When Yulongdu saw this scene again, he was also stunned.

Because he didn't see any fear in Ash's eyes.

Without hesitation, he gently lowered the Poké Ball and let Pikachu in.

Then turn around yourself and face countless flocks of flaming finches!

That scene was so shocking.

His back looks so skinny, but so great.

At least in Pikachu's eyes ...

Yulongdu took a deep breath, looked at the picture played in the video, glanced at the Dan Emperor beside him, and finally muttered:

"I finally knew... Why would you have chosen Ash so firmly that he could get this far! "

When the words fell, Emperor Dan couldn't help but look at him slightly.

Yulongdu with endless sighs:


"You're all the same kind of people!"

"That kind of fanaticism for Pokémon, love for Pokémon, I can't do it!"

Yuryu Du admitted from the bottom of his heart.

But anyone who can reach the Heavenly King level trainer will be an era and a region of heavenly pride!

There is pride in their hearts.

They also have their own pride!

But in front of the Dan Emperor, he completely obeyed.

Since stepping on the journey, he has not lost a battle.

In the battle, always maintain a high level of enthusiasm, like a sponge, constantly absorbing combat experience!

Even now.

The enthusiasm of the Dan Emperor still did not fade.

Once, Yulongdu saw the Dan Emperor's love for Pokémon.

It was once thought that people are tired.

People will stop and rest after all!

But until now, Imperial Dragon Du understands that some people's love for Pokémon,

That's engraved in the bones!

Just like Dan Di and Ash.

They're the same kind of people!

Emperor Dan understood the meaning of Yulongdu, and also felt his embarrassment, and just said with a smile:

"So you think so..."

"But I think in my heart that Ash is not my shadow, he... Surpassed me!! "

Then he shook his head slightly.

"I didn't guess the answer, and I can't be sure that this inventory will definitely be Ash."

"But in my life, I will always meet something to stick to, and if I can meet someone who also loves Pokémon so much, whether it is right or wrong, I will still firmly choose 16 him!"

"That's my insistence, Wataru!"

In the end, Dan Emperor looked up at the sky.

The eyes are full of hope, and there is a deep love!

Yulongdu couldn't help but froze for a while, and just whispered softly:

"Is there always something to hold on to in one's life?"


Just as the two were discussing, the crowd around them also completely boiled!

"I just said, this inventory will definitely be Ash!"

"Ah, I never thought that Ash could be better than me, I thought that he was just luckier when he met the divine beast, and I could do it in other words..."

"But knowing this moment, I understood that if I had just stepped into the journey and faced so many flaming finches alone, I would have retreated, I would have been afraid, but he didn't!"

"So... If we lose, we will lose, and we will not be wronged if we lose here!! "

"It's Ash from True New Town, but how can a man who wants to become a Pokémon Master lose to you?!"

"Really, the whole person is on fire, Ash, he really deserves to bear all this glory...!!"


Elven League, conference room.

With the broadcast of the scene just now, Ash resolutely stood in front of Pikachu.

Be prepared to endure it all on your own.

It is true that the seemingly countless fierce finches can be destroyed with a wave of their hands!

But for Ash, who has just embarked on a journey, the only Pokémon is still seriously injured.

That's gambling your life!

Even Daigo, who is known as the most rational and calm, is full of shock in his eyes!

Then there was a touch of relief...

yes, if that person is Ash.

All this seems to be understandable!

At this moment, even the kings who had seen countless big scenes after seeing this scene.

But I still can't stop marveling!

"Ash actually didn't hesitate for a moment, standing in front of his own Pokémon, as a trainer, and a rookie trainer who has just stepped into the journey, he has done a good job!"

Hirona's beautiful eyes flashed with admiration for Ash.

At this time, Ash's actions once again brought her a surprise.

That boy seems to have secrets that can never be discovered.

And always have that sincere heart!

As a trainer, there is no hesitation in the event of a life-threatening situation...

Blocking in front of Pokémon, this matter itself is not easy!

What's more, Ash and Pikachu have just met and can do this level.

In addition to admiration, it is still admiration!

Karuni looked at Ash in the picture, pursed her lips, and muttered:

"It seems that I still underestimated that teenager!"

Hiba clenched his fists, his eyes were full of madness, and at this time he became extremely excited:

"As a trainer, sharing and growing with his own Pokémon, he has done more than too many people..."

Heba's favorite thing is to work out with his own Pokémon.

On the way to becoming a king, I also saw many Pokémon trainers.

