"Oh my God, what do I see? What kind of dog luck is this wave of anchors? I actually got another chance to answer! "

"Good guy, I call it a good guy, this wave really gave him dog luck, envy to death, what kind of fairy luck is this?"

"You guys said that it will be the anchor who came to Zhenxin Town and saw the luck brought by Ash not far away! Thinking about it like this, it seems that there is really this possibility! "

"Tell me Madu, who is the Phoenix King, seeing it will bring good luck, I will also take a plane to Zhenxin Town to meet Ash!" What the? All tickets are fully booked!! "

"Look at you a little Zhi, you don't want to call Zhiye!"

"I was wrong, Zhiye is invincible!!"

Meanwhile, True New Town.

At this time, Dane looked at the sudden arrival of the light mass.

His eyes were also full of disbelief.

How did he not expect that he was actually ~ selected?

And it was chosen again!

It didn't take a few hours...

For a while, I couldn't help but gasp.

Are you lucky against the sky?

Thinking of this, Dane was a little excited in his heart.

Then he calmed down, he had a clear understanding of himself, although luck was okay, but far from such luck!

As for the biggest difference in this meeting, it is that he came to Zhenxin Town!

At this time, Dane's expression became even more incredulous.

Don't... Is it the good fortune that Ash brought him?

For a while, my heart couldn't help but become excited!

His eyes were full of fanaticism, and he couldn't see Ash far away.

Whether it's the explosion of the number of people in the live broadcast room, or getting rewards for yourself, it's all related to Ash!

Can meeting the Phoenix King bring good luck?

No, meeting Ash is!

As the light group descended, the crowd suddenly made some commotion.

Eyes focused on Dane!

There was also Xiaozhi, who was not far away, and also looked over with some curiosity.

It's just that what makes him have a little doubt in his heart is that the person is actually looking at himself?

After seeing Dane, the people of True New Town immediately began to discuss in a low voice.

"Who is that?" Why don't you seem to have seen it? "

"I haven't seen it either, and what is the communicator in your hand doing?"

"I always feel that something is not right, he should not be a bad person!"

"Maybe it's really possible, or let's arrest him first and torture him before we talk about it!"

Listen to the loud conspiracy of the people around you.

Dane immediately panicked!

Quickly began to wave his hand, wanting to start explaining.

At this moment, someone suddenly recognized him:

"I seem to know him, isn't he the influencer trainer? Specializing in some Pokémon disassembly moves, how did you get here? "

As the man spoke, several people suddenly remembered!

"Yes, yes, I remember that he got a photophore once, but he didn't answer correctly..."

"It seems that it is indeed an anchor, but why would the anchor who specializes in dismantling moves run to Zhenxin Town!"

"You're stupid, you must have come to live broadcast Ash, don't hide from you, I also saw his live broadcast room when I just brushed the communicator!"

As those around recognize themselves.

Dane's hanging heart finally let go.

But soon, it became a little nervous.

I got another chance to choose.

Can you grasp it?

After thinking about it, Dane was still unsure.

He glanced at Ash, who was a little confused not far away, as well as Dr. Ohki and the others next to him.

Without hesitation, he took a step and walked towards Ash!

The live broadcast room suddenly exploded completely!

"What is the anchor trying to do? Looking at Ash's confused look, why is he a little cute..."

"The anchor is really dog luck, really shipped to your dog, I envy it!!"

"Oh, I see, the anchor is preparing to ask for help from a wave of Zhiye, it's really too despicable, too shameless, actually looking for foreign aid!!"

"But Ash looks a little dumbfounded, can he really answer the right answer?"

"Let's not talk about Ash's luck against the sky, just talking about Dr. Ohki and the others around him, is it just a decoration? That's the top Dr. Pokémon! The probability of analyzing the correct answer will also be high! "

Dane trotted a little excitedly and came to Ash's side.

When Ash was a little confused, he grabbed his hand and said excitedly:

"My name is Dane, nice to meet you, Ash!"

Ash was even more confused.

But still nodded, looked at the trainer in front of him, and suddenly his eyes lit up:

"I'm Ash, nice to meet you!"

"No, aren't you the Internet celebrity trainer? A trainer who specializes in dismantling and explaining tricks!! "

Ash recognized Dane.

Dane seemed even more excited at the moment, even more excited than he was getting a lot of traffic!

Ash actually knows himself?

The big surprise suddenly hit him, and he looked a little dizzy.

Hold Ash's hand tightly and look like a little lost brother!

But at this moment, the live broadcast room is also completely exploded!

"Good guy, I call it a good guy, this wave of anchors is really dog luck, and he directly rubbed his thighs!"

