[Under the gaze of Ash and Pikachu, the figure of the Phoenix King is getting farther and farther away]

[A feather emitting colorful light slowly fell to Ash's hand]

[Under the light of the setting sun, Ash and Pikachu looked at each other and finally made an agreement]

[Pikachu, let's go meet that guy one day! ] 】


The real world.

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Ash and Pikachu's crisis is lifted.

The figure of the Phoenix King appeared.

At this moment, people's emotions also completely exploded.

"My God, it's really the Phoenix King, I'm not mistaken, right? Mom, I appeared, I actually saw the Phoenix King!! "

"The moment when Ash and the Flaming Sparrow Group are about to collide is too thrilling, it really scares me, if it weren't for Pikachu's burst of power, I'm afraid Ash would be dangerous!"

"I have to say that Pikachu's strength is also very strong, and he has shown his extraordinary since he first embarked on his journey..."

"I used to use bonds to describe Ash and Pikachu, now I use Pikachu and Ash to describe bonds!"

"Good guys, this one is not simple, right, haven't you noticed a point? Just embarked on the journey, Pikachu has such a terrifying power, and Ash has the Phoenix King to send him!! "

"Hey, don't you say that I didn't even notice this, it seems to be the case, when Ash embarked on the journey, King Feng took the initiative to send him, who else?!"

"Don't you think the last scene is handsome? The kid said to Pikachu: One day, we will meet him for a while!! "


Elf Alliance, high-level conference room.

The Phoenix King appeared!!

At this moment, the expressions of the Heavenly King trainers became extremely solemn.

Looking at the figure that appeared in the picture, no one spoke at this time.

Because, that's the Phoenix King!

Has absolute power, the power to resurrect the dead.

Legend has it that anyone who sees him will be lucky!

It was quiet for a long time before Hirona broke the silence.

Shirona sat on the chair, her legs intertwined, propped up on the table, and a hint of curiosity flashed in her beautiful eyes:

"Pikachu and Ash don't seem to be simple..."

"It's really getting more and more curious!"

Daigo nodded, and his sky-blue eyes flashed with solemnity:

"At least from the current situation, Pikachu is very talented..."

"As for Ash, why did the Phoenix King come to see him off when he embarked on his journey!"

The words fell, and the audience became quiet again.

When you embark on your journey, there is a phoenix king to send you!

Who is in the limelight like this?

And the last feather left behind seems to be the legendary rainbow feather!

Hiba finally broke the silence first, and asked tentatively:

"Perhaps, King Feng's passing by is just a coincidence?"

Daigo shook his head, his expression became extremely solemn at this moment, and then began to analyze one by one:

"I don't rule out this possibility, but at present, there are too many doubts in it!"

Suddenly, all eyes of the audience focused on Daigo.

Daigo was silent for a moment, and then continued:

"First of all, Pikachu, who was attacked by a sneak attack, has been seriously injured, and at the end burst out of the strength of the whole body, which should be overdrawn by the body..."

"But why, after waking up again, there is no harm, and it seems to be healthy!"

The words fell, and the audience fell into deep thought.

With a little question, Karuni tentatively asked:

"Could it be that it took half a day to wake up and the body has recovered?"

After asking this question again, I felt that it was unlikely.

Daigo shook his head, and then opened his mouth to explain:

"It's simply impossible!"

"According to Pikachu's situation at that time, he has been seriously injured, and if he is not treated in time, he may die at any time!"

"That's why Ash chose to let Pikachu enter the Poké Ball, and he can't continue to be harmed!"

"But the problem is here, the Pokémon, which has been seriously injured, is overdrawing its potential, and the situation can only get worse! Can't even live the day!! "

Daigo's words were like thunder, exploding in the conference room!

The audience suddenly fell into deep thought.

Hiba scratched the back of his head and asked with a little tentative:

"Could it be that King Feng did it? After all, he has the power to revive people, and it should be easy to recover from his injuries! "

Daigo nodded, and then became more serious:

"You know, the divine beasts are all ignorant of the battles between humans, not to mention that King Feng was injured by humans before, why should he treat Pikachu and Ash?"

This is also the second question, is it really all a coincidence? Why did the Phoenix King come to this place and why did he save Ash Pikachu! "

Daigo's words immediately made the audience fall silent.

Although they will not speculate about the Phoenix King for the worst.

But it is also necessary to figure out the intention of the Phoenix King!

Otherwise, no one can rest assured.

Just when everyone was lost in thought.

Mother-in-law Juzi, who had never spoken beside her, suddenly spoke at this time:

"I know this, King Feng should have been looking for those Pokémon trainers with pure hearts in the world!"

"According to speculation, the most likely thing is to promote the relationship between Pokémon and humans, and the Phoenix King is very peace-loving!"

