As soon as it was introduced, they were all acquaintances, and then they went to Sword Casting City, and Li Xiangxian naturally wanted to understand how to make sword casting.

In Li Xiangxian's opinion, this sword forging is the same thing as refining tools, he naturally wants to understand, if he can really find the Void Stone at that time, then he can really try it.

"Li Xiangxian, what book to read, come and compete with me!"

Looking at Li Xiangxian reading a book, the sword light dance came over, insisting on competing with Li Xiangxian, really answered that sentence, delicious and fun.

The sword light dance has lost to Li Xiangxian twice, and she is still unwilling, and she is so stalked.

Seeing this situation, Li Xiangxian really had no way, and said with a wry smile: "Okay!" I'm afraid you can do it, so that I will pass on your Tai Xuan Sword Technique, and you will practice it alone. "

Jian Wu pouted and said, "It's too boring to practice alone?"

"Then you can't practice."


The sword light dance naturally has to be practiced, she thought she was a genius, originally thought that she was more powerful, who knew that compared with Li Xiangxian, it was 108,000 li worse.

She also knows that Li Xiangxian's strength is really powerful, and if she compares with Li Xiangxian, Li Xiangxian can easily defeat her without relying on cultivation.

After teaching her for half an hour, the sword light dance also had an understanding, and then she went to practice alone, without disturbing Li Xiangxian to read.

Li Xiangxian read a lot of books about refining instruments, and they all felt that they were relatively general, and after summarizing, they forged swords in five steps.

The first step is to select high-quality materials, then melt them through the high temperature of the furnace fire, and then remove the impurities in them.

The second step is to make a model based on the shape of the sword being cast.

The third step is to melt the material into a liquid and pour it into the mold, which solidifies to form a preliminary form.

The fourth step is to repeat the blow to form a sharp blade.

The fifth step is quenching and placing the red-hot sword in cold water.

These techniques are the means of ordinary people, and what Li Xiangxian wants is to be able to rely on the fire cultivated by himself to be used for refining, and the external fire is not as good as the internal fire after all.

After reading one book after another about sword forging, Li Xiangxian had a preliminary idea, the steps may be the same, but if a person wants to refine a weapon, he needs an incomparably hot flame.

It is necessary to remove the impurities of the core materials and the impurities of auxiliary materials, the better the impurities, the more perfect the refiner.

Auxiliary materials are the key to refiners, and the better auxiliary materials, the less impurities.

Of course, any auxiliary material has impurities, so before this, the purity of the auxiliary material needs to be increased, and the advanced auxiliary material can easily raise the weapon level by one level.

And when refining, adding rare materials can greatly enhance the toughness and hardness of the sword, and rare materials have nothing to talk about, so use them.

Of course, the most important thing in the refinery is the real fire, the real fire has a great influence on the refinery, the real fire directly affects the purity and the number of impurities, the more advanced the real fire, the easier it is to get high purity and fewer impurities.

It is easy to succeed in refining magic weapons with high-grade materials, and the finished products refined are also divided into levels, ordinary weapons, treasure weapons, magic weapons, and spirit weapons.

Treasure weapons are peerless swords on the rivers and lakes, such as peerless swords, snow drinking knives, heaven-leaning swords, and dragon slaying knives, all of which are made of special materials.

And the magic weapon is naturally not used by ordinary people, it is used by immortal cultivators, and they can help cultivators cast spells.

A spirit weapon is a spiritual treasure that can channel spirituality and understand your words.

[You read the sword casting book, you have an epiphany, you created the Great Method of Refining. 】

The simplest refining tool is naturally refining the sword, and the refining method created by Li Xiangxian, the first step is directly refining, refining weapons.

The second step is to refine the gods, not only to have a god in shape, but also to have a spirit for the sword, that is God.

The third step is to refine the sky, everything can be refined, and in the end, it is still to smelting itself and controlling everything in the heaven and earth.

