With the World God List once again there is a change.

The people who were still discussing Ash looked up at the sky.

Including Yulongdu at this moment, his inner thoughts have just risen, but the next moment.

Ash appeared on the World God List!

Yulongdu was completely dumbfounded!

Full of disbelief.

Ash actually appeared on the World God List again!

Dan Di looked at the chapter that appeared again.

The object of the inventory is still Xiaozhi, and the corners of his mouth can't help but curl.


I'm really looking forward to meeting you more and more!

The people who were still discussing whether Ash would agree to the Elven Alliance looked up one after another as the world god list changed.

For a while, the forum completely exploded!

"Hahahaha, I'll just say, Ash is the strongest, and the object of this inventory will definitely be Ash!!"

"No, won't you? What do I see? That's the Phoenix King, the most legendary Pokémon!! In the Guandu area, there are one legendary Pokémon left after another, and this inventory chapter divine beast is actually the Phoenix King?! "

"When I saw this text, my scalp was numb in an instant, I look forward to it, the Rainbow Brave, the messenger of the Phoenix King...!"

"My God, if you say so, didn't Xiao Zhi pass the trial of the Phoenix King and become the Phoenix King's messenger?"

"Does this still have to be lived, woo-woo, not only is the talent so powerful, but also recognizes so many divine beasts? Dr. Ohki is also his good friend, the forest god Sherabi was saved by him, this time, or the messenger of the Phoenix King?! "


At this moment, True New Town.

Ash looked at Pikachu in front of him and took the initiative to squat down:

"Thank you, Pikachu!"

Pikachu was stunned, looking at Ash in front of him with a serious face, and finally called softly:

"Pickup pickup..."

Ash smiled lightly and said softly

"Come up!"

Pikachu hesitated for a moment, and finally jumped on Ash's shoulder.

Ash stood up, looked at Dr. Ohki who was walking towards him not far away, and waved his hand:

"Dr. Ohki!!"

The sun shines on Ash and Pikachu.

This scene made Dr. Ohki a little stunned.

It was as if back in time to the day they met.

After Dr. Ohki came back to his senses, he couldn't help but smile softly and nodded slightly: "Hmm! "

Open the somewhat quaint notebook in my hand, and inside is the appearance of Ash and Pikachu!

How similar it is to the scene in front of you.

Ron was stunned for a moment after seeing the painting on it, and finally said with a chuckle

"I misunderstood you, Ohki..."

Ron closed his eyes and smiled.

At first, he was very angry with Dr. Ohki for handing over the Pikachu who had discovered great potential to Ash....

Think of wasting Pikachu's potential!

But until now, after Dr. Ohki opened the album, on the yellowed paper, it was Ash and Pikachu on his shoulder.

That scene seemed to travel through time and space.

When I opened my eyes, it seemed that I had come to the present!

Everything goes on!

Dr. Ohki came to Ash's side and said with a soft smile

"Well, yes, I saw it all!"

"Just commanded just right, I believe you will definitely become the best partner in the future!"

Ash scratched his head a little embarrassed after hearing Dr. Ohki's compliment

Then said seriously:

"This is mainly the credit of Pikachu! If he hadn't comprehended the 'power grid' at the last moment, I'm afraid there would be no way! "

Hanako next to her came over, looked at the silly Ash, and said with a smile:

"Then you have to get along with Pikachu carefully!"

Ash nodded heavily, but his slightly immature face was full of seriousness:

"I will definitely protect Pikachu, even if it costs my life!!"

Pikachu turned to look at Ash beside him.

Ash's appearance was very serious.

This scene is also deeply engraved in my heart.

Look at Ash's silly look.

The people around couldn't help but laugh softly.

Xiao Mao covered his forehead and mercilessly mended the knife:

"I want you not to be so-so, don't follow Pikachu with you for three days and nine meals!"

When the words fell, there was a burst of laughter around them.

The air is full of jovial atmosphere.

Dr. Ohki had a smile on his lips.

Looking at Ash not far away, he had no doubt about what Ash had just said.

Even if it costs your life, protect Pikachu....

At this moment, the World God List in the air began to bloom with Dao light.

Word after word surfaced on it.

The moment people looked up, they froze!

This time the object of inventory is still Ash!

And this time... It's the Phoenix King chapter!!

For a time, Zhenxin Town completely exploded.

There is also Dane, who is holding a camera not far away.

After seeing Ash's name appear on the World God List, he swallowed his spit, and his eyes were excited and excited.

I came to this place by myself today, I really came to the right place!

Unexpectedly, the object of this inventory is still Ash himself!

Moreover, it is still a legendary Pokémon... Phoenix King!!

According to legend, anyone who has seen the Phoenix King can gain happiness and hope.

Wherever the Phoenix King flies, a rainbow will be left.

