Everyone watched the star meteorite change from black to red, and then into flowing liquid, and their jaws were shocked!

This is definitely not something that people can do, the first time to see such a ruthless person.

As soon as the sword envoy saw this, he quickly went to tell the sword zun.

"City Lord..."

"City what?"

As soon as Jian Zun saw that the sword envoy interrupted his chat with Ning Zhongze, he couldn't help but feel a little unhappy.

Finally had such an opportunity, and to be disturbed, what a group of guys who didn't have the ability to see.

"What's going on?"

But you can't lose your attitude, or try your best to restrain yourself.

"The young city lord went to forge a sword, and he melted the star meteorite with his own true fire."

"He is the future city lord, and forging swords should also be done."

Jian Zun didn't pay attention at first, he felt that it was a good thing for Li Xiangxian to forge the sword, anyway, in the future, this sword casting city will be his, isn't it a good thing to be familiar now?

Just tell yourself about this little thing, it seems that you have nothing to do.

"Wait, what did you say?" Jian Zun's previous words were just in his mind, and he slowly remembered the second half of the sentence.

"He melted star meteorites with real fire, are you kidding me?"

You must know that the temperature required by that star meteorite is extremely high, even the temperature of their sword furnace is difficult to reach, and as a result, you said that Li Xiangxian melted the star meteorite with real fire!

"City Lord, the subordinate sentence is true, the young lady and the other masters are all on the scene, how dare I lie to you!"

"Then I'll take a look!"

Jian Zun arrived at the sword furnace and saw that Li Xiangxian really did that, what kind of technique is this kid, he can burst out a high temperature of ten thousand degrees.

To know the general fire attribute exercises, a few hundred degrees is almost the same, and a few thousand degrees is too outrageous.

Rare materials even require temperatures of more than 9,527 degrees, and it is a bit outrageous that he can melt this material with real fire.

And his fire was able to heat it evenly, not only that, but these liquids were constantly boiling, so that too many impurities could indeed be removed.

Against the sky!

This kid's martial arts cultivation is the existence of the land immortal, and now this sword casting talent is probably unique, and others need a large furnace to melt the sword.

He completely abandoned these things, which are not like ordinary people, they are really divine, they are simply gods.

Did this kid just read the book and learn this?

It sounds a bit outrageous, but it seems to be quite normal when it is placed on Lee Sang-hsien.

Li Xiangxian operated with both hands, as if he was juggling, it was simply outrageous, after half an hour of fusion, now only need to put in the abrasive, then the sword can basically be.

Accidentally melted too much nebula this time, even if the impurities were removed, the liquid was still very much, not to mention that eight or nine swords could be cast.

As Li Xiangxian's hand moved, those red starfall liquids also entered the abrasive, and then a long sword was cast!

After all watering, it needs to be polished after solidification, this step is too simple in Li Xiangxian's hands, and there is no need to quench and polish at all.

He had one hand for yang, one hand for yin, one ice and one fire, and the two swords rubbed against each other, and the sparks rose straight up, and the sword body, the ear of the sword, and the hilt of the sword, accompanied by the disappearance of steam.

The sword was thrown into the pool, and so repeatedly, when it was taken out, the sword had become cold and shining.

Seeing that Li Xiangxian finished work, everyone also stared at the sword in the pool, and now the production is completed, but whether this sword is good or bad is unknown.

As soon as Li Xiangxian waved his hand, the sword in the pool flew out, and Jian Zun quickly walked over and picked up a sword to look at it.

Flicked the sword body with his finger, the sound was very good, and he knew that he didn't know what the quality was, and immediately cut at the sword cast by Li Xiangxian against the sword cast by the previous teacher.

One sword went down, directly cut off the other three swords, cut iron like mud, extremely sharp!

"What a sharp sword!"

"This sword is definitely comparable to the world's famous sword!"


Seeing that the power of this sword turned out to be so amazing, the teachers and masters were all stunned, they forged swords for a lifetime, and the result was not as good as Li Xiangxian, who forged swords for half a day.

Do you say that there is still heavenly reason for this?

It's really more people than people, angry to death, the sword they are proud of, the sword that Li Xiangxian casually cast, was directly cut.

Humiliated and embarrassed, I thought that Li Xiangxian didn't understand anything, that is, the people who wasted star meteorites, who knew that they were the ones who wasted star meteorites.

