Li Xiangxian's strength Zhang Sanfeng has already understood, it is true that he is already the strength of the top land immortal, but you tell me that he will also create exercises.

I think he Zhang Sanfeng was also a young hero, and the young martial arts are not weak, but they are not bad, but you tell me that Li Xiangxian has now created exercises!

It's really people compared to people, angry people, and you have to throw away the goods!

It is clear that Zhang Wuji and Li Xiangxian are about the same age, why are there so many differences, this person really cannot be compared, and there will be a gap when compared.

In addition to envy, Zhang Sanfeng really couldn't find anything else to say, why the lives of the people in Juechan Temple were so good, and they Wudang did not have this kind of opportunity.

Since they gave this thing to themselves, Zhang Sanfeng didn't know how to thank him, so he said to Zhang Wuji: "Wuji, give them a kowtow!"

With such a generous act, Zhang Sanfeng really had nothing to reciprocate, and could only say that he remembered it in his heart.

Zhang Wuji was still ready to kowtow under Zhang Sanfeng's instructions, Li Xiangxian shook his head and said: "Zhang Zhenren, this is not necessary, everyone is a man, and there is no need to stick to this little daughter posture."

When Li Xiangxian said this, Zhang Sanfeng also said with a smile: "This is an old way, we also have to rush back, the current situation is turbulent."

Li Xiangxian nodded and said: "Zhang Zhenren is the pillar of Wudang, if it is true that without you, it really can't work, and we will not keep Zhang Zhenren you."

Zhang Sanfeng got up, hugged his fists and said, "Xiaoyou must come to our Wudang when he has time, the great grace does not say thanks, we leave!"

"Zhang Zhenren, take care all the way!"


Seeing Zhang Zhenren leave, everyone is also full of emotion, no matter how Zhang Zhenren is also admired by many people, defeating the invincible strong Xiaoyao King back then.

When he saw that the person was gone, he said to Li Xiangxian: "Little junior brother, why don't you ask Zhang Zhenren?"

Li Xiangxian looked puzzled, what do you mean by this, questioning my decision?

"My little junior brother, you and Zhang Zhenren plus the three masters, I think you can completely defeat the second envoy of Xia Ke Island?"

"As long as you make this request, I think Zhang Zhenren will definitely agree to your request."

Upon hearing this consideration, Li Xiangxian couldn't help but shake his head and said, "Senior brother, why are we fighting against Xia Ke Island?"

When Kong heard this, he couldn't help but reach out and touch Li Xiangxian's head, "I haven't been knocked out, how can I say this kind of nonsense?"

Fan Qinghui and everywhere he went felt that Li Xiang was dizzy, otherwise how could he say such a thing?

Li Xiangxian smiled lightly and said, "Xiake Island doesn't invite me, I have to ask Xiake Island, why should I pit them?"

As soon as they heard that Li Xiangxian was going to Xiake Island, everyone looked confused, there was no mistake, and they immediately had to explain.

Lee Sang-hyun continued: "I know you want to say, is it that Xia Ke Island kills people as soon as they come, and the people who go to Xia Ke Island never come back, right?"

Empty and the others nodded, the little junior brother is not stupid, you know all this, then why do you want to go, it makes no sense at all!

Knowing that they thought like this, Li Xiangxian smiled heartily and said, "I can tell you so, only by going to the warriors can you find the opportunity to live forever."

"They didn't come back, naturally they were attracted by this, if it were you, would you come back?"


"Immortal life is too ethereal."

"Ethereal, I can only tell you that there are people in the Tianwu Continent who have lived for hundreds of years, and some people who have lived for more than a thousand years."


Everyone was taken aback, how did they not know, they must know a lot of land immortals, and they had not heard of people who lived hundreds of years old.

The little junior brother actually said that some people have lived for hundreds of years, and others have lived for more than a thousand years, this is the Tianwu Continent!

"I know you don't believe it, but there are such people, some have lived for hundreds of years by strength, and some have lived for more than a thousand years by miracle medicine."

"Besides, the two envoys of Xia Ke Island's reward of good and punishment of evil, have you gone to see if they have killed a kind person?"

"The people they invite are highly qualified people, and ordinary people they don't look at at at all."

"It seems to be true, you must know that the master is our leader, but ten years ago, it was a qualified little master who went."

After thinking about it along with Li Xiangxian's train of thought, he found that it was really exactly the same as Li Xiangxian said, like a person with good qualifications, who did not want to go, and was taken away by stunned on Xiake Island.

did not kill them, the people killed by the chivalric are all those who deserve to die, reward good and punish evil, is it equivalent to that the chivalric island is leading people to cultivate immortals?

"If only you knew, don't make a noise about it."

Li Xiangxian said a word, and then was about to leave, but was quickly stopped by Gongkong.

"Little Junior Brother, that Leifa today, okay?"

Naturally, he wanted to learn, so he could only look at Li Xiangxian with a smile.

Li Xiangxian knew what he meant, and said helplessly: "Don't worry!" I will write it, but this thing can only be cultivated to reach the level of Tianyuan and above. "

"In the future, powerful exercises should be learned in different levels, otherwise everyone will not be motivated to say, in case there is a treachery or something."

"Little Junior Brother is right."

You must know that there were few disciples before, they could naturally learn them all, but there were more and more disciples, so what kind of people had them.

There must be a hierarchy, if someone comes to become a monk in order to come in and learn advanced martial arts, it is just a good person, it is a bad person, and if something happens, they will come to the temple to carry the pot.

After going back, Li Xiangxian wrote the two-step exercise, and he changed the way of Heavenly Thunder and wrote it as a martial art.

He can use it, but others can't use thunder at all, control and so on are needed.

Since Zhou Zhiruo came to Cihang Jingzhai, Li Xiangxian was very speechless, Fan Qinghui always asked herself to help teach Zhou Zhiruo, that is her apprentice, let me teach, what do you say this is called.

So much so that he didn't have a good understanding in the past few days, plus there was also Shifei Xuan, these two senior sisters, really made Li Xiangxian speechless.

Half a month came, the matter of the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance, Juechan Temple would naturally be able to go where to go in person, and Li Xiangxian naturally followed.

"Little master and nephew, you shouldn't have followed."

"Don't worry! I won't shoot, I'm definitely hiding in the shadows, I always feel that this is a bit of a conspiracy. "


"Don't say this, let's go quickly!"

The two rushed to Blackwood Cliff with difficulty, but Li Xiangxian did not go up, and the people from other sects were too troublesome.

The people of the other sects, when they saw where they were going, they couldn't help but be a little disappointed, they thought that the Juezen Temple would send a lot of people, and as a result, one came.

As soon as Zuo Lengchan and Helianba saw where they were coming, they glanced at each other and understood.

The Sea Shark Palace and the Songshan Sect naturally also formed an alliance, and they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to destroy Ren Yixing and Guan Yutian.

"Zen Master, are you alone?"

"It's enough to have me!"

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