Most importantly, the Phoenix King has the ability to resurrect the deceased!!

That's right.

Precisely because of the power of terror.

The Phoenix King was believed by countless people and feared by countless people.

People desire great power, but they are afraid of great power!

Dane's breathing gradually became heavy, and he even wanted to cry out excitedly!

The cost of your own travel is simply worth it!!

The people of Zhenxin Town looked up at the sky and looked at the words that appeared on it.

I was stunned!

Phoenix King!

In the Guandu area, everyone knows the Phoenix King!

It has left countless legends and stories.

It's all heard from childhood.

Therefore, the people of Zhenxin Town were completely boiling after seeing the content played above!

"Oh my God, it's actually a phoenix... Phoenix King? I'm not mistaken, won't I, will Ash actually become the messenger of the Phoenix King in the future? "

"God, my scalp is numb, and goosebumps are all over my body, King Feng, that's King Feng!!" Even the Phoenix King who can resurrect the dead or Pokémon can do it! "

"Is it really Ash? My God, the object of this inventory is really Ash, do you dare to believe it? When I was a child, I actually fought with the messenger of the Phoenix King and defeated him!! "

"Good fellow, dare to bully Ash? Sherabi and Phoenix King Water Monarch Yan Di Lei are on their way here..."

"Hey, how do I feel that unconsciously, there are more and more divine beasts behind Ash, and the background is deep?"

After Dr. Ohki saw the words in the picture, his pupils also contracted suddenly, and his face was full of disbelief!

It's actually the Phoenix King?!

After thinking that the person was Ash, it seemed to become reasonable again.

If it is Ash, he may really be able to become the messenger of the Phoenix King!!

The Phoenix King is in charge of the divine beasts in this area.

According to Dr. Ohki's speculation.

It is even quite possible that there is a priesthood!

That is to say, the strength of the Phoenix King is really unfathomable!

And according to people's speculation, under his hands, there are still three holy beasts!


An idea came to Dr. Ohki's mind.

The Water Lord, who rescued them under Sherabi in the first place, couldn't it be sent by the Phoenix King?

Once an idea appears, it grows like a weed!

Ron was full of disbelief, and his throat was a little dry as he looked at the words that emerged.

Although as a Pokémon doctor, does not often participate in combat.

But the legend of the Phoenix King, he also heard it from a young age!

How could it not be known?

And Pokémon of this level, generally the divine dragon does not see the head and tail, and actually chose Ash as the messenger?

Ron looked at Ash not far away, and a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes!

He is now not only curious about how far Pikachu and Ash can go?

Similarly, I am also curious about how far that Kabi beast egg can go under the cultivation of Ash?

Don't... Beyond the Heavenly King level?

Thinking of this, Ron's heart couldn't help but become hot.

Ash looked up at the air, and his face couldn't help but appear stunned.

This time it was actually himself?

However, what he cares more about is this.

King Feng... What kind of Pokémon is that?

Looking at the shocked reactions of the people around him, Ash became more curious in his heart.

Turning his head to look at Pikachu beside him, he asked:

"Pikachu, do you know the Phoenix King?"

Pikachu shook his head.

After Xiao Mao saw this scene, a black line could not help but appear on his forehead.

This meow....

You ask a Pokémon that is not as big as you yet?

Moreover, Ash doesn't even know about King Feng?

Xiao Mao wanted to complain about too many things in his heart for a while.

Ash turned his head to look at Xiao Mao and asked with some curiosity

"Xiao Mao, do you know what kind of Pokémon the Phoenix King is?"

Xiao Mao covered his forehead a little helplessly, but he still patiently began to explain to Ash.


Team Rockets trio.

After seeing the light curtain that appeared in the air, Musashi Kojiro and the three quickly recovered after a moment of panic!

A flash of doubt flashed in Musashi's eyes, a little confused, and then asked:

"King Feng, what kind of Pokémon is that?"

Kojiro also didn't understand something.

Born in a wealthy family, he knows very little about those legendary Pokémon.

Meow Meow was a little speechless when he saw that they didn't understand anything, and then acted as a commentator:

"King Feng, is the strongest Pokémon in the Guandu region, and his subordinates are the Three Holy Beasts, Water Lord, Lei Gong, and Yan Emperor!"

When the words fell, Musashi's expression shook:

"My God, that is the Three Holy Beasts, is it actually just his subordinates?"

Kojiro's expression was also a little incredulous, and then he asked meow

"They are all divine beasts, why did they become his subordinates?"

A thought flashed in Meow's eyes, and then he explained

"Because there was an incident that once caused three unknown Pokémon to be burned to death, and after the Phoenix King appeared, he used his power to revive those three Pokémon!"

"The three resurrected Pokémon are the current Yan Emperor, Lei Gong, and Water Lord!"

