Meanwhile, the other side.

An island in the sea, inside the laboratory.

Sakaki looked at the Pokémon in front of him, the terrifying coercion on his body.

When those glass Petri dishes shattered, the sky and the earth changed!

At this moment, the dark clouds on the isolated island are thick, and thunder roars in it.

The waves are gushing and the sound is endless.

It's like the end times have come!

Whether it was Sakaki, Dr. Fuji around him, and those white-clothed researchers.

At this moment, his expression turned into extreme excitement.

"Great, we made it!!"

"Based on the rarest Pokémon, a brand new Pokémon created by us, Mewtwo!"

"Great, we really worked it out!"

At this time.

Even many researchers cried out excitedly.

That terrifying power is their best result!!

As for Sakaki, his expression still hasn't changed much.

But at this moment, his heart set off terrifying waves!

If this power is used for yourself, it is whether it is the reward of capturing Sherabi or plundering the Ash World God List.

It's as easy as finding something!

Travel through time and space to change history,

And also... Conquer the world!


At the same time, Heavenly Sacred Mountain.

King Feng looked up at the sky.

As the video ended, Ash's figure disappeared.

King Feng actually felt a small loss in his heart.

That teenager... It's really different.

After reading the entire Sherabi chapter.

At this time, King Feng was looking forward to it in his heart.

In the future, will he meet that teenager again?


King Feng is not very clear!

After all, if there is no World God List, how can I meet him in this vast sea of people?

But it's not impossible.

Just when my mind was full of thoughts, I seemed to perceive something.

Raise your head, on the plane tree at the top of the mountain, and look at the other end of the sea.

I couldn't help frowning slightly.

Is that... What power?

It was a power that he had never perceived, and after a long silence, there was a little ominousness in his heart.

Just a quiet gaze.


True New Town.

Ash after Pikachu adjusts to good shape.

One person and one Pokémon looked at the boulder in front of him.

There are stones two meters high!

For a while, I couldn't help but feel a little emotion.

But then, the eyes became extremely determined!

Glancing at Pikachu, he said softly

"It's going to go, Pikachu!"

Pikachu was full of energy at this time, and his body flashed with yellow electric arcs.

It's even the response of pickup pickups, Ash!

One person and one Pokémon are full of war at this moment.

This is their first imaginary enemy!

And there are so many people and Pokémon around.

Ash picked up his spirits, adjusted his breathing, and finally gave the order:

"Pikachu, use the Iron Tail!!"

Pikachu ran quickly, his tail gathered a little fluorescence, and finally quickly bloomed.

Turn into a black iron tail!

Make a beautiful arc in the air.

Finally slammed into the boulder!


A dull sound appeared.

Under everyone's gaze, the huge stone appeared a slight crack.

At this moment, everyone was completely stunned!

Including Xiao Mao beside him, his eyes were full of surprise.


It's only been a long time.

Ash's Pikachu is already so strong!

The cooperation between the trainer and the Pokémon is not too jerky.

This blow can only be said to be extremely beautiful!

The rookie trainers not far away were behind the scene.

I was even more shocked!

The eyes are full of incredulity.

On what basis?

All are rookie trainers, all are Pokémon that have just been received.

Why is yours so strong!

At the moment, it is full of envy.

But Xiao Zhi, who was in the focus of the audience, frowned slightly.

The blow just now, you can do better!

That's what Ash thinks in his heart.

After entering combat mode.

He didn't care about anyone's eyes, but adjusted his breathing again and watched Pikachu stabilize his figure.

Finally give the order again:

"That's the time, Pikachu, use an electric flash, and then use Iron Tail!!"

Pikachu after hearing Ash's words.

Without hesitation, the body that was originally shocked began to run quickly.

The power in the body turned into a little thunder light, and yellow electric arcs surrounded the body.

And it's constantly expanding!

Compared with the previous flash of electricity, there is already a clear yellow lightning!

Not only the enhancement of strength, but also the understanding of skills!

With a leap of momentum, the black tail flashed a cold glow and smashed heavily on that boulder!


