The real world.

As the video aired, people's emotions completely exploded!

"That guy named Cross is really hateful, actually treating his Pokémon little fire dragon like this, just because he is too weak?"

"Ahhhh, this popular one has itchy teeth, if it weren't for the fact that the little fire dragon is in a critical situation now, Ash doesn't have time to pay attention to him, otherwise he will have to beat that guy named Cross to a fat beating!"

"Well, why isn't that our disagreement now? Many people think that Pokémon are only tools in human hands, and powerful Pokémon have the value of cultivation! "

"That guy named Cross is so hateful that he actually said that friendship only makes Pokémon weaker, what about Ash? At only ten years old, a rookie trainer who has just embarked on a journey can easily defeat an elite-level trainer!! "

"Ash is not only powerful, but also so gentle, Little Fire Dragon's body temperature is too low, Ash uses his own body temperature to warm him? You know that this is just getting acquainted, Ash really... I cried to death! "


True New Town.

As the picture was broadcast, it also caused a lot of shock.

Looking at Ash not far away, people's eyes were full of joy.

I am sincerely happy for this child they have watched grow up.

As for Dane, who was not far away, he looked a little stunned.

Not only love your Pokémon...

Dane's heart was extremely shaken.

Because he also prides himself on being a Pokémon-loving trainer.

I also feel anger when I see that scene.

But it's far from being like Ash.

Other people's Pokémon, no matter how they are treated, it is also someone else's business.

Dane wouldn't care.

But Ash stood up firmly!

Dane looked not far away, looking a little humble Ash, but his heart was shocked!

It's just that he suddenly understood.

Trainers and Pokémon embark on a journey together, exercise together, experience together, and become stronger together.

After the journey, the strength of Pokémon will always usher in a qualitative breakthrough.

"Four Three Seven" Therefore, people simply think that it is training that makes Pokémon stronger!

But I forgot another point.

The kind of bond that Pokémon and trainers accumulate over time!

That's right, the power of bondage, the power that comes from within, people ignore this existence.

And Ash treats Pokémon with his own innocent heart.

Not only to train Pokémon, but also to experience and grow with Pokémon.

It is precisely because of this that the Phoenix King chose Xiaozhi!!

With that in mind.

Dane suddenly understood that it was not Ash's luck that attracted the Phoenix King.

Their encounter will be an inevitable result!

Dane suddenly understood.

I often pay too much attention to Pokémon's moves and how to train Pokémon.

And forgetting the kind of connection between Pokémon and trainers is the root of strength!

Dane's eyes were clear.

Looking at Xiao Zhi not far away, his eyes were full of gratitude.

What he has obtained now, in his heart, is far more generous than the rewards of the World God List!

Dr. Ohki noticed the change in the trainer not far away.

He looked at Xiao Zhi, who looked a little confused, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved.


There are always people who change inadvertently!

At this moment, the light shines brightly.

Finally surfaced on Dane's hand!

[Experience Fruit]: After taking this fruit, Pokémon will gain some experience, learn some skills from it, and increase some bonds with trainers!

As props appear.

The emotions of the people in the live broadcast room completely exploded!

"My God, what kind of experience fruit is this that can directly level up the elves and comprehend skills?"

"Good fellow, I call it out, good fellow, the experience fruit produced by the World God List can be upgraded without any combat and accumulation? The host's luck is really great! "

"I'm fiercely envious, the anchor's luck is so good, I was actually selected for the second time, and Dr. Ohki just happened to be next to him, my God, I don't even know what to say!"

The live broadcast room suddenly rolled into a barrage.

With the advent of props.

A flash of consternation flashed in the middle of Dane's eyes.

In the end, he also smiled faintly.

Is it actually the fruit of experience...

Oh, it's just.

The restricted self doesn't need these things anymore!

What is really powerful is often the heart of trainers and Pokémon!

Dane's eyes were clear.

He once also believed that strong strength is the root of everything, and all kinds of powerful moves are the root of victory!

But now he suddenly understood.

What is really powerful is always the bond between Pokémon and trainers, the last insistence in their hearts!

Dane looked at Ash not far away.

But in my heart, endless curiosity arises.

He is already looking forward to the final battle between Ash and King Feng!

It will definitely be.

Look at Ash and Pikachu on him.

Dane also smiled lightly.

This teenager has so much in him that he can learn.

An inexplicable expectation rose in my heart.

Where can Ash go in the end?

Could it be... World Champion!

The corners of the mouth are slightly upturned, evoking a curve.

But at this time, he already thought that even if he was a world champion, he could not limit Ash!