With a preliminary understanding, Li Xiangxian still wants to refine the real fire, which is the most important means to be able to refine the weapon.

To know that the internal force is used to catalyze the real fire, which requires a lot of internal force, not to mention, whether the temperature can melt the material is a problem, and it must also be evenly distributed.

With the current Li Xiangxian performing the Yanyang Dafa, using a material that can melt meteoric iron, if you have an idea, you have to give it a try.

As soon as Jian Qianwu, who practiced swords, saw Li Xiangxian coming over, he hurriedly asked, "Don't you want to read a book?" Why don't you look at it. "

Li Xiangxian smiled faintly and said: "I have also read the book, I want to personally feel what is called refining."


The sword dance was confused, she only knew how to forge swords, Li Xiangxian said that she somewhat did not understand the refining tools, sword casting is just sword casting, refining is refining any instrument.

"It's refining weapons, what kind of sword do you want, maybe I can help you."

Maybe the high-level Lee Sang-hyun can't do it yet, but with an ordinary sword, Lee Sang-hyun feels that he should be easy to do.

When Jian Qianwu heard this, he said with a puzzled face: "You read the book for a while, do you have this kind of confidence?"

She knows that Li Xiangxian is very powerful, really a legendary genius, but after reading a few books, you think you can forge swords, isn't that a little ridiculous.

She admits that forging a sword is indeed very simple, but it is almost impossible to complete it with the guidance of an inexperienced teacher.

"If you try it or not, you will know!"


Jian Qianwu took Li Xiangxian to the sword furnace, and as soon as they saw the two coming, the teachers quickly shouted: "I've seen Miss, Aunt!"

Li Xiangxian was speechless, they had to call it that.

Jian Qianwu said to Li Xiangxian: "How are you going to practice?" Let them help you. "

Li Xiangxian shook his head, looked at everyone and said, "No need, you all retreat, the refining instrument I said is different from what you said."

"What sword you want, just prepare the sharpener, don't worry about the rest."

Everyone expressed doubts, can Lee Sang-hyun also forge a sword?

It can't be!

Although they all know that the name Li Xiangxian is the future inheritance of Sword Forging City and the son-in-law of the city lord, he is still a teenager in the end.

In addition, he was not in Sword Forging City, if he could forge swords, they would have eaten all the iron here.

Li Xiangxian found a good stone, immediately urged the true yuan in his body, activated the Yanyang Dafa, and the temperature of the real fire soared in an instant.

"No, aunt, don't you need a furnace?"


"Besides, this is a star meteorite, even if you have real fire, it is impossible to melt it."

"And this is extremely draining, even if you are the Tian Yuan Realm will be consumed in a while."

As soon as everyone saw that Li Xiangxian actually wanted to melt the star meteorite with real fire, the corners of his mouth rose, you are the future city lord, but you want to forge a sword like this, but it is really a fantasy!

"Li Xiangxian, you don't really want to use real fire to melt star meteorites, do you!"

Jian Qianwu thinks that Li Xiangxian is crazy, I know that you are very powerful, but no matter how powerful you are, your behavior is a bit clowned.

Looking at it is a little bit of cow batch, in fact, the egg is not used, not to mention whether you can melt the star meteorite, that is, melted, how do you deal with these molten iron?

Li Xiangxian did not speak, but concentrated on melting the star meteorite, and after a while, the impurities in the outer layer of the star meteorite also fell off.


They are not mistaken, you must know that if you want to melt a star meteorite, the temperature needs to be more than eight thousand, and even their sword furnace is difficult to reach this temperature.

Li Xiangxian actually relied on real fire to melt the star meteorite, it is simply incredible, is this still a person?

One by one, stunned, mouths wide open, what did they see?

The star meteorite was melted without a furnace, and this star meteorite was afraid that it was not fake, and it took half a day for them to melt.

As a result, Li Xiangxian raised his hand, relying on the real fire in his body, and melted the star meteorite, you tease me?

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