With the explanation of Mother-in-law Kikuko.

Daigo's eyes lit up.

If so, then everything makes sense!

Shirona was a little curious at the moment, looking at Mother-in-law Juzi not far away, with some doubts:

"Mother-in-law Kikuko, how did you know the news?"

Mother-in-law Kikuko heard this.

A flash of remembrance flashed in his eyes.

As if recalling the past, he smiled, and then said:

"It was Xuecheng who told me!"

When the words fell, the Heavenly King trainer was full of understanding.

But there are also some who eat melons, and their faces are full of curiosity and want to gossip.

Daigo coughed a few times, then continued:

"Then if you say so, all this also makes sense, the purity of Xiaozhi's heart is through the certification of the Phoenix King!"

"In this way, we don't have to worry too much about Ash's safety!"


Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Fulindo: Not only is that Pikachu different, but in the case of injury, it can actually burst out such a powerful force, Ash embarked on the journey, and the Phoenix King actually came to send him?

Dominor: Oh my God, what kind of relationship is Ash? Embark on the journey, the Phoenix King is next to protect him, and the relationship between the divine beasts is worthy of the name!

Nazi: It seems that the teenager is really unusual, gee, I don't know what kind of surprise it can bring us later, I always feel that there are many more we don't know!!

Dr. Nanbo: It is indeed a related household, because Pikachu is in that state, if he forcibly bursts out of power, he will definitely die, and in the end, it should be the handiwork of King Feng!

Dr. Fuji: That's right, it seems that behind that young man, at least we know it so far, there are several forces, and the relationship is worthy of the name!!

Domino: Hahaha, although it is a relationship, Ash's own excellence is also worthy of recognition!

Matori: That's right, the person that Boss Sakaki pays so much attention to must be extraordinary!!

Domino: I'm a little curious about real birds, why have I been diving for so long?

Matori: Boss Sakaki has just arrived at headquarters, and now he is in the laboratory to build a suppressor tailored for Mewtwo, as far as I know, who helps him better control his power!

Dr. Fuji: That's right, in our case, there are limitations in the final return, and it is not suitable to build a suppressor, so we can only let Mewtwo go to the headquarters!

Nazi: I'm a little curious, how strong is this mewtwo you've been discussing?

Dr. Fuji: Probably as strong as King Feng.

Nazi: ???

Domino: ???

Fulindo: !!

Dr. Fuji: In order to give him better control over his power, there should be some follow-up actions, and you will know by then!!


Asaka Town.

Serena was finally relieved to see Ash safe.

Slowly exhale:

"Ash is okay, it's really great!!"

Saqi looked at Serena's appearance.

For a while, I was a little crying and laughing.

After all, I have never seen Serena so attentive to one thing or person!

Saqi nodded, and then spoke:

"That child's future will indeed be very different, when he embarks on the journey, the divine beast is by the side to escort, and the relationship is very different..."

"So Ash's future is not destined to be smooth sailing, and there will even be many dangers!"

"Serena, if you don't improve your strength well, I'm afraid you will only become Ash's oil bottle!!"

Serena suddenly clenched her fists, her expression became extremely firm, and she nodded heavily:

"I will, I will definitely try to become stronger, and I won't hold Ash back!!"

Saqi smiled.

If so much promotes Serena's positivity.

It's also a good choice!


Hualan Taokan.

Xiaoxia after seeing that Ash was safe.

I was also relieved inside. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

A hanging heart finally fell.

At this moment, Calamus joked with a smile:

"Yo yo, what does Xiaoxia look like, it won't be a little lover who is worried about you, right?"

Sakura laughed and joked at this time:

"It must be, didn't you see our Xiaoxia breathe of relief? The boulder in my heart has finally fallen~"

Peony gave them a blank look, and said a little embarrassed:

"You guys said it so bluntly, which makes Xiaoxia embarrassed, little lover ~~"

At the end, the expression brought a touch of ridicule!

Xiao Xia just breathed a sigh of relief.

Several sisters suddenly said that they were broken, and they were suddenly a little embarrassed:


"I'm worried about my future companion, after all, we have to travel together in the future, what should I do if he is injured and drags his feet? Hmph, honorable! "

In the end, Xiaoxia crossed her waist and immediately regained her confidence.

Eldest sister Sakura suddenly laughed and quipped:

"Then I didn't see you paying attention to the Phoenix King behind, that is the Phoenix King, such a beautiful and mysterious Pokémon, your attention is all on Ash!"

Calamus and peonies also add with a smile:

"That's it, that's it, it's all about whether he is injured or not!"

"Hey, who believes what you say? Do you believe it yourself? The attention is all on Ash, Gee~~"

Speaking of which.