The swords they forged are also powerful, and ordinary weapons will definitely be cut into a gap in front of the swords they cast.

But is the sword forged by Li Xiangxian already strong to this point?

Their swords are like mud for outsiders, and the swords cast by Li Xiangxian sharpen the swords they forged are the same as mud.

They learned many years ago that Jianzun had an additional son-in-law named Li Xiangxian, who was the future city lord of Sword Forging City, and they naturally had not seen Li Xiangxian at that time, which was completely inappropriate.

When I came yesterday, I learned that this young man was Li Xiangxian, the future city lord of Sword Forging City, and they called their aunt on their mouths, but they despised Li Xiangxian for eating soft rice in their hearts.

I was still very dissatisfied in my heart, and let a person who could not forge swords manage Sword Forging City, and sooner or later it would be over.

Who knew that Lee Sang-hyun read the book on forging swords today, and now he has made so many sharp swords.

Or a few brothers to show the aunt to swallow the sword, swallowing iron is not good, it is easy to knock teeth.

Jian Qianwu also pulled out the sword in her hand and collided with the sword she had just ordered, and with a click, her sword broke.

I thought that this guy was joking, who would have thought that Li Xiangxian's talent was a little against the sky, and this sword casting level is definitely the most powerful person in Sword Forging City.

Ning Zhong also saw that Li Xiangxian Xian knew that she was very powerful, but she couldn't imagine that this sword casting level was also very powerful.

Just this sword that sharpens iron like mud can definitely be compared with the famous swords in the rivers and lakes, it is too against the sky!

Jian Zun looked at the sword in his hand and said with emotion: "The sword that has been forged for a lifetime, I can't think of it being inferior to the sword forged by your kid."

"It seems that I am not mistaken, if you join, then casting a peerless Ling Shuang sword will naturally not be a problem."

They once had a peak in Sword Forging City, but unfortunately the former scenery is no longer there, obviously with Li Xiangxian joining, it is not difficult to forge a Ling Shuang sword.

Li Xiangxian said modestly: "Uncle said and smiled, although this sword is sharp, I don't think it's perfect."

Jian Zun smiled and said: "You kid has time, and I also believe that you can forge a powerful sword."

Jian Qianwu had an idea, so he took two swords, pulled Li Xiangxian and walked out and went outside.

Jian Qianwu threw the ordinary sword to Li Xiangxian, and the sword she held in her hand was the sword cast by Li Xiangxian, and said with a smile: "Let's try it now."

Li Xiangxian also understood what the sword light dance meant, shook his head and said: "I said light dance, you don't think that with a sharp sword, you can win me!"

The sword danced lightly, and he killed him with the sword, and Li Xiangxian could only passively respond.

It's a pity that Li Xiangxian didn't use internal force, and he still knocked down the sword that danced lightly in ten moves!

"Light dance, you can't pay too much attention to the sword itself when practicing swordsmanship, but it lies in you as a person."

"The sword is an external force, you can't lose your attack power without the sword."

"You are so powerful, everything you say makes sense."

Jian Zun and the others also came out, naturally seeing the scene just now, Li Xiangxian's sword technique was also extremely powerful.

"Light dance, Xiangxian is right, the sword is just an external force."

"Both of you are powerful, so you two will try it."

Li Xiangxian was completely speechless, aren't you sincerely looking for something?

Jian Zun instead smiled and said: "Good boy, it's rare to have such an opportunity, then look at your strength."

Jianzun also went directly, and also took this opportunity to let everyone see Li Xiangxian's strength, and when the time came to go to Xiake Island, everyone would also be convinced of Li Xiangxian's strength.

Directly is to ride the dragon slash, in the face of countless sword qi, Li Xiangxian easily unloaded, dare to take the dragon slash, Li Xiangxian is still the first person.

"Good boy, he is worthy of being a person with extraordinary sword skills, and he can easily break the sword and break the qi!"

Jian Zun used another swinging sword technique, which was easily dodged by Li Xiangxian, and the two were about to have a serious fight when someone appeared and interrupted.

"City Lord, Murong Hua, the owner of Murong Mountain Villa, said that there is something important to find you."

The competition between the two people had not yet begun, and it was already over, which made Jian Zun a little unhappy.

"Got it!"

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