This made everyone very dissatisfied, and they knew that they should not go to the Juzen Temple, and as a result, they came alone.

Because they still regard Juechan Temple as a righteous path boss, now it seems that they are really going to be ridiculed by Zuo Lengchan of the Songshan Sect!

Originally, Zuo Lengchan asked these people to choose a martial arts alliance master to fight against the Demon Sect, but as a result, they wanted to find people from Juechan Temple one by one.

People don't care if you live or die, and now regret it!

One by one, after saying hello, a group of people prepared to go up Blackwood Cliff.

Guan Yutian was very puzzled: "Sect Master, why did you invite them to come, isn't this self-destruction?"

When Ren Xing heard this, he smiled and said, "Brother Guan, I want all of them to die in this Blackwood Cliff today, so that you and I can go south and north."

Let me plant explosives in this blackwood cliff, and everyone who came today will leave, and let them be buried here forever.

"It's a pity that some people from some forces didn't come, otherwise they could be wiped out!"

"There is no need to be in a hurry with the sect leader, this will be the world of you and me sooner or later."

Guan Yutian didn't think so, he had a better plan, that is, suspended animation, so that he could avoid Xiake Island.

As long as he deceived the two, his strength would increase greatly in a few years, and if he got the Ling Shuang Sword, the second envoy of Xia Ke Island would not be worried.

Since Ren Xing has decided like this, there is nothing to say, and it is good that these masters of various sects died.

Blackwood Cliff is particularly lively today, it is simply a grand party.

As more and more people arrived, Ren I Xing also walked out, looked at the group of people, and sneered:

"Today is the day when my Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance form an alliance, and we know what you are here for."

"At the same time, it is also the big day when the little girl marries the Supreme Alliance Chief Yutian, you come to drink happy wine, we welcome us, if you come to make trouble, then blame the old man for being ruthless."

It turned out that Ren I acted in this alliance, and I thought of such a move, the only thing that was like this, it was impossible for the official genius to betray him.

The two are called brothers again, this is to kiss and kiss, it sounds ridiculous.

The crowd is certainly not here to drink, and they will not trust each other, and drinking is not afraid of death!

"Sect Master, you are not kind, aren't the two of us worthy to come?"

As soon as the words fell, two old men ran out, and the people who came were not three or four, they learned that there was a grand event here today, but they were not invited.

When he saw that it was not three or four, Ren Wexing's face sank: "Of course, welcome, everyone who comes is a guest."

Ren Xing began to fight with the righteous people, and the matter of the destruction of the Divine Fire Sect must be explained, so everyone asked the Supreme Alliance and the Demon Sect to give an answer, otherwise they would be destroyed.

Ren Xing saw that these people were stubborn, so I had a showdown, and no one who came today could leave, and immediately said that this Blackwood Cliff was full of explosives.

Everyone learned that the invitation was fraudulent, and they all wanted to leave, but Shi Potian walked out with Dingdong.

"All the explosives you talked about were destroyed by him."

It turned out that Shi Potian also came to Blackwood Cliff, but everyone saw that he was stupid and let their guard down on him, so that Shi Potian knew of their conspiracy.

Ren Xing naturally did not believe it, and shouted: "Impossible, I have arranged dozens of guards, how can you find out."

"Granddaughter, dog mongrel, why are you here?"

Seeing the two coming, he also hurriedly walked over.

"Dog mongrel?"

As soon as they heard this name, everyone was stunned, is this the name of a person?

Looking at the reunion of the four, the others were curious.

"Who is this dog mongrel?"

"I don't know."

"How could anyone call a dog mongrel?"

Now that the matter was revealed, Ren Xing also knew that he could only use force, and in a while, countless people in the Demon Sect surrounded the people of the various sects.

Seeing that Ren I Xing was still not dead, Zuo Lengchan said: "Guys, who killed Ren I Xing and Guan Yutian, then we will recommend him as the master of the martial arts alliance, what do you think?"

Yue Buqun had practiced the Evil Warding Sword Spectrum for so long, and today he finally had a chance, and he knew that if he could kill one of them, he would definitely be able to get the position of the master of the martial arts alliance.

"Senior Brother Zuo, if there are two people, one kills Ren I Xing, and the other kills Guan Yutian, how to deal with this?"

"If there is really such a situation as Brother Yue said, then we are discussing at that time, and for now, it is better to annihilate the people of the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance first."

Zuo Lengchan took the lead and directly killed the people of the Demon Sect, he looked down on Yue Buqun at all, knowing that this guy did not have this strength.

Therefore, the person who has the most strength to kill Ren Yixing and Guan Yutian must be Helian Ba, he, and Chong Void, and others do not exist.

Not even the people of Juechan Temple, besides, he knew that there was only one person from Juechan Temple, and he obviously didn't want to be some martial arts alliance master.

In an instant, the entire Blackwood Cliff battled, and Shi Potian hurriedly stopped him: "Don't fight, you have something to say."

Everyone also thinks that Shi Potian is really stupid, otherwise how could he say such a thing, others want them to die, and you still let us stop, it's really stupid.

Yue Buqun and Ren Yixing singled out, and the two fought back and forth, which surprised many people.

Even if the people of the Huashan Sect saw that Yue Buqun suddenly became powerful, they were still a little unaccustomed to it.

Ning Zhong was even more puzzled, how did Senior Brother suddenly become powerful, could it be because he was not close to women and concentrated on cultivation!

Ren Yixing and Yue Buqun fought for a while, and Ren I Xing suddenly realized: "Yue Buqun, you practiced the Sunflower Treasure Book?"

"Sunflower Treasure Book?"

As soon as they heard this name, many people were surprised, isn't that the East Undefeated?

When Guan Yutian heard this, he naturally knew what the Sunflower Treasure Book was, and couldn't help but mock

"Yue Buqun, I heard the sect leader say that the Sunflower Treasure Book is cultivated by eunuchs who are neither male nor female."

"Have you become a eunuch?"

"Madame Zun, we will help you in the future..."

The words were all humiliating, seeing that the secret was discovered, Yue Buqun became angry and angry, and he was about to kill Ren Yixing.

Zuo Lengchan also didn't expect Yue Buqun to become stronger, and he was actually a little surprised to cultivate the Sunflower Treasure Book, but he smiled in his heart when he learned that he would also become a eunuch.

It was also with Yue Buqun to fight against Ren I Xing, in the end, the two of them killed Ren I Xing, everyone must elect him, but they can't elect a eunuch!

Ren Xing faced the attack of the two, that was also easy, and directly forced Yue Buqun to retreat!

And Ning Zhong naturally did not believe that Yue Buqun was already a eunuch, and when he saw Yue Buqun who had retreated, he took advantage of his unpreparedness and reached out and took it out, empty!

Yue Buqun saw that Ning Zhongze actually engaged in a surprise attack at this time, and looked at Ning Zhongze with an angry face, you don't believe me?

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