"What kind of anti-heavenly shit luck is this, not only did you get the opportunity to get a reward, but you actually met Ash? Oh my God, anchor, this is going to take off!! "

"Envy is dead, ah, ah, Ash actually knows the anchor, luck is really good!"

"Niu Batch, this wave of rewards, directly ask for help from Ash, isn't this a disguised help to Dr. Ohki and them?" This time the reward is stable for me! "

"Anchor, are you going to ask Xiaozhi to do something, but you won't call Zhiye? Zhiye said that this matter is difficult to do! "

"Zhiye: This person is not very good, and he still shouts a little Zhi!"

"Zhiye: You bribe the cadres with this? Which cadre cannot withstand such a bribe ?! "

After talking, Ash also expressed some surprise.

I didn't expect that there were so many people watching themselves!

Smiled at the camera and waved his hand with Pikachu to the camera!

"Hello guys!"

After Ash said hello.

The live broadcast room suddenly exploded completely!

"Wow wow, Ash actually appeared in the live broadcast room, and also said hello, what kind of dream linkage is this, my God!!"


"Zhiye and Pikachu are really too handsome, I am already looking forward to their meeting with the Phoenix King more and more, the final battle must be very shocking!!"

"Thinking of this, I have already burned, according to Xiaozhi's personality, maybe when I meet Queen Feng, there will really be a battle!!"

"My Zhiye said hello to you? You still don't want to call Zhiye?! "

"Zhiye !!"

For a time, the live broadcast room suddenly barraged on.

And with the appearance of Ash in the live broadcast room.

The heat has ushered in an unprecedented explosion!!

An extremely terrifying number has been reached.

Dane was a little numb at this time.

Looking at the teenager in front of him, he couldn't imagine.

What kind of force is behind Ash, which is condensing!

At least in the picture, the companions played by Ash are not weaker!

Or maybe the power behind Ash is so powerful that it can't even be imagined!

After a few moments, Dane gradually came to his senses.

Looking at Ash, who was chatting with the people in the live broadcast room, Dr. Ohki smiled and suddenly said:

"You haven't chosen the right answer yet, have you?"

"Perhaps, I have some ideas here!"

When the words fell, Dane's eyes suddenly lit up.

Looking at Dr. Ohki in front of him, his eyes were full of excitement, and he quickly nodded:

"I'm still a little distressed and don't know which one to choose!"

Dr. Ohki smiled, then looked at the options above and began to analyze seriously:

"According to common sense, option A is the most suitable answer, because fire Pokémon are naturally afraid of fire, but there is also training specifically for this..."

Speaking of this, Dane quickly nodded.

That's what he thought in his heart, he wanted to choose A!

Dr. Ohki then shook his head:

"But this option has a fatal heel, which is that there are no trainers around!! Fire Pokémon feel extremely uncomfortable when facing water..."

"Not to mention the Initial Imperial Three Family like the Little Fire Dragon, in this environment, he will only feel endless fear and loneliness, if the trainer really attaches great importance to it, he will not let him stay here alone!"

"So option A excludes!"

When Dane heard this, his eyes widened and he was a little incredulous.

I didn't notice this detail problem?

At the same time, I feel a little lucky.

If you are not here, you may have chosen the wrong one...

Dr. Ohki then went on to explain:

"The answer to option A is C, if you are abandoned here by the trainer, and you are still in this forest, then everything is clear!"

"Option D is very low, will the Royal Three Family appear in this deep mountain and old forest? It is the Pokémon distributed by the Guandu Regional Alliance, the probability of appearing in the wild is very low, and most of them are abandoned! "

"The final result of both options points to option C!!"

When the words fell, Dane suddenly felt that his train of thought was clear.

If so.

That all makes sense.

Ash looked at Dane's shocked face, and at this time he also smiled and spoke:

"Dr. Ohki is basically right every time on this option!"

Dane nodded heavily, with gratitude in his eyes, and bowed deeply to Dr. Ohki: (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

"Thank you, Dr. Ohki!"

He nodded to Ash who was not far away.

The heart whispered:

Thank you too, Ash!

Without hesitation, Dane clenched the light mass in his hand and made his choice!

"I choose C!"


Dan Di looked at the light mass that appeared in front of him.

For a while, his face couldn't help but be stunned.

Even he didn't expect it.

I actually got the opportunity to choose again...

A smile curled at the corner of his mouth.

Yulongdu opened his mouth, obviously a little incredulous, but finally smiled:

"Ha, Dan Emperor, I didn't expect you to be chosen again, perhaps... This is also providence! "

Dan Di looked up.

Looking at the World God List in the air, the corners of his mouth hooked a curve.


He doesn't think so.