But they never experienced and understood Pokémon, but only trained according to the so-called guidelines...

In his opinion, this is soulless training!

Therefore, when he saw Ash and Pokémon advancing and retreating together, his reaction was more violent than before when he did not hesitate to save Sherabi!

Mother-in-law Kikuko muttered:

"A good boy indeed..."

Speaking of this, I couldn't help frowning.

Then he looked at the flocks of flaming birds in the picture, and his tone was a little dignified:

"But some wild Pokémon are really too much, pay more attention!"

When the words fell, the kings nodded one after another.

That's right.

Although it is said that the flaming sparrow is short-tempered, the trainer should stay away.

But there will always be a time when we meet.

Especially in this wild forest, there have been many accidents before!

After some discussion.

The Alliance quickly developed a series of guidelines.

For example, give some protective items, Pokémon snacks, manuals and the like.

To protect the trainer to the maximum extent without restricting the freedom of wild Pokémon!


True New Town.

As the video aired, people were seeing Ash's desperate appearance to protect Pikachu,

The mood exploded immediately!

"My God, those flaming finches are really too hateful, even if there is a certain contradiction, now Pikachu is dying, and it is really abominable that he still doesn't stop..."

"Flaming Sparrow is fierce by nature, and it is still gregarious, and the small Pokémon that provoke them are all tortured to death by them... Ash and Pikachu are in danger! "

"Well, Ash said well! Ash from True New Town is the number one Pokémon Master in the world, how can he lose to those guys? "

"Those guys actually dare to target Xiaozhi like this, against the pride of our True New Town, or organize the strength of the village and drive away all those fierce finches now?"

Just when people are talking about it.

There is even a mention of driving all the flaming finches away!

As for Xiaozhi, who is the protagonist of the inventory video, when I see the above picture, it is an incomparable atmosphere for a while!

As for Pikachu on the shoulder, he looked at Ash quietly, and recalled that sentence in his mind:

"Pikachu, I will definitely protect you!"

Ash in the picture is so determined.

He said that, and he did the same.

In order to fear that he would continue to be hurt, he stood up alone and attracted the attention of the flock of flaming birds!

Pikachu was a little stunned and exclaimed softly:

"Pickup pickup..."

Ash came back to his senses and looked at Pikachu beside him.

Touched the furry head, and finally said with a smile:

"Pikachu? Are you still worried? "

"No, we're very strong now!"

Ash was still smiling so brightly.

As for driving away the flaming finches? Ash just shook his head slightly.

Dr. Ohki and Ron, who were not far away, quietly watched all this.

Dr. Ohki had a smile on his lips.

Recalling what Ash just said.

"I will definitely protect Pikachu, even if it costs my life!!"

Everyone thought Ash was just joking.

But now.

As it turns out, Ash never jokes!

He did it. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Even if he pays with his own life, he will not hesitate to protect Pikachu!

Ron looked at Ash not far away, but his heart was extremely embarrassed and emotional.

This teenager brought him shock after shock, surprise after surprise.

It seems that he is just an ordinary rookie trainer.

But his personality charm convinced the world!

There is no one who does not know his name.

He is Ash from True New Town.

It is to become the world's number one Pokémon master!

How could he have fallen in this place?

And how could it be possible to lose to them!

As for Xiao Mao beside him, his eyes were a little complicated to look at Xiao Zhi.

Obviously always looks silly.

I will always be impressed by his silly energy!

Ash, the strongest opponent in my life!

Dane was completely numb at the moment.

As an Internet celebrity anchor, he is sensitive to traffic, he can no longer imagine, with the broadcast of this clip.

I'm afraid that Ash will usher in unprecedented popularity!

The words will be heard in the mouths of children in the streets and alleys...

I'm Ash from True New Town!

It is the man who wants to become the world's number one Pokémon master!

How could I lose to you?

The name Ash will be known to people all over the world!

Even, become the goal and role model of countless trainers, and even a spirit!


Team Rocket trio secretly observed.

Musashi Kojiro is a little incredulous.

Musashi muttered:

"That little ghost head really makes people a little unbelievable..."

Kojiro also sighed:

"Even for Pokémon at risk of life, please, I'm the evil Rocket, why do I cry!"

Meow Meow is also a tearful exclamation:

"The main thing is that it's so touching, meow!"


Tokiwa Forest.

Bishas saw the video playing.

A sneer appeared in his eyes.

Hehe, the more rewards you get, the more things you will grab when the time comes!

