Mewtwo has some doubts in his heart, though.

They call themselves the strongest Pokémon in the world, but they are so shocked by the appearance of the Phoenix King.

Feeling a little confused.

Could it be that the Phoenix King was even stronger than himself?

Moreover, why did this so-called world god list not appear?

Will it appear later?

All kinds of questions swirl in my mind.

But Mewtwo didn't act on his own.

Because he made an agreement with Sakaki.

Sakaki helps him to find the meaning of life, to find dreams!

And as a condition, Mewtwo must unconditionally obey Sakaki's words.

Also, head to the base and bring your own suppressor!

Used to suppress power!

In order to find the pink figure in his mind, Mewtwo finally chose to compromise.

As for Sakaki next to him, look at Ash who reappeared above.

His eyes couldn't help but become deeper.

But more of a touch of excitement!

He could also see that Mewtwo was interested in Ash and King Feng, but he didn't care!

At that time, you can take advantage of this and let Mewtwo help you grab those rewards...

And capture the entire Sherabi race!

Thinking of this, Saka's heart couldn't help but become hot.

But all this has to be considered in the long run!

But at the moment, watch the video that plays.

Phoenix King and Ash appeared.

He couldn't help but have a trace of doubt in his heart.

Therefore, I just watched silently and took in all this.

Next... It's time to play the video!

Your own questions, maybe you can be answered in it...


Heavenly Sacred Mountain.

The Phoenix King was on the plane tree, quietly looking at the World God List.

There was a glint of light in the huge eyes.

This time, I actually appeared myself!

King Feng's heart couldn't help but shake a little.

At the same time, for the content that follows, it has become extremely exciting.

It seems that in the future, he should have met Ash, and he also had "one zero zero" contact with that teenager!

Is that so...

King Feng watched quietly, but endless curiosity rose in his heart, when he met the young man.

What kind of amazement and surprise will he bring to himself?

Although I have some doubts in my heart, at the same time, I am more sure of my thoughts!

Absolutely not, Ash is definitely the purest trainer he has ever seen...

King Feng has always been looking for this kind of person.

As a representative, it is used to ease the relationship between humans and Pokémon.

Contribute to the development of the whole world!

Therefore, the Phoenix King at this time also placed great hopes on Xiaozhi.

A thought flashed in his eyes.

Ash must not be allowed to have problems!

And I still have to go see Ash...

By the way, give him something to keep safe!

This is what King Feng's heart thinks!

At this moment, the video begins to vibrate, the picture in it begins to flash rapidly, and finally it starts playing!


League of Elves.

After seeing the discussions on the Internet, Daigo finally breathed a sigh of relief and relief:

"At the moment, most of the attention is drawn, just wait for the next stocktaking!"

Karuni nodded, looked at Daigo who was still a little worried not far away, and said with a smile:

"Don't worry."

"So much has been done, the rest can only be left to fate, and, whether you get a reward or not, from another angle, it's a good thing!"

Hirola, who had been silent not far away, nodded at the moment, and her beautiful eyes revealed a touch of affirmation:

"That's right."

"We've done so much, the rest is left to fate..."

Hiba sighed a little, looking at Ash's information, and couldn't help but say for a while:

"I really didn't expect that I would encounter this situation, and I don't want my juniors to be too good!"

A sigh flashed in Daigo's eyes:

"A genius who is half a step ahead, but if you are one step ahead, you are a demon!!"

"Adu, they now know similar to ours, but they are separated from Zhenxin Town by two areas..."

Mother-in-law Juzi also flashed a touch of melancholy.

Look up at the sky.

Will things really go their way?

At this moment, the World God List in the air began to change.

The words of the debut appeared on it!

Phoenix King Chapter!

At this moment, all the Heavenly King level trainers looked up at the World God List in the air, and their eyes became shocked!

Actually, it's still Ash!!

For a while, the entire conference room.

Everyone became silent, just quietly looking at the World God List in the air, completely sluggish!

Until you actually see this behind-the-scenes.

People dare to believe that Ash is actually on the list again?

And this time the divine beast chapter, the divine beast in it is actually the Phoenix King?

That has the power to resurrect the dead.

Although the attitude towards humans is quite friendly.

But due to the great power, even the Elf Alliance has to be treated with caution!

The Elf League, although it is encouraged to treat Pokémon well, and become friends with Pokémon...

But after all, for the organization of humanity!

Everything is still based on the interests of mankind ...

A powerful and uncontrollable force, the Elf Alliance is naturally extremely concerned!

As for the so-called evil villain organization, it is all advocating the elimination of all Pokémon and other such extreme practices!

But there is a common point that no matter which side, the Phoenix King is enough to attract great attention!!