That phrase popped into my head.

I'm the one who wants to be the world's number one Pokémon Master!

Remembering that the boy desperately protected Pikachu's body.

Endless sighs and sighs rose in my heart.

Without hesitation, he strode in the direction where Ash and Dr. Ohki were.

Came to Dr. Ohki and bowed deeply:

"Thank you, Dr. Ohki!!"

Dr. Ohki just waved his hand slightly and said with a smile:

"Nothing, you deserve it all!"

But at this moment, Dane raised his head and shook his head firmly.

His eyes became clear, looked at Xiao Zhi beside him, and said firmly:

"Thank you, Ash!"

The voice fell.

Ash's eyes couldn't help but appear a touch of stunned.

He was a little confused about Dane in front of him.

At this moment, Dane's eyes were full of seriousness, and he looked at Ash a little eagerly, but he suddenly spoke:

"I've always been obsessed with Pokémon moves, and I think that powerful moves are the key to victory!"

"But until today I found out that I was very wrong, training can make Pokémon strong, but what is really powerful is the heart of the trainer and Pokémon!"

Although Ash was a little puzzled, he still smiled and spoke:

"I think so too!"

Then looked at Pikachu on his shoulder, but also smiled quietly:

"I always feel like with Pikachu by my side, I have infinite strength!!"

Pikachu also responded to Ash happily at this time.

"Pickup Pickup!"

Dane looked at Ash and Pikachu in front of him.

I did smile slightly.

Then he stuffed the [Fruit of Experience] into Ash's hand, and said firmly:

"Please take it!!"

The movement here is a little big, and people's eyes are gathered towards this side.

After seeing this scene, there was a little doubt in his eyes.

Some don't understand.

The netizens in the live broadcast room are completely boiling!

"Oh my God, what is this doing? The reward obtained is given to Ash, what is this doing? Do you want to hug your thighs? (laughing and crying)"

"Ash: I don't dare accept it!"

"Good guy, I call good guy, what is this operation?"

"I guess it's probably because Dr. Ohki chose this answer, the anchor seems to have figured out something?"

Just when netizens were talking about it in the live broadcast room.

At this time, Xiaozhi, who was the party concerned, was even more confused in his eyes, and there was a touch of flattery, and finally quickly waved his hand and refused:


"Actually, I didn't do anything, you don't have to thank me, if you love Pokémon too, that's enough..."

"If I figured out something, I would be very happy, let's have a Pokémon battle!!"

To the end.

Ash's eyes were also full of excitement.

Facing people who also love Pokémon, it is natural to have a Pokémon battle!

Dane didn't react for a while, and looked at Ash in front of him a little dumbfounded.

The boy wears a red hat and a yellow Pikachu on his head.

The smile was so bright.

Dane was a little stunned for a while.

Dr. Ohki couldn't help but cover his forehead.

Ash is like this, and he wants to have a Pokémon battle without saying a word, which is estimated to scare people!

Just as he was about to step forward and pull Ash away.

Dane suddenly spoke:


A pure Pokémon battle. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )


As the video plays.

Yulongdu and Dan Emperor looked at each other.

Dan Di couldn't help but laugh in the end.

The eyes are a little fanatical, looking at Ash in the picture, full of excitement!

It's not because of getting a reward.

It's because it validates the inner thoughts.

I am already looking forward to meeting Ash more and more!

As for the Royal Dragon Du beside him, it was full of shock, and there was a little incredible.

After a long silence, he slowly spit out a sentence:

"Is that your insistence..."

I don't know if this sentence is asking Dan Di or Xiaozhi in the picture.

At this moment, the Dan Emperor spoke with some emotion:

"That boy, that kind of love for Pokémon from the bottom of his heart can never be pretended, and it cannot be hidden!"

"I'm already looking forward to fighting Ash more and more in the future, and his little fire dragon will definitely evolve into a very powerful fire-breathing dragon in the future..."

"I can't wait to fight him, Ash, grow up quickly!!"

Dan Di said to the end.

The eyes are full of anticipation and fanaticism.

He has begun to look forward to Ash's Pokémon in the future, and what kind of powerful Pokémon will Ash's friends be?

Yulongdu frowned slightly at this moment, and asked with some puzzlement:

"Emperor Dan, are you sure? But this little fire dragon looks weak, and..."

"His character is too cowardly, as a fire attribute Pokémon, it is really too much worse!!"

But at this moment, the Dan Emperor shook his head slightly.

His eyes were full of seriousness.

"No, it's not like that!"

"If so, judging the weakness and strength of a Pokémon is too wrong!"

