Rocket Team Cadre Meeting Room.

At the moment, it is also completely blown up! Domino: No, no, no, you actually got the right answer so perfectly?

Nazi: ... I have nothing to say about this, except to say that some people will not be rewarded for a lifetime.

Dr. Nanba: Although the boy named Ash is an enemy of Team Rocket, he is really annoying!

Dr. Fuji: Sure enough, this is the answer, his behavior is also in my expectation, I can only say, really worthy of being chosen by the Phoenix King!!

Fulindo was completely silent at the moment.

Because the two PhDs are not paying attention to him now.

By comparing Domino and Nazi, the two doctors no longer expect anything from him.

Not even half of the topic was focused on him.

FLINDO: Ah, it's not option B? It seems that I am not very lucky, I have to find a temple to go to obscurity!

Domino: ???

Nazi: Where are you not very lucky, I suggest you go to the Pokémon hospital to take a look, your brain does not seem to be very good!!

FLINDO: Didn't you accidentally choose the wrong answer... It's necessary!

Nazi: You accidentally chose the wrong answer, you first ruled out the correct answer, and chose the most wrong answer!!

Fulindo: ...

Dr. Fuji: That little fire dragon made me a little curious.

Dr. Nanbo: Why isn't that an ordinary little fire dragon? And the personality seems to be a little cowardly, not very suitable for the appearance of fighting!

Dr. Fuji: That's true at the moment, but I'm more concerned about how the bond between Ash and the little fire dragon will stimulate the development of the little fire dragon in the future?

FLINDO: Huh? Aren't Pokémon talented? Doesn't talent determine the upper limit?

Dr. Fuji: It was true, but now I have changed my mind, maybe in the Pokémon body, the power called bonds, the power that comes from the heart... Maybe there are secrets we haven't discovered!!

Dr. Nanbo: I didn't expect you to have explored to this point... It's really frightening!



Rocket Team Headquarters.

At this moment, Mewtwo also brought the suppressor created by Team Rocket, and the cool mecha flashed with a cold light!

Sakaki looked at Mewtwo not far away.

Feeling the surging power in his body, his heart was also extremely excited at the moment.

As long as you have this power.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it.

Catch the shirabi and loot all the rewards...

You can do it all yourself!

It's just that the current Mewtwo still needs to polish his strength.

Therefore, Sakaki did not immediately send Mewtwo out to capture Sherabi and snatch the reward.

But it's fast...

A gloomy gulf flashed in Sakaki's eyes.

As for Ash's boy, as long as it doesn't get in the way of his plans, then everything is fine.

If anyone gets in the way of their plans, they will be eliminated!


Mewtwo doesn't know what Sakaki is thinking.

Just quietly looked up and looked at Ash played in the picture.

Desperately save the little fire dragon!

Even warm the little fire dragon with your own body!

After seeing that scene, my heart did feel a little touched.

A trace of doubt could not help but flash in his eyes.

What happened to me just now?

What is that emotion that appears in my heart?

Mewtwo couldn't help but have doubts in his heart, but he didn't say it.

Just watch quietly.

And the original trainer.

The demeanor of disgust for the weak Pokémon made Mewtwo feel very uncomfortable.

"I was... What's wrong? "

Mewtwo couldn't help but think like this in his heart.

For the boy named Xiaozhi, there was a touch of curiosity and expectation in his heart.

Why is he a human trainer, but his approach is completely different.

Just while I was still thinking about it.

Sakaki's voice interrupted his thoughts.

Sakaki looked at Mewtwo not far away and said lightly:

"If you want to control your power and find that legendary dream, you must obey my command in the next days!!"

When Mewtwo heard this, he could only nod.

Because according to Sakaki.

If your own power is not controlled, you will lose control and destroy all good things.

Mewtwo doesn't want to lose.

I want to find the figure that keeps appearing in my dreams... Dream!

After a long silence, under Sakaki's arrangement, he began to train his control power!

Watch Mewtwo start training.

Sakaki still looked as usual, looking up at Ash played in the screen, and then saw the little fire dragon.

There was a hint of fluctuation in his eyes.

It's such a familiar Gosanjia.

Sakaki's eyes couldn't help but darken, but they quickly recovered.

Just quietly looking at Ash in the picture.

Finally, turn around and leave the place.

A word echoed in the empty laboratory.

"Conquer the world~~..."

There was a little melancholy and a little confusion in the words.

But after walking out of this lab, Sakaki is still the boss of the rocket team.

That Sakaki who never seems to have a fluctuating expression!


Asaka Town.