Mother-in-law Kikuko muttered:

"Actually... It's King Feng!! "

The silence broke with the voice of Mother-in-law Kikuko.

The entire Elven Alliance meeting suddenly boiled!

Hibba's eyes were full of disbelief, rubbed his eyes vigorously, and exclaimed:

"How is that possible? It's Ash again!! "

Karuni's whole person was completely numb!

"King Feng? Not only is he related to the Phoenix King, but he has actually become the messenger of the Phoenix King?! "

Hirona's beautiful eyes revealed a hint of curiosity about Ash, and there was also a touch of expectation in her eyes!

Just watching quietly, but more and more expecting, that teenager brought surprises over and over again, breaking their cognition over and over again!

I don't know what thrilling story will appear in this video?

Daigo was shocked at first, and then slowly exhaled a turbid breath, from the initial panic, gradually began to become calm:

"I didn't expect that this time it was really Ash..."

"It seems that our plan has completely failed!"

The words fell, and everyone focused on Daigo.

Daigo looked at the words that appeared in the World God List, with a touch of shock, and finally muttered:

"But... The problem was solved!! "

When the words fell, Xiba did not turn his head, touched the back of his head, and asked with some curiosity:

"Why is this problem solved?" Isn't Ash being targeted? "

At this moment, Shirona's beautiful eyes flashed.

She also thought of this possibility!

Keywords in the video...

The messenger of the Phoenix King!! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

In the next second, Daigo's answer confirmed her idea even more.

Daigo held his chin, his sky-blue eyes flickered a little, and he looked at the World God List tightly:

"It's simple, because Ash he... It's the messenger of the Phoenix King!! "

It wasn't loud, but it resounded throughout the room.

Karuni's eyes were full of shock!

She didn't expect that Ash would appear on the World God List again.

She didn't expect that the problem they were worried about could be solved so easily?

Looking up at Ash's name in the picture, he muttered, "King Feng's... Emissary? "

At this moment, the video began to tremble again, and then it began to play!!


[Ash on the day before the Pokémon, because he was too excited, stayed up late to watch the Pokémon battle all night, and finally missed the selection time! ] 】

[In Ash's hurry, rush to the Oki Research Institute and collect the Pokémon! ] 】

[Due to his lateness, Dr. Ohki said that only the last Pikachu was left, and finally handed over the Poké Ball to Ash! ] 】

[After trying many times, Ash, who was electrocuted by Pikachu, finally compromised and let him stay outside! ] 】

[Dragging the reluctant Pikachu, Ash begins his own journey!] 】


The real world.

"Oh my God, hahahaha, is this where Ash and Pikachu met? I saw that Ash was also electrocuted by Pikachu, and it seems that the relationship is not so good..."

"Happy, Ash loves to be late and I love to be late, so am I not as good as Ash?"

"It's really a little emotional, he has been so obsessed with Pokémon battles since he was a child, no wonder he loves Pokémon so much..."

"Actually, because he was late, there was no treasure of the Royal Three Families, but was there a dream for him to choose? Sure enough, you still have to get up early, the early birds have worms to eat! "

"That's right, but I don't seem to have heard of the situation that the Royal Three Family is not enough, won't the Elf Alliance provide it?"

"Hey, I suddenly thought of a possibility, 40 years ago, Dr. Ohki and Ash had known each other and become friends, so this Pikachu was deliberately left for Ash!!"


What a new town!

After everyone saw the picture above.

The atmosphere has also become extremely cheerful!

Xiao Mao looked at Xiao Zhi, shook his head, and finally was a little surprised:

"I didn't expect you to be so late!"

"The day before receiving the Pokémon, you actually watched the Pokémon battle all night?"

"It's really like your style, Ash!"

When the words fell, Hanako was also next to mend the knife:

"Yes, get up in a hurry, confiscate clothes, such a big person, do not learn how to take care of themselves!"

The words fell, and there were bursts of laughter around them.

People are kind of funny.

Xiao Zhi, who looks so powerful, actually has aspects that he is not good at?

Dr. Ohki also had a smile in his eyes.

Dr. Ron next to him laughed softly:

"Ogi, you actually used this method to almost deceive Pikachu to Ash!"

Dr. Ohki also nodded and smiled.

Then he explained:

"Otherwise, with Ash's personality, he really wouldn't necessarily choose Pikachu!"

Ron smiled too.

That's true.

As for Dane, who was not far away, a flash of confusion could not help but flash in his eyes.


Pikachu is stuffed to Ash!

This is a bit informative...

After hearing their conversation, the live broadcast room suddenly rolled and completely boiled!

"Good guy, I call good guy, Ash, isn't this a typical relationship household? The initial Pokémon were also set inside, and I really envied it..."


