Ron stood beside Dr. Ohki and looked up at the World God List, but the picture played in it also shocked him.

Sherabi being hunted down?

You know, Sherabi is a divine beast!

And saw Dr. Ohki's complicated expression.

Ron was vaguely aware that Dr. Ohki might know something.

Immediately some doubts spoke:

"Sherabi... Seems a little weak? "

Dr. Ohki nodded slightly, and then opened his mouth to explain

"Sherabi herself is extremely averse to fighting and is not good at fighting!"

Ron nodded slightly, his eyes still puzzled.

Dr. Ohki was silent for a moment, and finally continued to explain

"As for the divine beast..."

"In fact, many people don't know that the divine beasts actually have their own race..."

"For example, Sherabi, maybe he has an ethnic group, and there are many Sherabi in it!"

"As for the first-level gods and second-level gods we described, they are all divine beasts with some divine positions!"

"For example, Latios Latias of the Water Capital also has its ethnic group, but only the two of them have the priesthood!"

"Divine beasts with divine rank will have some other abilities compared to other divine beasts!"

Hear it here.

Ron couldn't help but widen his eyes.

Although as a Ph.D. in the study of Pokémon genetic engineering, he simply studied the genes of species.

As for these secrets.

It is also only now that we know.

For a while, his face couldn't help but be shocked, and he muttered:

"Then this Sherabi... Just a member of its ethnic group? "

Dr. Ohki's face was complicated and did not answer.

Just look up at the sky.


Meanwhile, the other side.

League of Elves.

Mother-in-law Kikuko also explained to the people around her.

After hearing this, Wataru was also a little surprised for a while:

"There is still such a statement?"

"Divine beasts actually still exist in races?"

Mother-in-law Kikuko nodded.

Then he continued to explain:

"But as Pokémon trainers, most of them are obsessed with improving the strength of Pokémon, so it's normal that you don't know about it!"

"Moreover, this is only a theory that has not yet been published, after all, it is very remarkable for a person to meet a divine beast, how can there be so many examples for people to prove?"

Not far away, Daigo's face also showed a burst of surprise after hearing it.

It seems to notice something.

Finally, I asked with some curiosity:

"Mother-in-law Juzi, how do you know?"

As Daigo asks this question.

A flash of remembrance also flashed in Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes.

That man.

The corners of his mouth unconsciously floated a smile.

There was a little tenderness in his eyes.

That spirited boy Lang, the champion of the original Kando region.

Even if you don't be a trainer.

That's also the most top-notch existence!

But right at this moment.

The screen starts playing again.

[The boy not far away, noticed the fleeing Sherabi, and the two Pokémon chasing].

[Sherabi was suppressed by the flying mantis and let out a cry of pain and sorrow].

[The teenager came to help and successfully rescued Sherabi, and the Pokémon hunter arrived on a motorcycle! ] 】

[In order to save Sherabi, the boy can only hold him and escape in the forest].

[Sherabi activates the ability, travels through time and space, and disappears into this world! ] 】

The video played this time is short.

But it made many people have a strong shock in their eyes.

Dr. Ohki looks at the picture that appears in the video.

Already able to affirm.

This is the time I saw Ash.

The expression changed and changed.

Although I vaguely guessed in the past few days, after really seeing this scene, there was still some shock.

Ron looked at Dr. Ohki, who had been strange since before.

Tilting his head, a little puzzled :

"What's wrong, Ohki?"

"A Sherabi, why are you so excited?"

Dr. Ron only met Dr. Ohki later.

Therefore, I never met Dr. Ohki when I was a child.

Dr. Ohki looked at the video in the sky, but just spoke leisurely:

"That's me."

As the voice fell.

Dr. Ron was completely dumbfounded.

Full of disbelief.

The teenager who appears in the video is actually Dr. Ohki?

This is the moment.

Elven Alliance headquarters.

Mother-in-law Juzi also looked incredulous and stood up directly.

In a quiet meeting room.

The sound of a stool was particularly harsh.

The eyes of the people around are attracted.

Looking at Mother-in-law Kikuko who reacted so much.

For a while, I was a little curious.

There is also a thick puzzlement.

Daigo dragged his chin and looked at Mother-in-law Kikuko not far away, and a trace of thought flashed in his eyes.

Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes were full of excitement.

Look at the person who appears in the video.

With tears in his eyes, he kept muttering to himself:

"It's him."

"It's really him!!"

Once that man, single-handedly overwhelmed the audience, and the scene of winning the championship with great spirit is vividly remembered.

Although in the end he turned to the study of elves.

But he also left the next generation of myths in the Kando area.

There are many people who look up to him as a role model!


World champion not far away... Dan Emperor!!

The Dan Emperor naturally faintly recognized it.

Since embarking on the path of trainer Pokémon battles, there has been a person he admires.

Oki Yukinari!

The first champion of the Kanto region!

And his powerful Charizard!

At that time and at a young age, a seed was planted in his heart.

Combined with Kikuko's mother-in-law's reaction.

It can almost be confirmed, the teenager who has just appeared.

It should be Dr. Ohki in his youth!

Since Mother-in-law Kikuko did not explain.

As the only person present who knew about it, Dan Di then also opened his mouth to explain!


It also set off a lot of shock!

Dr. Ohki!!

But before people could react.

The huge golden light curtain in the sky began to vibrate.

Text emerges at the same time.

[The Q&A session has begun, officially opened the Q&A session! ] 】

[As long as you choose the correct answer, you will be rewarded greatly! ] 】

[The number of answer places is limited, each time a random person is selected to answer, there is no penalty for wrong answers! ] 】

[Q: Who is the relationship of the divine beast? 】

[A, Yukinari Ohki].

[b, Dan Emperor].

[C, Ash].

[d, Shindai].

Without warning, the Q&A session suddenly began!

If you choose and answer the correct answer, you will be rewarded!

Simple one-line words.

But it is also a great stimulus to people's nerves!


The world is also completely exploded!!

Feilu's 18th anniversary brand upgrade to give back to readers! Charge 100 and get 500 VIP bonds!

immediately preemptive(Event Period: August 10th to August 20th)

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