Empty originally thought that Li Xiangxian wanted Zhang Zhenren to exchange the exercises, who knew that Li Xiangxian just asked for a discussion?

Little Junior Brother, Little Junior Brother, you are crazy, to know the promise of a land immortal, how important that is.

It is clear that he can do more with this promise, such as letting Zhang Sanfeng and his master fight against the second envoy of Xia Ke Island.

He asked Lee Sang-hyun to come, just thinking that Lee Sang-hyun could maximize his interests, and who knew that you were just letting the other party negotiate with you.

Angry to roll your eyes, what is this called, it is not a requirement at all, you can save the other party's life not to mention, but also make the other party's strength greatly increased.

You made such a request, and you knew that you should not have come.



So the two left the hall and went outside to have a discussion.

When the people of Juechan Temple learned that Li Xiangxian was going to compete with the land immortal masters, they all came to watch, and they all began to look forward to it.

They all know one thing, the little junior brother is very strong, and he beat the Tian Yuan master to the point of no fight back at the age of six, and I don't know if with the strength of the little junior brother now, he can fight with the land immortal.

Li Xiangxian's demon is well known to everyone, and he doesn't know how many times the land immortal compares to the little junior brother.

As soon as they learned that the two were going to compete, they were naturally very happy, and it was a rare opportunity to see the real master's moves.

Li Xiangxian is naturally looking forward to this scene, he has only made a move once, and today he finally has the opportunity to play with a real master, it is an honor, I want to see the gap between himself and the land immortal.

As soon as the two arrived outside, they naturally competed in the sky, and Li Xiangxian saluted: "Zhang Zhenren, offended!"

The two stand opposite each other, one old and one young, a monk, a Taoist, and those who don't know will definitely think that this is a dispute between Buddhism and Dao.

Although the identities of the two are different, the strong aura of the two has made many people admire.

All the disciples of Juechan Temple were extremely excited, if the little junior disciple could defeat the land immortals, then their Juechan Temple would definitely be famous for nine days.

You must know that the land immortal on the opposite side, or the founding ancestor of Wudang, if you win, you will earn blood, and if you lose, you will not lose ah!

A demon, a pioneer.

The exchange between the two is bound to make the Juezen Temple exciting, and I want to see the tricks of the two.

You must know that both of them are people who create exercises, Zhang Zhenren has been famous for decades, Taiji sword and Taijiquan are overwhelmed, and today I want to see the style!

A lot of people talked about it.

"Empty, is that person above really a real person?"

"Uncle Master, of course this is true."

"Senior sister, you are also here."

"There is a good show to watch, can't we come?"


"You say, who will be better?"

"The little junior brother is certainly a demon, but the other party is a land immortal."

Fan Qinghui and everywhere they went came to watch, and they all knew that Li Xiangxian was very enchanting and created martial arts at the age of six.

And Zhang Sanfeng is not as enchanting as Li Xiangxian, but Zhang Sanfeng is also a person who can create martial arts, and he belongs to the kind of late bloomer.

The fight between the two, just hearing their names, is already full of anticipation.

"I also think that Zhang Zhenren has a greater chance of winning, although our little junior brother is a demon, he is better than young, but he is too young!!"

"Agree, Zhang Zhenren is a master who has been famous for a long time, and the little junior brother can't please him."

"I don't agree with this, the battle has not yet begun, we have not made a good conclusion."

"Zhang Zhenren belongs to the peerless master of the Tianwu Continent, but the little junior brother is only a peerless master, and the victory and defeat are clear at a glance."

Everyone said the prediction in their hearts, there are losses and wins.

"Little junior sister, who do you think will win?" Someone looked at Shifei Xuan, wanting to hear her thoughts.

After all, Shifei Xuan and Little Junior Brother are together every day, and now the person who knows Little Junior Brother best is none other than Shifei Xuan.