Dan Emperor did not hesitate.

Hold the photophore in an instant and give your choice!

"Option C!"


At this moment, accompanied by a burst of exclamations.

The light mass suddenly descended and finally stopped in front of Makoto!

For a while, not only Makoto, but also her mother.

His face was full of stunned.

No one thought of it.

The light group actually came!!

But without any preparation.

For a while, Makoto's mother couldn't help frowning.

The Q&A session just now, as well as the broadcast screen, did not seriously watch it at all.

The attention was all on the daughter.

For a while, Makoto's mother didn't know how to be good.

Makoto glanced at her mother, clenched her fists tightly, and finally stood up:

"Mom, please trust me and Bogaman this time!!"

Makoto's voice was firm.

Her mother couldn't help but look sideways at her determined daughter.

Stunned, finally emphasized:


After receiving her mother's affirmation, Makoto did not hesitate at this time.

Holding Bogaman and clenching the light mass in his hand.

Also given their own choice!



Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

With the news of Fulindo appeared.

The conference room exploded all of a sudden!

Domino:? Fulindo, wouldn't you, you actually got the right to choose this time?

Nazi: ... Don't be stupid with choice b!

Dr. Fuji: Yes, you have to discuss carefully and calculate the option with the highest probability, otherwise the easy choice will only waste the opportunity!

Dr. Nanbo: Why doesn't Fulindo speak? You wouldn't have chosen by now, would you?

Fulindo: No, no, no!

Look at the message sent by Fulindo.

The rocket cadres finally breathed a sigh of relief.

And in the next moment.

With Fulindo sent a message again.

Everyone was completely stunned!

The eyes are full of incredulity.

Frindo: I have already chosen B, sit back and wait for the reward to be issued!

Domino: ???

Nazi: .....

Dr. Fuji: !!

Dr. Nanbo: ???


Team Rockets trio.

Musashi Kojiro and the two couldn't help but look at each other.

Musashi looked a little shocked at this time:

"We actually showed up here again?"

Kojiro also nodded stunnedly, looking a little dumbfounded, and muttered:

"It seems to be us!"

Meow Meow is a little puzzled:

"Then why do we keep showing up with Ash? Meow! "

The voice fell.

Several people looked at each other and understood each other's thoughts.


It's that Pikachu!!

Musashi suddenly became a little smiling:

"Sure enough, it's still us, still so discerning, or found that Pikachu is not ordinary, hahaha!"

Kojiro nodded, and then had some doubts:

"But why do we keep following Ash? Our goal is Pikachu, so..."

Speaking of this, Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

A possibility came to mind.

Meow Meow is even more unceremonious:

"Because we haven't caught him? Meow! "

Thinking of this possibility, the three of them couldn't help but become a little decadent.

But quickly cheered up again!

Musashi clenched his fists tightly:

"We're Team Rocket, how can we give up because of a little difficulty?"

"Even if we don't catch it for the time being, we will always have a chance in the future, as a qualified villain, we must have the consciousness of failure!!"

Kojiro was also encouraged:

"That's right, we're the best players on Team Rocket, and if we lose our fighting spirit because of this little difficulty, it's really bad!!"

Meow Meow nodded approvingly:

"Yes, that's it, Meow!"

At this moment, what the world in the air began to vibrate, and the video began to play again!


[Ash and Makoto stopped, came to the side of the little fire dragon, and carefully began to inquire]

[Little Fire Dragon did not answer]

[Suddenly, I became a little excited again, my steps were a little stumbling, and I ran towards a place! ] 】

[Looking in that direction, a trainer appeared in Ash's eyes! ] 】

[The little fire dragon hugged the trainer's pants tightly, looking very excited]

[The next moment, the trainer kicked the little fire dragon into a puddle! ] 】

[Eyes full of contempt: "A weak Pokémon like you should die! "】

[Ash's emotions are very excited]

[After learning that the little fire dragon was abandoned by him in this place, he was extremely angry! ] 】

[But because the little fire dragon fainted, under the storm, he lost his will to survive, and the fire of life became weaker and weaker, so he had to take the little fire dragon to hide from the rain! ] 】

[After the emergency treatment of the little fire dragon in the cave, Ash held the little fire dragon, warmed him with his own body heat, and gently wiped his hot forehead]

[Under the care of Ash, the little fire dragon broke away from the dangerous state and gradually became stable]


[The answer is c, the reward is being distributed...]


As the video plays.

The whole world is boiling!

Advocate great power, abandon his trainer for the weakness of Pokémon!

Ash, who values the bond of friendship and has always wanted to be friends with Pokémon!

At this time, with the emergence of two completely different attitudes, for a while, the elven world completely exploded! Big!.

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