"Whether a Pokémon is strong or not depends on the trainer, and the bond between them!"

"A strong trainer, the strength is not only the skills he trains, but the heart that treats each other with sincerity!!"

The words of the Dan Emperor fell........

Suddenly it set off terrifying waves in the heart of Yulongdu.

At this moment, my heart is pro-heart, and I murmured:

A heart that treats each other with sincerity...

Suddenly his eyes lit up.

Looking at the Dan Emperor not far away, and finally looking at Xiaozhi in the air.

He seemed to understand that he would always be a little worse than the Dan Emperor.

It is because of that heart!

Although the bond between and Pokémon is deep.

But that heart that treats each other with sincerity, when two hearts collide together, will burst out with unparalleled power!

The Dan Emperor has no secret.

His only secret is... That heart that treats each other with sincerity!

Yulongdu understood.

Also looking up at the sky, looking at Ash in the picture, but endless expectations rose in his heart at this moment.

The little fire dragon that looked a little cowardly.

Will it really bloom differently on his hands?

Yulongdu's heart is extremely looking forward to it!

That little fire dragon, what kind of growth will it have in the future?

At this moment, the light mass bloomed with a dazzling light, and then dissipated.

A prop lay quietly in the hands of the Dan Emperor.

【Heart of the brave】: When facing the enemy, it is crucial to have a determination to win! The more determined the heart, the stronger the increase! Up to 30% increase!!

With the advent of this prop.

The introduction of Yulongdu and Dan Emperor after seeing the props.

At this time.

But it is also extremely shocking!!

Yulongdu was completely dumbfounded.

Full is incredible!

Up to 30%!

What a horrible value.

You must know that the current Dan Emperor is already a champion-level trainer.

Deservedly the number one in the world!

The value of his Pokémon has reached a terrifying situation.

But at this moment, on this basis, it can actually increase by a maximum of 30%?

Yulongdu no longer dared to imagine.

When he really fights, what kind of terrifying strength will the Dan Emperor have?

As for the Dan Emperor, after getting the props in front of him.

But he couldn't help but laugh, just smiled.

Then he looked up at the World God List.

Look at Ash in the picture, clenching his fists tightly.

Get extremely powerful power-ups?

It was not enough to make Dan Di very excited.

What really excites him is still the Pokémon battle itself, and the ... Ash!


As the video plays.

Look at Ash's various behaviors in the picture.

Makoto froze for a while.

Makoto, who has always thought that she is not inferior to anyone, is also convinced at this moment.

She wants to be a great trainer and not accept defeat to anyone.

Even if it was Ash before, deep down he only thought that his luck was better.

But until this scene appeared.

Even if it is to treat such a weak Pokémon.

Ash is still able to be so gentle, and even warms the little fire dragon with his body!

At this time, Makoto's mother's words interrupted her thoughts:

"Makoto, you got it right!!"

Makoto 3.7 nodded stunnedly.

Only then did he react, and his expression became a little surprised.

"Am I right?"

"I got it right!!"

At the next moment, the light in his hand suddenly exploded, and a prop lay quietly in Makoto's hand.

[Mysterious Water Drop]: Has a mysterious water drop that can enhance the power of the water attribute Pokémon, and the water attribute Pokémon get a certain degree of increase after carrying!

After seeing the prop in his hand.

Makoto and her mother looked at each other and saw surprise in each other's eyes.

Soon, the mysterious water droplets were simply made into a necklace and put on Pogaman.

With the skill test after the test.

That's up about 15%!

Makoto looked a little excited at the moment.

Makoto's mother's expression became a little shocked.

Locally, she is also a very great trainer, but she has never heard of such outrageous props.

Able to conquer 15% of the power!

And looking at this effect, it seems to have a certain growth.

Pokémon talent will have a certain volatility.

After evolution, talent will also usher in certain changes.

Doesn't that mean that Makoto's Pogaman can even increase even stronger after evolution?

At this time, Makoto's mother became a little uncalm.

He looked at Makoto solemnly, and finally said seriously:

"You must not tell others about this prop, you must protect it!!"

There was a moment of silence, and finally he began to add.

"If you encounter danger during the trip in the future, don't force it, just hand over the props!"

Makoto looked at her mother.

I heard a concern that I hadn't heard in a long time.

The face was full of shock, already full of incredulity.


After a long time, the last focus is on!

Then he looked up at the World God List.

All this was brought by Ash!

There is a lot of gratitude in my eyes.

At the same time, with a hint of anticipation.

I can also follow Ash and see the legendary Pokémon... Phoenix King?.

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