When they are happy, it is the best time to raid and snatch by themselves!

Dr. Ohki... Hehe!

He specifically targeted his Pokémon and chose a restrained Pokémon.

As long as it is not a divine beast, it can be solved by itself!

Easily suppress him and Ash!

After you get the props, you can have as many divine beasts as you want!

Team Rockets, and the world.

It's all in your pocket!

A flash of evil flashed in Bishas's eyes!

I don't know, Lei Gong, Yan Emperor, Water Lord.

It's heading for True New Town!


Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Duo Minuo: Oh my God, that boy, just stepped on the journey, he was actually attacked by hundreds of fierce finches, and he was actually not cowardly, what an amazing boy!

Nazi: Because he protects Pikachu in order to protect the Pokémon behind him... Ash from True New Town... I remember you and I'm really looking forward to your arrival more and more!

Flindo: Although he is an enemy, he still can't help but admire the will and spirit of this teenager! Although it always reveals a sense of stupidity, it is precisely this that makes people extremely emotional and shocked! ! !

Dr. Nanbo: That's also a way he can't help, if he continues to be so entangled, according to my observations, Pikachu should really fail!

Dr. Fuji: ... What an incredible teenager, and I don't know where he can go in the future?

Dr. Nanbo: The Phoenix King should also appear soon, and the Pokémon that only exist in legends will appear because of Ash?


Mewtwo and Sakaki located on the plane.

The scene with Ash desperately trying to protect Pikachu aired.

Mewtwo's eyes couldn't help but flash a fluctuation, looking at the behavior of the teenager in the video, but his heart was touched!

And curiosity about Ash...

But Mewtwo didn't understand more, and the voice sounded in Sakaki's heart:


"Why is that boy still not willing to give up his Pokémon even if he is hurt, the target of those flaming finches is not him!"

When Sakaki heard this, he looked out of the helicopter with a little embarrassment in his eyes, and whispered:


After a moment of silence, look up again.

Although these things are likely to affect their plans.

But still did not make it up, but said seriously:

"Because of the bond between Pokémon and Trainer!"

When Mewtwo heard this, he just watched silently.

I still don't understand the word bond.

But maybe you can find the answer you want in the later screen.


Asaka Town.

Serena, who was originally very happy.

After seeing this scene, his expression suddenly became a little worried, and he clutched the corners of his clothes tightly, becoming extremely nervous:


Saqi saw her daughter's concern and comforted her softly:

"Ash, he will definitely be fine, don't forget, there is also the Phoenix King!"

Serena's face was still full of nervousness, and after seeing Ash injured, her heart was extremely distressed.

At the same time, I also want to have my own Pokémon!

Although I want to be the best performer.

But I also hope to have my own strength.

At least at this time.

Be able to stand in front of Ash and protect him!

Serena looked up at this time, looked at her mother, and said firmly:

"Mom, I want to get a Pokémon!"

Saqi looked at her daughter and also saw the firmness in her eyes.

Without much thought, he then nodded slightly:



Hualan Taokan.

Several sisters around were still exclaiming.

"My God, Ash is so hardworking, in order to protect his Pokémon, he actually started to provoke those fiery finches?"

Sakura's expression became a little horrified.

"Ah, if you say that you want to protect Pikachu, even if you pay for your own life, you must protect him?"

Calamus is a little incredulous.

"Ash from True Shin Town, the man who wants to become the world's number one Pokémon master, what an interesting little Shota!"

Peony sighed with some admiration.

As for Xiaoxia not far away.

After seeing this scene, he only frowned slightly.

There was no expression.

But I only felt a little uncomfortable in my heart, and I didn't know why.

After all, this is his future companion.

At least, that's what Xiaoxia told herself in her heart.

At this moment, the World God List in the air shook again, and the video began to play!


[Thunder flashed, and countless flaming finches swooped towards Ash! ] 】

[At the moment of crisis, Pikachu summoned all the strength of his body and jumped on Ash's shoulders]

[Finally jumped hard, and the terrifying power completely exploded at this moment! ] 】

[The yellow lightning completely ignited the gloomy sky, producing a violent explosion, and the flock of flaming birds fled! ] 】

[The dark clouds dispersed, and the setting sun fell on the faces of Ash and Pikachu]

[Ash opened his eyes, Pikachu also looked at him, and finally began to rub intimately and hug each other tightly]

[A phoenix chirping sound appeared in the air, and under the afterglow of the setting sun, the phoenix king waved his wings, emitting colorful light, cutting through the sky].

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