True new town is not far away.

The Internet celebrity trainer who just got out of the taxi is greedy for the fresh air he breathes.

At this moment, I can't help but sigh:

"This place is really remote!"

Due to the speed of the planes, the two areas are not far apart.

The first time I arrived in the nearby city, I rented a taxi!

Spend several times the price and let the driver race to the real new town!

In order to see Ash and Dr. Ohki as soon as possible!

After all, they are now synonymous with traffic!

Thinking of this, the eyes of the Internet celebrity trainer couldn't help but become fanatical.

Open the live broadcast room, look at the Zhenxin Town plaque in front of you, and can't help but complain:

"This town doesn't seem to be very rich!"

For a time, the comments in the live broadcast room rolled in!

"My God, anchor, you really arrived in Zhenxin Town, really a speed faction, it's only been tens of minutes before and after!!"

"Good guy, I'll call it a good guy, just do it, right? The anchor's execution is really amazing! "

"You didn't see it, but I watched the anchor take the express train all the way, and the express plane arrived!"

"Hey, traffic and wealth are really reserved for people who work hard and have the ability to execute, the anchor is too ruthless!"

"Aaaaa I can't wait to watch it, the anchor is going!! "

"But then again, the location of this real new town does seem to be a bit remote, but I didn't expect that the top trainers are all from this place..."

"It seems that the remoteness of a region is not linked to the excellence of the individual!"

The Internet celebrity trainer cleared his throat before speaking:

"Yes, and as far as I know, today seems to be the annual distribution of Pokémon in True New Town to let rookie trainers embark on a journey!"

"So today Ash and Dr. Ohki, they must be in town!!"

When the words fell, the live broadcast room suddenly boiled.

"Oh my God, Ash and Dr. Ohki are really in this town, Ash and Yukisei, through 40 years of bonds, I really want to see!!"

"Me too!!"

"Ah, ah, Ash is also a rookie trainer in the video, but with such strong strength, then he must be strong now!"

"It must be so!"

"Don't get your hopes up too much, for a rookie trainer who has just received a Pokémon, some don't even know what the skill is called!"

"Yes, Ash's excellence is something we all witness, but I don't think his cooperation with Pokémon will be strong now!"

With the reasoned analysis that followed.

The people in the live broadcast room immediately sobered up!


Ash just received Pokémon today!

It was even a few hours away.

Can this be very powerful?

Apparently not!

The rookie trainer who has just received a Pokémon, if he can achieve tacit cooperation, he can be regarded as extremely talented!

As for using some other skills?

That's just wishful thinking!

Of course, remove some good Pokémon and trainers.

In the beginning, there will be some simple beginner skills!

Such as tearing and biting, etc.!

Internet celebrity trainers have seen their live streaming numbers skyrocket.

A smile also appeared on his face, and then he strode towards Zhenxin Town!

I'm going to see Ash soon!


Meanwhile, Ash on the other side.

Ash looked at his Pikachu, and his eyes couldn't help but appear stunned, and he repeated in disbelief:

"You said you comprehended the skill again?"

"The name is Iron Tail!"

At the moment, Ash was a little messy in the wind.

Pulled out a strange device from his pocket.

I couldn't help but fall silent.

It is indeed written above that there is a small chance to awaken the skill!

But why, just for a while, Pikachu awakened skills one after another?

Moreover, he can talk directly to Pikachu.

It also saves Ash a lot of things!

After a moment of silence, Ash couldn't help but become hot in his heart after learning about Pikachu's awakening skill.

After all, he was a ten-year-old kid who had just got a Pokémon.

I awakened my skills and naturally wanted to give it a try!

The people around were a little shaken.

What the?

Awaken skills again!

For a while, people were a little numb.

Around Ash, he even felt a little numb.

After learning that Ash wanted to test, he quickly vacated a vacant lot.

And a huge stone was shipped!

A group of people surrounded Ash and Pikachu.

At this time, the eyes are even more fiery!