With a dull voice sounded.

The field was suddenly filled with smoke.


Click, click, click!

Silent venue, this crisp sound.

It is so clear to everyone's ears!

In the next moment, the boulder exploded suddenly!

Bang bang!

Countless rubble splashes.

Fortunately, there were preparations beforehand, and many large Pokémon blocked the rubble.

But there are still some gravel flying in the direction of Ash and Pikachu!

This change was too sudden!

Even Xiao Mao next to him couldn't react.

Not even the Pokémon have been released yet.

A flash of panic flashed in his eyes: "Ash!! "

Just finished the call, Dr. Ohki and Dr. Ron walked over.

When I saw this scene, I became extremely alarmed!

There are also Internet celebrity trainers who have already raised their cameras and are a little stunned.

At this time, their eyes widened.

For a while, my heart hung up!


This is the only thought that comes to everyone's mind.

Even the viewers who just watched the live broadcast were completely silent at the moment, also breathing.

Don't... Ash and Pikachu going to get hurt?

Ash stared closely at Pikachu not far away.

Feeling the voice coming out of his heart, he nodded slightly and said softly

"Okay, then use that trick!!"

"Grid !!"

With the moment Ash's words fell.

Pikachu twisted the figure that had just fallen, and the yellow electric light on his body began to twist continuously, making a moisturizing sound!

At some point when the limit is reached.

From the tail, a yellow power grid suddenly flung out!

Absolute defense!!

Those boulders that flew over landed on the net.

Suddenly there is a sizzling sound!

But in the end, he fell to the ground!

At this moment, there was silence.

Some are just the sound of stones falling to the ground and colliding.

When Ash saw this scene, he was also relieved and muttered:

"It worked!"

At this time, Ash was very excited.

Directly rushed over, hugged Pikachu, and even began to circle in circles.

Pikachu is clearly a little uncomfortable.

Quite humanely, he twisted his head and pushed Ash's face.

But no matter how you look at that look, it is a bit like you want to refuse and welcome back!

"Great, Pikachu, we did it!"

Ash hugged Pikachu and happily spun in circles.

Pikachu pretended to have a face full of indifference.

But the tail behind him kept wagging, stabbing himself in the back!

Until Ash spoke up, the people who had been sluggish for a long time slowly recovered at this moment.

"This... This is really handsome!! "


"Is Ash's strength so strong? Oh my God, can this beat ordinary trainers! "

"This set of combination skills, really handsome to no friends!!"

After the shocked people recovered.

At this time, it is even more completely crazy!

The cooperation between Ash and Pikachu is seamless!

Xiao Mao swallowed his spit after seeing it.

The last trick just now!

He never expected it....

Compared with the previous flashing of electric light and iron tail, it is amazing.

The last trick of the power grid can be described as a stroke of God!

It's not just the cooperation of Ash and Pikachu.

It's their kind of reaction speed!

You know, a moment in the battle may determine the victory or defeat....

Xiao Mao couldn't help but sigh for a while.


Really born to fight!!

Not far away.

Dr. Ohki and Dr. Ron after seeing it.

At this moment, I am also completely frozen!

Dr. Ohki was directly dumbfounded.

Didn't you just make a phone call?

How do you feel, Ash has become so strong!

Dr. Ohki was a little messy in the wind.

But then, it soon resumed.

All this happened to Ash, but it seemed so reasonable!

As for Dr. Ron next to him.

Although I don't know much about Pokémon battles, I am also clear.

Looking at Ash not far away, his eyes were full of appreciation.

Really... Giving the Kabi Beast to him will be the most correct decision for him!

Maybe only he can really show the charm of Pikachu!

Ron looked at Ash not far away, his eyes full of fanaticism!

As for the Internet celebrity trainer not far away, holding the live broadcast equipment.

At this moment, he was completely stunned, looking like he doubted life.

And the netizens in the live broadcast room, after witnessing everything with their own eyes, were stunned for half a minute.

Subsequently, the barrage completely exploded!

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