Look at the abandoned little fire dragon.

Serena at this time was also full of indignation!

Constantly waving the powder ring, it seems to be a little angry.

But after Yu Guang noticed Ash, his eyes brought a touch of softness!

Finally sitting by the campfire and warming the little fire dragon with her own body, Serena was also a little helpless, but more gentle:

"Ash, it's always been so gentle..."

A flash of memory flashed in Serena's eyes.

It was her first meeting with Ash.

The boy stretched out his hand to the girl in despair and took her away from the forest!

It also took away the girl's heart...

I remember that memory.

Serena's eyes also flashed a touch of tenderness, looked at Ash in the picture, and muttered:


After seeing her daughter's appearance, Saqi also had a little headache for a while.

Serena received her Pokémon.

Saqi looked at Serena's appearance of being so attentive to Ash, and finally spoke:

"Since you want to stand by Ash's side, you must have enough strength!"

"Train with Pokémon during the journey, experience with Pokémon, and grow together!"

"This is the essence of a trainer!"

Hearing her mother's words, Serena nodded heavily, and a touch of determination flashed in her eyes.

Looking up at Ash in the air, he pursed his mouth.

After receiving the Pokémon.

As long as you are ready, you can embark on a journey to meet Ash.

Serena looked at Ash in the picture, her eyes full of softness.

Seems to think of something?

Suddenly he became a little flustered again.

Can Ash still recognize himself at a glance?

For a while, Serena became a little apprehensive in her heart.



Hualan Taokan.

"Oh my God, Ash is really too gentle, I believe that boys who are so gentle with Pokémon must also be very gentle..."

Sakura's eyes were full of admiration.

"Although it seems a little dull, it is always the most reliable when it is critical, and this is really ... Boyfriend of your dreams!! "

Calamus was extremely excited at the moment, and finally brought a little smile and looked at Xiaoxia not far away:

"Xiaoxia, do you mind if I compete with you for Ash?"

Peony said with a big grin:

"The character of the messenger chosen by the Phoenix King is absolutely reliable, so when this video is broadcast, I estimate that many girls have begun to fall in love with Xiaozhi, Xiaoxia, you have to grasp it!"

Heard several sisters' jokes again.

Xiao Xia suddenly became a little crazy on the surface, but she began to think in her heart.

Are there really many girls who would like Ash?

For a while, before I knew it, my heart began to become urgent!


Xiaoxia did not continue to think about it.

It's just that at this moment, under the surface of madness, there is a worried heart in the heart.

Looking at Ash in the picture, watching his kind actions, he didn't take care of himself at all.

At the moment, he was with a little blame: "Obviously I can't take care of myself, but I still take care of Pokémon..."

The sound is small.

Although it is blame, but with a strong sense of concern.

At the same time, for the girl who appeared next to Ash, there was also a sense of crisis in his heart.

Isn't Ash's future partner himself?

Why is this girl here?

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Xiaoxia's heart was a little flustered.

She didn't know what she was thinking.

But after seeing Ash and the other girls become companions, I did feel a little inexplicably irritable in my heart.

It's like... Beloved things are taken away in half!

He is his companion on the journey of the future!

That's right, it must be!

How Xiao Xia comforted herself in her heart.

Then the eyes became firm.

You must not let your companions be deceived by those bad women.

This is my responsibility as a companion of Ash!

Well, that's right.

That's it!


Souji looked at the scene that appeared in the picture, he actually misunderstood Ash at first?

I also feel a little sorry in my heart.

Looking at Ash's actions behind him, he didn't care at all.

At this time, Soji's heart was even more guilty.

From what angle do you want to speculate about a trainer who loves Pokémon?

Ash's love for Pokémon, whether it is the previous video or the current move,

All have been proven...

In the matter of Pokémon, Ash's love is absolutely not lost to anyone!!

Clenching his fists tightly, Soji nodded.

When the video is over, I must go to see Ash and apologize in front of him!

Exhale deeply.

Looking at Ash in the picture, at this time, his eyes were even more eager...

Will he become companions with Ash?

Then embark on a journey to find the Phoenix King together!

Tracing the trail of those legendary Pokémon is the meaning of his journey!

With Dr. Pokémon as his goal, he wants to learn more about the stories of legendary Pokémon, and he wants to experience their power firsthand!

But as the picture aired.

Soji suddenly realized something again, as if he had thought of something, and lowered his head in shame.

He suddenly understood.

Compared to putting all your energy into those legendary Pokémon...

I should be like Ash, to care about more ordinary Pokémon!

This is something that I have never done.

After figuring it out, Soji looked up.

