Even if it is separated by thousands of meters, that kind of oppression still makes the disciples below a little breathless, this is to mobilize the vitality of heaven and earth!

Li Xiangxian was not afraid of the storm, but sat down, seemingly not affected, but looked very calm and calm.

There was no pressure at all, which not only made everyone feel so, but Zhang Sanfeng was also very surprised, knowing that the wind speed at the center of the storm was enough to crush a person's body.

I can't imagine that Li Xiangxian is so young that he has already practiced this kind of King Kong is not bad?

Suddenly, there was a golden light in the center of the storm, and Li Xiangxian sat down, allowing the baptism of the storm to stand still.

Instead, a Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm came out, and in an instant, the surrounding storm turned into ice in an instant.

Clouded ice, coupled with a storm, it can be said that the center of this storm instantly solidified into ice, and a huge tornado gyro ice formed in the air.

With a boom, the tornado fell from the sky, frightening everyone to retreat one after another.


Smashed on the ground, smoke and dust, they could not imagine that one person could control the wind, and one person could condense the storm into ice.


Can land immortals control nature?

They think like this anyway, but this is not the case, the average land immortal just has his own magical powers, and does not have the ability to call the wind and rain.

"Ten thousand swords return to the sect!"

Li Xiangxian made this move, and with a wave of his hand, the Zhenyuan in his body turned into a heavenly sword qi and shot towards Zhang Sanfeng.

Looking at the dense sword qi in the sky, this makes the onlookers feel numb in the scalp, don't you need to practice your internal strength?

There are so many things that are used at one time and do not require money, it is easy to use!

Zhang Sanfeng was taken aback, looking at the dense sword qi beside Li Xiangxian, he couldn't help but be stunned.

It seems that he can't paddle, otherwise he looks down on others, such a powerful genius, it is also an honor to fight with it.

The power in Zhang Sanfeng's body also surged, and he quickly condensed a Taijitu flowing, black and white Taijitu, against thousands of sword qi.

After a stalemate like this for a while, Li Xiangxian's strength seemed to be inexhaustible, and such passive defense was never a solution.

Zhang Sanfeng relied on extremely strong strength to force the Taijitu out, and then condensed a sword and chased after him.

It can be said that the Taijitu is used to block Li Xiangxian's line of sight, and the real killing move is behind.

I saw Zhang Sanfeng instantly crossing hundreds of meters away, a sword had already been killed, and everyone knew that Li Xiangxian was about to lose.

Because Li Xiangxian has not yet discovered the real killing move, the defeat has been decided, and someone wants to make a reminder, but the words have not yet been spoken.

I saw Lee Sang-hyun disappear into the sky, what happened?

Lee Sang-hyun disappeared for no reason and turned into nothingness?

Zhang Sanfeng was taken aback, this sword did not stab Li Xiangxian, and he couldn't help but look around, but he still didn't find Li Xiangxian's figure.

In the next second, Li Xiangxian's figure flashed, and suddenly appeared behind Zhang Sanfeng, this move was endless, and Zhang Sanfeng couldn't help him.

Even if he doesn't use this trick, Li Xiangxian still has the Void Escape Technique, and it is not difficult to dodge the attack.

Zhang Sanfeng was amazed in his heart, Li Xiangxian went somewhere, and he was surprised to find that there was a figure behind him in the sword in his hand.

Unexpectedly, this teenager's strength and martial arts are very strong, and they can't even be inferred by common sense.

Knowing that Li Xiangxian was not far behind him, Zhang Sanfeng was shocked in his heart, if Li Xiangxian took advantage of his unpreparedness, how should he deal with it?

The sword that he thought would kill just now was easily dodged by Li Xiangxian, and quietly appeared behind him.

It is to know that it is a sword that must be killed, and just now he used a condensed sword, not a real sword, that is, he was afraid of hurting Li Xiangxian.

Who knows that he thought too much, Li Xiangxian's body is so strange that he couldn't detect his breath just now.

As soon as Li Xiangxian appeared, he launched another attack towards Zhang Sanfeng, directly moving the sword heavenly thunder, turning the sword into thunder, attacking the enemy's body, and exploding like thunder!

At first, when he saw these swords, Zhang Sanfeng didn't think so, but when he thought of Li Xiangxian's weirdness, he immediately became vigilant.

Even so, when that sword qi was blocked by him, it instantly exploded, directly causing Zhang Sanfeng to take a few steps back, careless!

[You used the Ditian Wild Thunder, you had an epiphany, you created the Immortal Wild Thunder! ] 】

Immortal thunder, the simplest moves are heavenly thunder leading, thunder finger, thunder and thunder, thunder and disease.

A blue thunder appeared in Li Xiangxian's hand, croaking, his figure flashed, and he walked towards Zhang Sanfeng with thunder.

Zhang Sanfeng's face was solemn, knowing that Li Xiangxian was extremely powerful, who would have thought that he could still control thunder and lightning, you told me that he was only ten years old.

Are you sure it's not the kind of reincarnated ancestor in the legend?

Even so, Zhang Sanfeng, as a true land immortal, was naturally not afraid, and launched countless sword qi with one hand of Taiji sword technique, not allowing Li Xiangxian to get close.

The two fought in the sky, the sky was clear, and the clouds were covered with dark clouds by the two, and it was drizzling, as if the sky was crying by the two.

The people below were stunned, dumbfounded, and said yes, you have broken the sky.

Is this a land immortal?

It's really incredible, the two figures are haunted, and even if everyone can't see the trajectory clearly, they are still mesmerized.

They only have one feeling, so strong, the land immortals are really too bullish, countless phantoms in the sky are flickering, and their eyes have been spent.

Is lightning faster than two people?

I can't see who is powerful at all, I only know that both of them are powerful, and I can't even tell who the body shape is, how can I know who loses and who wins?

Suddenly, a huge figure appeared in the sky, and it was Li Xiangxian who made the move of Thunder God's anger.

There was lightning and thunder in the sky, thunder was loud, and the thunder was like exploding in the ears, buzzing, and the eardrums were about to be broken.

Of course, this is not a simple move, Li Xiangxian also used the move in the palm of Rulai, and the two were combined, and both Thunder God and Buddha appeared.

Zhang Sanfeng was also shocked by his pupils, this son may be cultivated in the King Kong Realm, but his strength is already comparable to most of the land immortals, which is really terrifying!

Fortunately, he has consolidated over the years, otherwise he is definitely not this person's opponent, a ten-year-old land immortal, how do you let me deal with it?

This kind of genius is unheard of, and it can only be said that he is the reincarnation of an immortal.

How nice it would be if this son were his Wudang man!

What a teenage genius!

This person's talent is unmatched by no one in the Tianwu Continent!

Kendo is magical.

Also master the thunder law, how can other land immortals live!

You are a ten-year-old boy, the strength is similar to mine, who is more than a hundred years old, and you still can't live?

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