Xiaoxia immediately understood that she was set by several sisters!

It is obviously to induce yourself to speak your inner thoughts.

For a while, he was suddenly embarrassed, and rushed over with his teeth dancing:


Suddenly, the laughter of a girl echoed in the hall.


Team Rockets trio.

As the video finishes playing.

The three people exploded in an instant!

Musashi's face was full of incredulity, and his mouth was wide open and he could stuff an egg:

"My God, it's actually the Phoenix King...!"

"It actually appeared!!"

Kojiro's face was also shocked: "What an incredible Pokémon, the legendary Pokémon..."

Meow Meow was suddenly speechless.

Looking at the two people, he ruthlessly complained for a while:

"You obviously don't even know who the Phoenix King is just now, meow!"

"Now I actually pretend to be so similar, I can almost act, meow!"

After Musashi Kojiro was punctured.

Suddenly a little embarrassed cough a few times.

Kojiro smiled awkwardly, and then sighed:

"After all, it is a divine beast, although we don't know, it must be very powerful!"

Musashi quickly echoed next to him:

"It is!"

Meow Meow was completely speechless for a while, and after remembering Pikachu's performance in the picture, his heart suddenly became hot:

"That Pikachu is so powerful!"

Speaking of which.

Musashi also seemed a little excited:

"Yes, that Pikachu is far beyond imagination, quickly grab it and give it to Boss Sakaki, we will definitely get a lot of rewards!"

Kojiro nodded, and then suggested:

"But at present, with our strength, it is still not very good to fight against so many people in the town!"

"So I have an idea, that is, when Ash embarks on the journey again, we will follow and snatch Pikachu!!"

Meow Meow's eyes suddenly lit up:

"That's an idea, meow!"

"Then do it, when the time comes to capture Pikachu, Itagi's head will definitely agree to us changing the elves, meow!"

Saying that, several people looked at the giant pincer crab and strange power not far away, full of helplessness.

With two more mouths, they have to struggle again...


True New Town.

With the appearance of the Phoenix King, the people who gathered around were even more excited at the moment, and their faces were red!

"My God, it's really the Phoenix King, and Ash met the Phoenix King on the day he started his journey, so wouldn't he be lucky later?"

"According to the World God List, hahaha, Ash is really a god beast relationship!"

"Envy, I left a feather for Ash at the end, it's really great!!"

"When Ash finally said that he wanted to meet the Phoenix King with Pikachu, I was really handsome!!"

"Very handsome indeed!!"

"Ah, ah, King Feng actually came to our real new town? No, will come to our real new town in the future? "

"It's all because of Ash!!"

Just when the people around were talking about it.

Dr. Ohki looked at Ash and said with a smile: "You are quite daring!" "

"I actually want to meet the Phoenix King for a while...!"

Ash scratched his head a little embarrassed.

Now he also knows, what does the Phoenix King mean? (No's)

A little embarrassed said:

"I didn't know his name was King Feng at that time!"

After Hanako saw it, she covered her mouth and smiled:

"Everyone knows this, it's just that you are addicted to Pokémon battles all day long, and you don't even know this legend!"

For a while, the joyful atmosphere became even worse.

Ron was also a little stoic.

Close up, Ash is quite dull.

Also lovely.

It seems that the Kabi beast egg, handed over to him, is the most correct decision he has ever made!

At this moment, Ash suddenly noticed something?

Took out his elf egg.

His eyes couldn't help but light up, and he exclaimed:

"This elf egg just shook a bit!"

After Dr. Ohki took it, he couldn't help but be a little surprised:

"It seems that under the action of props, the hatching time of this egg is going to be advanced..."

"According to my estimates, it is estimated that it will not be long ago..."

Ash nodded, his expression still a little strange...

After all, the eggs hatched by yourself will always feel a little strange.

Pikachu also seemed very excited!

The pickup pickup's cried out!

Ash promised:

"Good, good, you can also be counted as involved, when the time comes, he will have to call you uncle...!"

His words immediately made everyone laugh.

Ron smiled and finally spoke:

"I'm a little curious, will you and King Feng really have a battle in the future?"

Ash and Pikachu looked at each other.

Finally laughed softly:

"If Pikachu is willing to accompany me, then it should be!"

In the end, the body ignited with a raging fighting spirit.

Even if it is the Phoenix King.

Ash wants to give it a try too!

Pikachu is also a pickup pickup!

It's also full of fighting spirit!

Xiao Mao next to him was behind seeing this scene.

There is indeed some emotion dog in the heart.

This is Ash, always revealing a silly breath!


It is precisely because of this that it is so precious!

Xiao Mao thought of this and smiled.

At this moment, the video starts playing again!.

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