Right at this moment.

Ash hears Pikachu's voice.

His face couldn't help but be stunned.

The whole person was stunned in place.

Xiao Mao next to him was a little worried, looked at Xiao Zhi in front of him, and asked with concern:

"What's wrong? Ash, is there something wrong? "

Ash shook his head, and then said a little ignorantly

Pikachu said he was like... Upgraded? "

The voice fell.

Xiao Mao suddenly had black lines all over his head.

Looking at Xiao Zhi in front of him, he looked stupid, and even had the urge to punch him away!

To care about you? The result is this death!

Xiao Mao suddenly felt a little stuffed in his heart.

I worked hard a lot in advance, and I memorized a lot of knowledge in places where no one saw it.

And Ash?

He didn't like boring academic knowledge.

I like Pokémon battles even more.

So indulge in Pokémon battle live on TV!

But it is precisely because of this that Xiao Mao and Xiao Zhi have opened a certain gap.

But now.

Ash's Pokémon break through one after another?

For a while, I felt a little stuffed!

The surrounding crowd suddenly began to shake at this moment.

After learning that Ash's Pokémon had been upgraded again, it completely exploded for a while!

"Oh my God, is it so easy to upgrade Pokémon? Ash and his Pokémon are too strong..."

"No, I feel that the prop is too strong and the effect is so top?"

"Envy, if only I had that prop too!"

"No, I feel that it still has something to do with Ash and his Pikachu, and I heard that the comprehension of skills is closely related to the talent of Pokémon!"

"Yes, I've heard this theory too..."

"But he's upgraded again..."

Especially seeing Ash's face full of cuteness, the same few rookie trainers who stepped into the journey today, they only felt a little stuffed in their hearts.

Why is there such a big gap between people and people?


Wait until you get out of the forest.

The three of Musashi Kojiro soon discovered the town not far away.

As a person who comes to spy on intelligence, the tools must be brought with you!

Pulling out a somewhat dusty telescope, Kojiro looked at Mashin Town not far away after debugging!

Soon, I noticed a piece of Wuyang.

Kojiro's eyes couldn't help but flash a hint of doubt, and he muttered:

"Why are all the people over there fenced?"

Meow Meow was a little speechless, and subconsciously said:

"It must be around Ash!"

"It should be time to reward props..."

Musashi also urged next to him:

"Okay, okay, you quickly find the target person!"

Kojiro shook his head, squinted at that, and after debugging, quickly saw the scene!

It was a group of people surrounding a boulder.

Ash and Pikachu stood in front of them.

Seem... It's ready to smash that stone!

Kojiro couldn't help but exclaim for a while: "What the hell? "

"What is he doing?!"

As Kojiro's words fell.

Musashi Mew suddenly became extremely curious.

Stretched his head and squeezed over :

"What, I want to see it too!"

"Get out of the way for me both, Meow!"


After stepping into Zhenxin Town.

The influencer trainer walked for a while.

It was found that there was no one in the town.

For a while, I couldn't help but be a little curious and scratching my head:

"You say, where have Ash and those people gone?"

Just then, he noticed a barrage on the screen.

"Anchor anchor, look at your diagonal front, there seems to be movement!!"

That's just such a reminder.

There are many similar news.

All for a while it was all brushed.

Internet celebrity trainers couldn't help but be a little puzzled.

Looking up not far away, I was immediately shocked.

The crowd was all crowded in that place.

For a while, like a shark smelling blood, his eyes burst with essence.

Ash must be in that place!

And, it seems, there are other reasons?

Without hesitation, rushed towards the place.

Could it be that something happened?

The audience in the live broadcast room was also completely boiling.

"Ash, it's finally time to meet the man who exists on the screen!!"

"Hey, it doesn't seem right, we are watching the screen of the World God List, and now we are watching the screen of the live broadcast..."

"No matter how many people, why are the people over there so lively, is it a fight?"

"Oh my God, look, it's Ash!!"

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