When Kojiro heard this, his face was full of disbelief:

"Doesn't that mean that the Phoenix King is particularly powerful!"

Meow shook his head, and his expression became a little solemn:

"It's not particularly powerful, it's emphasized to the point that we can't imagine it, what a terrifying power to be able to resurrect the dead..."

When the words fell, the expressions of several people changed.

Musashi looked at the words in the air and muttered

"Doesn't that mean that little devil head has become the messenger of the Phoenix King, so you can do whatever you want!"

Meow nodded, and then spoke:

"It can almost be understood that the messenger of the Phoenix King, how many people want to be... Even, many divine beasts want to become his subordinates!! "


Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Dominau: This... Doesn't it mean it won't be Ash? Why is it him again this time? And still the Phoenix King!

Frindo: Oh my God, how could it be the Phoenix King, that is a legendary Pokémon, his power can resurrect the dead!!

Dr. Nanbo: It is actually the Phoenix King, and he has passed the trial and become a messenger!!

Nazi: As I said, that teenager is really unusual, but this time the inventory is... Phoenix King? Ash is really elusive!!

Dr. Fuji: How is that possible? It was actually the Phoenix King, didn't he not come into contact with humans? Ash actually became his messenger!!

Domino: Oh my God, Dr. Fuji, aren't you supposed to be with Boss Sakaki? How is there still time to send messages now!

Dr. Fuji: Although there were some minor flaws in the experiment, it ended perfectly, and Boss Sakaki has already taken that Pokémon to Team Rocket headquarters!!

Dr. Nanbo: Oh my God, you actually succeeded, artificial beast!!

Dr. Fuji: Well, and the power is surprisingly strong, much stronger than any Pokémon we have studied so far, and the power contained in the body is extremely huge!

Domino: How does that compare to the Phoenix King?

Dr. Fuji: I don't know much about this, but according to my estimates, the strength should not be much worse, but I haven't collected the actual power of the Phoenix King, so it's still not clear....

Dr. Nanbo: Hey, since you dare to say so, it seems that this experiment was a success!!


Hualan Taokan.

"My God, the object of this inventory is actually Ash?"

Sakura's tone was filled with disbelief.

"Look at the back, it's still the Phoenix King!!"

Calamus rubbed her eyes even more.

"Really, he actually became the envoy of the Phoenix King?"

Peony is even more excited!

Not far away, Xiao Xia looked up at the World God List in the air, watched the Phoenix Queen appear above, and finally stopped at Xiao Zhi's name.

He pursed his mouth, feeling a little expectant in his heart.

It even brought a little nervousness!


Will he still be his companion?


Asaka Town.

The World God List shook, and Ash's name appeared on it again.

Serena, who had planned to pack her things, had her eyes full of disbelief.

Although I don't know what kind of Pokémon the Phoenix King behind is.

But Serena was also sincerely happy for Ash.

Jumping up even more excited:

"It's Ash!"

"Mom, it's Ash!!"

Saqi smiled a little helplessly.

I've never seen a daughter so excited.

Looking at Ash's name, I was a little touched in my heart.

Thinking in his heart, he planned to take time to meet with Ash's mother and talk about the two children.


Guoye Town.

Look at Ash who reappeared above.

The crowd completely boiled!

"Oh my God, it's still Ash this time!"

"Wow, it's actually King Feng?"

"The Water Sovereign seems to be King Feng's subordinate!"

The surrounding villagers were discussing fiercely.

As for White at this time, looking at Ash's name appearing on it, a smile appeared on his face.

I am sincerely happy for him!

Clutching the props in his hand.


Again, he stared closely at the live broadcast room.

Looking at Ash's back, a touch of firmness flashed in his eyes....

Although Ash didn't know it, he inadvertently helped himself and made himself realize that Sherabi was real!

Grandpa, who often tells himself stories, did not lie to himself!

Be sure to find a time to thank him!

Grandma Miku's face was also full of relief.

After the previous video played, I also have a lot of good impressions for Ash!

Being able to lay down his life to save Sherabi....

Just be the benefactor of the entire village!

A hint of curiosity flashed in Miku's eyes.


What kind of person would he be?


At this moment, Mewtwo and Sakaki, who were still on the transport plane, noticed that the World God List began to play!

A flash of horror flashed in Mewtwo's eyes.

On that world god list, he felt the power that made his heart palpitate!

In front of the power of the World God List, it seems that he is just an ant....

Mewtwo's voice sounded in Sakaki's heart:

"What's that?"

After the explanation, Mewtwo understood.

"King Feng, is he as strong as me?"

Sakaki glanced at Mewtwo in front of him, a deep flash flashed in his eyes, and he spoke lightly:

"You're the strongest Pokémon in the world!"

Mewtwo suddenly looked up.

Sakaki was noncommittal about what he said.

He stared closely at the World God List, but did not move.

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