Looking at Ash, at this time, endless expectations rose in his heart!

He is already looking forward more and more to what Ash will go in the future...

Do you really fight the Phoenix King?

Soji understood that this was the difference between himself and Ash.

It's also where the gap is really widened!

For legendary Pokémon, there is no one who does not want to explore.

The same goes for Ash.

But he pays more attention to the Pokémon around him.

It is Pikachu who grew up with him!

They are going to challenge the Phoenix King together!

Challenge the Phoenix King...

Ash, what kind of person are you?

The battle with the Phoenix King is really exciting!


League of Elves.

As the answer appeared, the heavenly kings did not shake much.

It was also expected.

Mother-in-law Juzi looked at Ash in the picture, with a little emotion in her tone:

"Maybe it's because of this that King Feng chose Ash!!"

Daigo nodded, and he was looking forward to how far Ash could grow:

"Yes, looking forward to his growth!"

"I'm afraid that when he really grows up, the growing contradiction between humans and Pokémon can really be solved!"

When the words fell, the audience was suddenly a little silent.

That's right.

The contradiction between humans and Pokémon.

Although there is an alliance of elves in which to reconcile.

But the rapid development of human beings has also encroached on the territory of wild Pokémon.

Ash was attacked by the Flaming Sparrow before, and that is the best example.

King Feng is known as a messenger of peace.

He also advocates the harmonious survival of humans and Pokémon.

Even, in the legend, the power of the Phoenix King comes from the happy waveguide between humans and Pokémon!

In this regard, come and constantly look for a pure Pokémon trainer.

Until Ash's appearance.

It gave hope to all the high-level leaders of the Elven Alliance present.

Due to the growing contradictions, there are more and more things to deal with below.

Even a little tired of coping.

However, in Ash's body, I see the hope of harmonious survival between humans and Pokémon!

Hiba nodded, and at this time a little big grin laughed loudly:

"Everyone must believe in Ash, I believe that the boy will be able to do it!!"

Karuni only sighed slightly:

"But he's just a ten-year-old..."

Daigo nodded, but then a touch of firmness appeared in his sky-blue eyes:

"We should give him some space and time to grow, shouldn't we?"

"Trust those juniors, they are no less excellent than us!!"

Daigo's voice fell.

The kings of heaven also nodded at this moment!

Looking at Ash in the picture again, everyone's eyes changed.

It's as if looking into the future of humans and elves.

It was like seeing the hope of the alliance.

Hirona's beautiful eyes suddenly brightened, holding her chin, carefully looking at Ash, but at a certain moment, she suddenly laughed:

"This boy can always surprise us..."

"Really curious, what step can he go to in the future, and what kind of style will his future Pokémon have?"


Team Rocket's trio watching Ash and Dane play against each other.

Musashi couldn't help but sigh at this moment:

"My God, in such a short period of time, that Pikachu has actually become stronger again, what a terrifying talent?"

Kojiro was also shocked and closed his mouth:

"Seriously, how do I feel that the cooperation between Ash and Pikachu has become more and more tacit, and it is a notch higher than before!"

Meow Meow's eyes became more and more excited at this moment:

"That's right, that's right, it's estimated that it has now reached the level of an ordinary trainer, and it's almost approaching us!" Pikachu's talent is too strong, meow! "

Meow's voice fell.

Immediately, the two fell into silence.

Ash became stronger so quickly.

When he set off, wouldn't it be defeatable?

How to snatch Pikachu then?

At this moment, Kojiro suddenly slapped his thigh, and his eyes became a little excited:

"We are evil villains, we don't have to defeat Ash, no matter what means we use to grab Pikachu!!"

Musashi's eyes also lit up:

"yes, why didn't I expect that!"

Meow: "That's it, Meow! "

Musashi observed Ash in the telescope, and finally just exclaimed:

"I didn't expect that such a 10-year-old little fart would actually be selected by the Phoenix King to become the Rainbow Brave!"

Kojiro nodded and added:

He also said that when he and Pikachu meet the Phoenix King again, they will have a duel in person, a 10-year-old rookie trainer and the Phoenix King duel? How is it possible! "

Meow Meow is even more full of course:

"That is, that little ghost head is too self-sufficient, and when the video is played, he regrets that it is too late, that is a disgrace in front of the world, Meowei!"

Kojiro nodded even more:

"Uh-huh, but why, it always feels like it's us who lose face every time?"

Meow: !!

Musashi: Don't mention that again!!

Just as several people were arguing, the World God List, which had been silent for a long time, began to play the video again at this moment! .

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