Shifei Xuan was taken aback, she couldn't imagine that she was often with Li Xiangxian on weekdays, but she never felt that Li Xiangxian was much stronger than herself.

Now seeing that Li Xiangxian can compete with the land immortals, it really makes her admire Li Xiangxian's power, this guy is too powerful!

Waiting for him to try to play, you must let him teach himself, there is such a powerful thing, you don't even teach yourself, hmph, wait!

And Zhang Wuji looked at the competition between Shigong and Li Xiangxian, and he was stunned to see it, you must know that his father said, Shigong is a very powerful person

But this Li Xiangxian, who was similar to himself, was able to fight with Shi Gong without winning or losing, which really surprised him.

This is also too powerful, I didn't expect this person from Juechan Temple to be so strong, if he wasn't a person from Wudang, he would definitely not be able to help but want to worship Juechan Temple.

Zhou Zhiruo also felt the same, obviously everyone was about the same age, but Li Xiangxian was so powerful, if only he could stay here to practice martial arts.

It's a pity that Juechan Temple is full of monks, people will definitely not take them in, no, obviously there are a few women, why can they be in Juechan Temple?

As the highest generation person in the Juezen Temple, where to see the speechlessness in the heart of the Zen master, Li Xiangxian, this demon, his strength has reached the point of being compared with the land immortals.

It's not good, the senior brother is not as powerful as Li Xiangxian, you must know that Zhang Sanfeng is a land immortal who has been famous for a long time, and he is not left behind in the slightest.

The first master of Juechan Temple, it is really difficult to say, but this is very good, if the second envoy of Xia Ke Island comes, they will have the power of a battle.

The second envoy of Xia Ke Island has always been a master of the mythical level, anyway, it is a land immortal, and it is definitely a good thing that they have two such masters in the Juzen Temple.

If they can turn over the two envoys of Xia Ke Island, then they Juechan Temple is definitely the most powerful sect in the entire Tianwu Continent.

You must know that many people once wanted to challenge the second envoy of Xia Ke Island, but they were defeated one by one, including many land immortals.

Empty and the others could only shake their heads, they knew that the little junior brother was a heavenly person, and what they compared with the little junior brother.

But now that Juechan Temple has two land immortal masters, they are naturally very happy, and they will walk with their heads held high when the time comes.

Fan Qinghui shook his head, still underestimating Li Xiangxian's strength, seemingly only ten years old, but his strength is far from being comparable to ordinary people.

It seems that the rise of Juechan Temple is already unstoppable, and the apprentice has a good relationship with Li Xiangxian, does it mean that Cihang Jingzhai can also be rebuilt.

The main reason is that Li Xiangxian taught them that the Tai Xuan sword method is too powerful, both internal strength and sword technique, or attack and defense integration, cultivation to the highest, not to mention also land immortals.

If they can bring the Twelve Xuanyin Swords again, they can definitely be stronger and recruit more disciples at that time.

No, disciples are not in the many, but in the refinement, now three is enough, if you encounter a good talent, you will receive it when the time comes.

Li Xiangxian's strength is obvious to all, and in addition to admiration, that is, envy.

In the face of the thunder Wanjun used by Li Xiangxian, Zhang Sanfeng knew that this thunder blow, if it could not be blocked, would be a heaven-destroying existence.

The True Qi in Zhang Sanfeng's body also burst out, and the long sword in his hand swung, once again drawing a Taiji diagram, meeting the thunderous blow.


A loud sound came from the sky, which shocked everyone's ears, and they were stunned, and the shock in their hearts was shocked.

Just the aftermath of the two forces has already destroyed all the trees below, and if they are hit by this move of the two people, won't they be shattered into slag.

The ground was so full of smoke and dust that they were obstructed from seeing the situation above, and when the dust cleared, they saw two people in the sky.

I don't know who loses or who wins, maybe it's really like Shifei Xuan said, the two are a draw!

Still very curious, he asked the two uncles, "Who won?" "

Li Xiangxian looked at Zhang Sanfeng and said with a smile: "Thank you Zhang Zhenren for your advice, please!"

Zhang Sanfeng said, "You're welcome!"

The two also came down, Li Xiangxian glanced at everyone, and said bluntly: "We have never had a discussion, and you have not seen anything, understand?"

Everyone looked puzzled, didn't they, you must know that you are all five or five with Zhang Zhenren, you said that you have not fought.

Fan Qinghui immediately understood, glanced at everyone and said: "Don't spread the word about today's things, they really don't have a competition."

Where to go Zen Master also echoed: "Yes, we haven't seen it, your little junior brother is so young, how can you compete with the land immortals."

Li Xiangxian is not for any reputation, so let everyone not talk to the public, this is the meaning.

"That uncle, who wins?"

"All won!"

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but be confused, where there is such an answer, how can they all win.

However, they knew that Lee Sang-hyun had won, because Lee Sang-hyun was only ten years old, and in time, he would definitely be able to surpass him.

Zhang Sanfeng also listened to Li Xiangxian's words and understood that Li Xiangxian's heart was too powerful, and he thought that he wanted to use himself to become famous, but now it seems that he is not.

Really powerful and stable, a young genius, not greedy for fame and fortune, the future will become a great weapon.

"Senior brother, hurry up and take the Jiuyang Divine Skill to Zhang Zhenren."

The empty look of confusion, is there a mistake, you call me master brother, you let me take it, are you?

Well, who made you awesome, there is no choice.

"Thank you!"

"No, I think martial arts should be shared."

"By the way, these two are both my uncles, one from Juechan Monastery, and the other from Cihang Jingzhai."

"I've seen Zhang Zhenren!"


The two naturally knew that Zhang Zhenren was not a person of the same level, and hurriedly saluted.

Then after a few more conversations, Zhang Zhenren learned that Cihang Jingzhai specially accepted disciples, and quickly pulled Zhou Zhiruo over.

"Boss Fan, I saved this female doll halfway, I see that she still has some qualifications, how about letting her worship Yu Cihang Jingzhai?"

"Wudang and Juechan Temple do not accept female disciples, then I thank Zhang Zhenren."

"Little doll, what's your name?"

"My name is Zhou Zhiruo!"

As soon as he heard this name, Li Xiangxian almost vomited all the tea he drank, this little girl turned out to be Zhou Zhiruo, which is really outrageous.

Yukong had already taken the Jiuyang Divine Skill over, and quickly handed it to Zhang Sanfeng.

"Thank you Juechan Temple, otherwise my apprentice Sun is afraid that he will be fierce."

"Zhang Zhenren is polite, this is the manuscript of Jiuyang Shengong, so you can bring it back."


Zhang Sanfeng also thought that he would take a look at them, who would have thought that Li Xiangxian would directly let him bring it back, it was really a bit free, straightforward!

Li Xiangxian said generously: "It's just a martial art, which can save people's lives and create a seventh-level floating slaughter, so Zhang Zhenren should not shirk!"

Yukong also echoed: "Zhang Zhenren, my little junior brother is right, if you don't take it, then you don't believe that we give you the truth."

Zhang Sanfeng was also overjoyed: "If this is the case, then the old immortal is better to be respectful than to obey."

Where to go Zen Master explained: "Zhang Zhenren, you don't know something, many of our temple's martial arts are copied by hand, because some of them were created by my little master and nephew."

What the?

Li Xiangxian was able to create exercises, which surprised him, and when he saw the handwritten copy just now, he thought it was perfunctory to him.

It turned out that many of them were created by Li Xiangxian, so they had the habit of copying by hand, but he felt that the people of Juechan Temple fooled him for a moment just now.

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