People are getting very excited at the moment.

But at the same time, it also became a little doubtful.

Why... Something seems to be chasing the snow rabbi?

Sherabi's appearance seems a little panicked?


With this scene appeared.

Sakaki gripped the armrest of the throne tightly, and his originally indifferent face was full.

At this moment, his face is even more incredible!

As well as with a ... Extreme craving!

He needs the power of Sherabi, he needs the power to be able to change the past!

Sherabi who he had not found so hard.

Sakaki, who used to go to the temple in the forest to pray, but received no response.


But I also saw the figure of my dreams!


After seeing that, he couldn't control his breathing at this time, and gasped for breath.

Gottly... Get that Sherabi!!

At least Team Rocket's current level of research and being able to reach the level of capturing divine beasts!

But most importantly, they couldn't find Sherabi at all.

What about capture?

Maybe in this video, you can find the slightest clue about Sherabi!


League of Elves.

Daigo looked at the figure above.

A figure that looks like an elf.

It's so dexterous, it's full of deep energy.

It's just that you can clearly see that panic!

Daigo frowned and sighed slightly:

"Sherabi, it seems to be being chased by something!"

When the words fell, the audience was silent.


Sherabi is extremely peculiar.

If it is obtained by people with intentions, they may use this power to do evil and change history!

If it is captured.

I'm afraid the whole history will be altered!

As a result, the hearts of those around them became extremely heavy.

Daigo just shook his head slightly, and then spoke

"But I don't think you need to worry too much..."

"The divine beast relationship of the inventory, I think, more often will be met at this time!!"

"According to common sense, it should be him who saved Sherabi and became friends!"

As Daigo's voice fell.

The expressions of the people around them also became a little surprised.

That's right.

If you continue to say so, then everything makes sense!

Daigo said in a deep voice

"But this is only for now, my personal guess."

"The specific situation will not be known until after the broadcast..."


Dr. Ohki after seeing the towering woods.

And that familiar figure.

But I couldn't help but jump and became a little unbelievable.

Could it really be himself and Ash?

Then he shook his head slightly.

Negated this idea of his own.

Sherabi naturally loves the woods, not necessarily the one he met!

But the more I think so.

The premonition in my heart became stronger.


Ash looked up at the World God List in the air.

I saw the figure that appeared in it....

The green is like an elf-like figure.

It's so small, it looks so cute.

For Pokémon fanatics like Ash, after seeing Sherabi.

I couldn't help but be a little surprised for a while.

and deep affection in the eyes.

It's actually a real divine beast, Sherabi!

Also at this moment, the video starts playing again!

[Sherabi fled quickly in the forest, but several Pokémon surrounded him].

[Every attack is about to fall, and Sherabi is dangerously dangerous, so he dodges].

[Several attacks fell on the body, and the defense was shattered in an instant! ] 】

[Sherabi lay on the ground, her small body trembling uncontrollably].

[When the voice came, the Pokémon hunter appeared, throwing out a strange device].

[The moment the small device was thrown, it turned into a large net with electricity, and Sherabi was extremely sensitive and barely dodged! ] 】

[The Pokémon hunter's expression was even more gloomy, and when he gave the order, several Pokémon chased after him! ] 】

[But the severely injured Sherabi staggered, in this forest, opened his mouth and wailed! ] 】

[The whole forest resounds with the wail of Kirabi at this moment! ] 】

[Pokémon in the forest fell into a panic].

With this scene on the air.

People were completely stunned.

The picture that just appeared is short.

But the amount of information contained is enormous!

Sherabi... Actually being hunted down?!


To be precise, someone wanted to capture him.

Moreover, Sherabi seems to be seriously injured?

With the broadcast of this video, people saw the wailing appearance of Chirabi above, and they were extremely angry for a while!

"Who the hell is this? It's so abominable, actually bullying Sherabi so much! "

"Yes, yes, it's simply bullying the less, and sneaking attack, it's really too despicable!"

"The one just now should be a Pokémon hunter, right?"

"Oh my God, I know that device I just captured, it was a Pokémon Hunter's device decades ago!"

"Doesn't that mean you're playing something from decades ago?"

Just when the people around were talking about it.

Watch the picture play in the sky.

Ash clenched his fists as well.

He is passionate about Pokémon battles, and he also loves Pokémon from the bottom of his heart!

After seeing this scene broadcast in the video.

But there was also some anger.

It's really shameless!

He actually took advantage of the resistance of Sherabi to sneak up on the back!

Not far away, Dr. Ohki saw what was playing out of the video

But in my heart, I also sighed slightly.

At the same time, with a little anticipation.

Until now.

He has basically confirmed.

Myself... An encounter with Ash?

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