"Hold the grass, hold the grass, hold the grass, what do I see, what do I see?!"

"Hold the grass, it's too explosive, my scalp is numb when I see it!!"

"Mom asked me why I was kneeling and looking at my phone? Because I'm going to give my knee!! "

“??? Didn't the anchor say that Ash just received a Pokémon today, this he meows, he just received a Pokémon, is a rookie trainer who has just stepped into the journey? "

"Frog fun, it's really terrifying, hey, I'm going to correct my mistake, it's not a rookie trainer who has just stepped into the journey, but a rookie trainer who hasn't yet stepped into the journey, and has just received a Pokémon...!!"

"I have goosebumps, this meow, why is the gap between people and people so big?"

"You see that there seem to be rookie trainers not far away, hahahaha, looking at their little expressions of doubting life, happy..."

"This meow, who looks at who is not confused?"

After a long time.

The Internet celebrity trainer came back to his senses.

There are still some doubts about life.

Is it really the day to hand out Pokémon today?

The operation of Ash just now was extremely silky and smooth.

Although the power of the attack caused is not that great.

However, the tacit cooperation between them, as well as the many skills and even combinations....

Is it really a Pokémon handed out today?

The influencer trainer even wondered if he remembered wrong?

But looking not far away, there were rookie trainers of the ordinary imperial three families.

Immediately understood.

That's right, today is the day to distribute the Imperial Sanjia!

For a while, the Internet celebrity trainer was completely numb.

The influencer trainer is named Dane.

Dane remembered when he had just stepped into a Pokémon journey.

It seems that it took a long time to use the skills so skillfully!


Not even to that extent!

Especially the last trick power grid, you can see it.

It's Ash's reaction speed!

and the degree of cooperation with Pikachu.

Only then can the pen of God, reverse that time!

After returning to his senses.

Dane's expression became extremely excited, and he knew that he had definitely come to the right place this time!

Looking at Ash not far away, there was also a little eagerness in his eyes.

At the moment, where he didn't pay attention.

The data in the background of the live broadcast is soaring at the moment!

Showing a trend of climbing all the way!

50,000 people... 100,000 people... 300,000 people!!


Outside Zhenxin Town, the Rockets trio lying on the cliff to observe.

After seeing this scene, it completely began to boil at this moment!

Musashi's expression was full of incredulity, and he couldn't help but exclaim for a while:

"How is this possible, didn't the information given by Boss Sakaki say that today is the day to distribute Pokémon? Why does that Pikachu have so many skills! "

Kojiro's expression also became full of shock, and after a moment of silence, he slowly spoke:

"I reckon... It's because of the inventory reward issue! "

The words fell, and only then did several people come to their senses.

Musashi's face was full of understanding.

But Meow Meow next to him suddenly opened his mouth to refute:

"No, I obviously saw what Pikachu was just saying, the skill he just learned... Power grid!! "

As the meow voice fell.

Musashi Kojiro couldn't help but look sideways.

Looking at him, I asked with some curiosity:

"You mean... Just learned skills? "

Meow Meow's eyes were full of shock, still staring at Ash and Pikachu in the camera, and muttered:

"That's right... Meow"

"I must be right, Meow!"

"Although I don't know how they communicate, I'm sure Pikachu must have just learned that skill, meow!"

The voice fell.

For a while, Musashi Kojiro and the two were completely dumbfounded.

How is this possible?

A rookie trainer who has just embarked on his journey.

and his Pokémon.

Actually learned so many skills?

And still temporarily acquiring new skills during battle?

This meow... It didn't take long before and after.

After some discussion, a conclusion was quickly reached.

It is suspected to be the role of props or Pikachu's talent!

A flash of joy flashed in the eyes of several people.

Soon the picture recorded by this special telescope was transmitted to the rocket team headquarters!

Meanwhile, the rocket team headquarters.

After getting the information, Matori watched the video and watched Musashi Kojiro and their report.

I was completely frozen for a while!

Pikachu who is never the only talent!

Ash who can understand Pokémon language!!

But now, Boss Sakaki is not on Team Rocket at all.

After a long silence, he sent this video and intelligence to the Rocket Team conference room!

As this video was released to the conference room, for a while, the rocket team cadre conference room completely exploded!!

Domino: If I'm not mistaken, today should be the day when Pokémon are distributed in the Guandu area, right? How could he....

FLINDO: Shhhhh No, what kind of perverted talent does this have to be?

Nazi: That boy... I said yes! The sense of battle and combat talent he has displayed is unique at least among the people I know!

Dr. Nanbo: According to my inference, it should be the increase of some kind of prop, but it does not appear in Pikachu's body, it should not be a skill learning machine, but a talent enhancement....

Domino: But to be able to do this is already very perverted!!

Dr. Nanbo: That's right, that Pikachu, it's really not easy!

Frindo: Ah, that damn guy of Bishas, I don't know where to go now, I wish he saw it all!!


With the crazy increase in the number of people in the live broadcast room.

Someone with a heart has already recorded what just happened.

And soon it was made into a video and began to circulate on the Internet!

True New Town Ash, a rookie trainer, crazy comprehension skills!

A hot keyword appears in the video.

It immediately attracted a lot of traffic!

As the video plays, Ash and Pikachu cooperate tacitly.

And the amazing ability to accumulate power through a flash of electric light, and suddenly burst damage through the iron tail!

Rookie trainers, can do this level!

The most incredible thing is the final stroke of God....

Some people directly asserted that only with a perverted combat talent can they react like this!

The rest can only be accumulated through combat experience.

But Ash hasn't even embarked on the journey yet, and has never owned a Pokémon.

Where will there be experience in responding to contingencies?

Some are just that perverted combat talent to the extreme!

Below the video.

"Zun Du fake du, is this Ash from True New Town? The scalp that showed me was numb, and goosebumps all over my body were up! "

"Although the scene is not so explosive, I don't know why, when I saw Ash fighting, there was always an inexplicable enthusiasm and strength in me..."

"Yes, I also feel this way, he really loves Pokémon, loves Pokémon battles, I want to have a Pokémon battle after watching it!!"

"Wouldn't you? A rookie trainer who has just stepped into the journey, no, who has not yet stepped into the journey, has this strength?? Are you afraid you're not lying to me? "

"It must be a video created by this UP master with special effects, even if Ash is really strong in the video, but he and Pikachu have only become travel partners today!"

"yes, I'm also a fan of Ash! But I think it is still necessary to look at it rationally, this video is made by changing faces! "

"As a VFX editor, I have to say one thing... There is no clip in this video!! "

"Frog fun, frog fun, doesn't that mean... Is this video real? "

"It's really fake, but when I look at this thing, it really doesn't look like the effect of cutting out special effects..."

"I've downloaded it, and I look at it frame by frame, and I really don't see anything wrong!"

"What's so noisy about this, you guys go and watch it, it's still live now!!"


With the quarrel of people in the comment area.

Videos are also getting more and more popular!

Even, most of the trainers who are online for leisure and entertainment have almost seen this news.


Hualan Taokan.

Sakura pointed to her small communicator and covered her mouth, her eyes full of disbelief:

"How is this possible?"

When the words fell, the sisters, including Xiaoxia, all surrounded for a while.

Look at the screen displayed on the communicator!

For the first time, I couldn't help but froze.

It's Ash!

Xiao Xia looked at Xiao Zhi above and couldn't help but be stunned.

Soon, as the video finishes.

A few sisters suddenly became calm!

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