Concubine Shi Xuan pondered for a moment, and slowly spoke: "I think it's a tie, and the little junior brother also admires Zhang Zhenren, although I want to ask for advice."

"And Zhang Zhenren has asked for the Juechan Temple, naturally they will not fight hard, they are naturally simply talking, until the point is reached!"

Everyone nodded, or Shifei Xuan said it made sense, there is no so-called win or loss, only competition, it's as simple as that.

"This is a rare opportunity, some people may not see the land immortals in their lives, everyone look good and feel well."

"Your uncle is right, not for you to come to see the excitement, but for them to understand something from it."

When two older people talk like this, no one dares to beep.

One by one, they looked up and looked at the two people in the sky, as for why in the sky, they had to pay for breaking things.

Coupled with the possibility of getting out of control, it will hurt the innocent at that time, which is one thing, and of course, the other is to let everyone see it more clearly.

The two people in the sky stood hand in hand, like immortals.

Without saying much, the two swords on the martial arts practice field flew into the hands of the two, obviously the two were going to compete in swordsmanship.

Li Xiangxian was also not polite and directly took the lead in attacking.

"The Cihang Sword Classic sword moves that the juniors recently learned, and I also ask the seniors for advice."

Li Xiangxian went towards Zhang Zhenren with one move "Sword Qi Yangtze River", but was easily dissolved by Zhang Zhen's Taiji sword technique, and Li Xiangxian made a second move "Sword Lord Heaven and Earth".

Even in the sword domain, Zhang Zhenren was calm, knowing that he had failed, Li Xiangxian successively used "Sword Spirit Huanyu" and "Sword God Selfless".

This sword can move mountains and destroy cities, and if it can't be blocked, it will be pierced by a sword and die.

As a result, Zhang Zhenren deserved to be a land immortal master, and with one move, he released his strength with force, and directly transferred Li Xiangxian Xeqiang and transferred away.

And the place where it was transferred instantly exploded, and the entire bamboo forest formed a sinkhole.


Looking at the huge pit with a diameter of one mile and a depth of less than ten meters, the people of Juechan Temple were stunned.

Okay, it's not like that!

Everyone also saw that Li Xiangxian had no sword, so how to fight with Zhang Zhenren, it would definitely fall below.

"The junior occasionally obtains the twelve swords of Xuanyin, please teach the real person!"

The True Yuan in Li Xiangxian's body surged and turned into twelve swords, which were swords with four attributes: wind, fire, ice, and thunder, and each attribute had three swords.

Zhang Zhenren could not have imagined that Li Xiangxian was young, and his cultivation had already reached this step, and his kendo talent was the first time he had seen it.

In time, this son will definitely be famous for nine days, and this talent is really envious!

The twelve swords came out together, and Zhang Sanfeng also knew these powerful swords, knowing that the hardness was comparable to the sword in his hand, and the other party's attributes were extremely special.

His sword would definitely be shattered, so he had to use a Tai Chi Bagua, and instantly bounced the twelve swords out, allowing them to shoot towards the bamboo forest in the distance.


The entire bamboo forest was directly blown up, and seeing this scene, the people of Juechan Temple were stunned.

They really didn't see anything famous, obviously the twelve swords that seemed to be ordinary were extremely powerful.

Fortunately, it did not fall on their Juezen Temple, otherwise I am afraid that the Juezen Temple would be destroyed cleanly.

"The wind rises!"

Zhang Sanfeng immediately came to such a move, and in an instant, the wind and clouds in the sky surged, and the flow speed accelerated ten thousand times, forming a huge storm.

Seeing that they were about to swallow Li Xiangxian, this couldn't help but make Kong and the others change color slightly, and they knew that this was the power of the land immortals.

Even though the storm was aimed at Li Xiangxian, they still felt the oppression a few kilometers below.

So Li Xiangxian, who is at the center of the storm, the situation is definitely not optimistic, they think so.

It is worthy of being a land immortal, it is too strong, and their faces show amazement.

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