"Hahahaha, it seems to be, but now that a time loop has been formed, Dr. Ohki traveled back 40 years, met Ash and Pikachu, and finally gave Pikachu to Ash!"

"Frog fun, then do you say that there is such a possibility, after Dr. Ohki came back, he participated in various battles because of Ash, and finally became Dr. Pokémon because of Ash..."

"Shhh, if you say so, your scalp will feel numb!"

Dane noticed the barrage in the live broadcast room.......

Looking at the above information, I couldn't help but be stunned for a while.

Then he looked up at Dr. Ohki not far away.

Wearing a white research suit, his hair is a little white, but his waist is straight.

The eyes are full of kindness, Oki Yukisei!

Vaguely, the figure of the former teenager could not be seen for a long time.

The feeling that can be brought to him.

But it is the current Dr. Ohki and the former Yuksei, and their figures gradually merge!

Finally integrated.

He is still the same teenager he used to be, and he has never changed!

Held out for 40 years...


The video starts playing again!

[Ash and Pikachu are in a state of cold war! ] 】

[Ash stretched out his hand to Pikachu and wanted to be friends! ] The tsundere Pikachu expressed his reluctance! 】

[Ash noticed Bobo not far away, but hit the flaming finch]

[Flaming Sparrow looks for the murderer of the attack, finds the mocking Pikachu, and finally attacks! ] 】

[Pikachu reacted quickly and used an electric shock to drive away the Sparrow! ] 】

[Soon, hundreds of flocks of flaming birds appeared, and then attacked Ash Pikachu! ] 】

[The group of flaming birds crossed Ash and began to attack Pikachu, and Pikachu was seriously injured! ] 】

[Ash picked up Pikachu and began to escape, and the Flaming Sparrow began to attack Ash, was forced to helpless, and finally jumped into the river! ] 】

[The flock of flaming finches is still biting Ash, crawling out of the river and running in the dense drizzle]

[Ash looked at Pikachu, who was getting weaker and weaker, and swore firmly: "Pikachu, I will definitely protect you! "】

[With no escape, Ash took out the Pokeball and said softly: "Pikachu, get into the ball! ] "】

[Ash turned his head and stood up.] Facing countless flaming finches alone, he roared loudly: "Who do you think I am? "】

["I'm Ash from Shinshin Town, someone who needs to become the world's number one Pokémon Master! "】

"How could I lose to you?"] Come on!! Flaming Sparrow!! "】

[Thunder roared, under that fierce sparrow that covered the sky, Ash's back was so thin! ] 】


With the broadcast of this scene.

The real world is completely boiling...

"Hey, I thought that Bobo would definitely be captured by Ash, but I didn't expect to fail and provoke the Flaming Sparrow?"

"God, these wild Pokémon are really too dangerous, they actually started attacking without saying a word, and hundreds of flaming finches, Pikachu's body is already full of scars, and I feel sorry for me..."

"Ash still ignored the danger and took Pikachu into his arms, my God, it turns out that Ash's journey into 2.1 was not smooth sailing, and even encountered danger as soon as he went out!!"

"Seeing this scene, I instantly calmed down, Pokémon in the wild are really too dangerous, if you don't get it, it will really be life-threatening... Face countless flaming finches alone! "

"He was really brave, without the slightest hesitation, picked up Pikachu and jumped into the river, the sparrow scratched his clothes, and I saw blood marks!"

"Oh my God, the moment Ash gently put the Poké Ball in front of Pikachu, and then turned to face countless flaming finches, my goosebumps were all up...!!"

"The last moment was extremely tender, the next moment that back, trying my best to attract the attention of the flaming finch, I really cried to death!"

"I'm a big man, but I'm a little tearful at this time, he really... Putting your life on the line? "

"Who do you think I am? I am Ash from True Shinjo Town, a man who wants to become a Pokémon Master!! "

"Aaaa Up, kill those fiery finches, long live Ash!! "

"But now Ash doesn't have any Pokémon in his hands, only beatings, it's really worrying for me to see, if it's Ash and Pikachu in the future, they can definitely easily solve these flaming finches!!"

"That's right, but they really can't do it now, but I'm sure King Feng will definitely come to save them...!!"

"Ash, you must be fine, hold on! You are a man who wants to become a Pokémon master, and you must not fall in this place! "


Dan Emperor and Yulongdu, who were still resting, watched the video played.

His face is still the same, but his heart is terrifying!

In order to protect Pikachu, Ash chose to fight against the flock of flaming birds, which is so shocking!

Dan Di quietly looked at the video played and muttered:

"Ash from True New Town, will he definitely become a man of Pokémon Masters..."

"Perhaps, you really can!!".

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