win, a word that is often ridiculed in trainers' chats, actually appeared in reality!

You can also get stronger while lying down!

Can constantly upgrade and awaken skills!

Completely made everyone present not calm.

Shirona's beautiful eyes were even more curious.

She was suddenly a little curious, after the teenager got this prop

How exactly will he use it?

Because Hirona always felt that the teenager seemed to be different....

It's not like the trainer who will get this item and abandon the Pokémon training!

The other Heavenly Kings had different expressions.

Mother-in-law Kikuko noticed a dot and spoke with some doubt:

"Doesn't it mean that the [Divine Beast Body] can sense certain thoughts and emotions?"

"But why does he seem to be able to talk directly?"

Dr. Ohki nodded, and then continued

"That's what I'm going to say too!"

"According to my observations, the rewards of the World God List are not only covered, but increased on the basis of the original!"

"In other words, Ash is different from others!"

"That's why after receiving this reward, he could only perceive certain thoughts and emotions, but he awakened the ability to hear the voice of Pokémon's heart..."

Wait until Dr. Ohki finishes speaking.

The kings at the end of the video no longer know how to express their inner shock.

Originally, they thought that the reward they received in the answer session was already very magical.

But I didn't expect that the reward that Ash got would be so rich...!

Mother-in-law Juzi nodded, and finally said with some emotion:

"I don't know how far that kid can go...!"

Dr. Ohki smiled lightly:

"Perhaps... It's further than we thought! "

Mother-in-law Juzi couldn't help but be a little shocked for a while.

After a moment, he came back to his senses:

"I didn't expect that the rewards for the inventory were so rich, just the chapter of the divine beast, there can be so many rewards?"

"Then the chapters that continue to be played later, I am afraid that the rewards obtained by the inventory objects cannot be less, or even richer!"

At this time, there was a pause before he continued to speak

"Damu, what do you think will be the next inventory of the World God List?"

Dr. Ohki just smiled.

After a moment of silence, he said softly

"Perhaps... As mentioned at the beginning, this is just one of the divine beasts that Ash knows, what about the Sherabi chapter? "

The words fell, and the audience fell silent.

Dr. Ohki did not specify.

But the meaning is also clear.

In his mind, the next video will still be Ash!

And it's also other mythical beast chapters!!

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