"You have a point!"

The evil Zen master also understood that Lee Sang-hyun could not be limited to their temple, but also had a higher sky, and he should be allowed to fly, not imprisoned here.

In addition, Lee Sang-hyun is by no means an ungrateful person, he is a person from the Juezen Temple for one day and all his life.

After thinking about it, he didn't have a reason to disagree, firstly, Jianzun was also a strong person in the world, if Li Xiangxian could really learn a little, it would be a good thing.

And if he had the blessing of Ling Shuang's sword, then Li Xiangxian would definitely be able to challenge Sword Saint, Li Chungang and others, and it would not be difficult to deal with the two things of rewarding good and punishing evil.

"Okay, then it's decided, let him learn from you, and have the opportunity to come to my Sword Forging City in the future."

In this way, Li Xiangxian became the son-in-law of Sword Casting City, and inexplicably had a fiancée, the key is that they did not ask themselves if they wanted to.

Isn't this too hasty, and the parties have not spoken, do you two want to listen to what you have to say?

Several people chatted for another two hours before Jian Zun left.

Go to evil is also announced, in the future, Li Xiangxian will be a person from Juezen Temple, he is a junior disciple, everyone must treat him well, and cannot bully him.

One by one, they were speechless, they all knew that Li Xiangxian was the one who could practice sword qi, who dared to bully him.

Six-year-old innate, it's not bad if he doesn't bully.


Lee Sang-hyun has become a bald head, don't misunderstand, he just dislikes the trouble of too long hair, and every day he gets up and rushes his head, even if it's over.

Go to the evil Zen master and let him sit with everyone, naturally to give them a lecture, that is, to want everyone to cultivate the mind first.

"Master, what is the ultimate martial arts?"

When Qu Xie heard this, he looked at Li Xiangxian and said slowly: "Some people say that the land immortals."

Li Xiangxian continued to ask, "How long can the land immortals live?"

"Five hundred spring and autumn."

"Is it just five hundred years old?"

No way?

The land immortals and immortals will only be so many years, doesn't it mean that Emperor Shitian is even more bullish, does he want to return to the arms of Emperor Shitian?

Seeing that Li Xiangxian was thoughtful, he went to the evil Zen master and said:

"There are only five hundred spring and autumn immortals on land, but there are no absolutes in the world, rare fruits, divine beasts and treasures, which can prolong life."

"The land immortal is the limit of man, and it is also the peak here, maybe someone can open the gate of heaven with a sword, enter what immortal world, maybe it is possible."

"Of course, the immortal world is a beautiful yearning, whether it exists or not, and what the rules are, that is unknown."

"However, one thing is that only at the peak of martial arts, you can touch the secret of immortality, those magic medicines, although exotic treasures can prolong life for thousands of years, but the effect will eventually decay."

You must know that many things have a year, unless you have no life, the phoenix blood effect has made Emperor Shi Tian live for so many years, it is already considered against the sky.

"According to Master Wei, we are very likely to open the Gate of Heaven, and no one has been able to crack the secrets of Xiake Island so far, so it is impossible for you to have the method of immortality."

Hearing Master's words, Li Xiangxian thoughtfully, don't discuss immortality, or improve the strength first, and go to find his younger brother Li Xiangyi.

It is also necessary to explore the reason why the Li family villa was destroyed, and it is necessary to know that their Li family went into seclusion, and naturally it is impossible to be destroyed by a group of mountain thieves for no reason.

Besides, the thief must first rob money, or occupy land, and it is unlikely to kill people, and there must be another hidden plot.

Li Xiangxian was studying the distribution of this Tianwu Continent all morning, and there was no such history to see when he was in the Heavenly Gate.

Through understanding, Li Xuan knew that Zhongtian was based on the Fengyun and Water Moon Cave Heaven as the background world.

Xiantian is a world dominated by snow and Tang Double Dragon.

From the sky is the main world of Shōnen Song Xing and Meteor Butterfly Sword.

What's more, that is, the place that Li Xiangxian loves now, is naturally based on chivalry and magic sword life and death chess, as well as smiling rivers and lakes.

Tiantian is a world dominated by Dragon Babu and Xiao Li Flying Dao.

Gu Tian is dominated by peerless Shuangjiao and Heaven Slaying Dragon, and the two Ming Dynasties compete for hegemony.

One south and one north, it can be said that one south is a small world, one north is another small world, the characters are so similar, it seems to be more like a mirror.

The reduction of the sky is mainly based on the world's first and the legend of the condor heroes.

Shen Tian is the main of Lu Ding Ji and the Condor Heroes and Qin Shi.

Chengtian is the place where Li Xiangxian was born, naturally based on Lotus Tower and Chu Liuxiang.

As a result, Li Xiangxian saw the last page of the book, and when he saw the date of the book published thirty years ago, he said that the above were not accurate, and perhaps a new force was rising.

To some extent, the Tianwu Continent is very large, one south and one north, one south is at least a Central Plains, and one north is the same!

It can be understood that one south is a continent, and one north is also a continent.

There is a certain historical relationship between the heavens, historical figures are the same, etc., and it is even said that there are two Ming dynasties in Guotian, one south and one north.

All in all.

The world itself is unreasonable and reasonable!

Because they exist!

People who knew this Tianwu Continent, basically Li Xiangxian knew that he understood the reason why the peak of martial arts could not live forever.

One side of the water and soil nourishes the other, and due to the rules of heaven and earth, people can only cultivate internal strength.

It's the same thing as the water world can only survive those animals that can swim.

In the martial arts world to cultivate immortals, you just have exercises, and the environment is not suitable.

This is the result of the drawbacks, otherwise the world will be out of order.


Li Xiangxian walked out, came to the martial arts training ground, and saw that Kong was practicing a finger Zen, he is a master brother, and his strength is a grandmaster!

"Little junior brother, just now Master also said that you should practice Finger Zen with us, you are here, then practice together!"

"Senior brother, is this one-finger Zen a yang finger?"

"No, one-finger meditation, also known as a designated day, is a detached and quiet meditation method that achieves the state of meditation through the concentration of the mind."

"By practicing one-finger meditation, one can experience the essence and high state of the Dharma, purify the heart and purify the soul."

"After training to Dacheng, it can be volleyed and hurt people, and it is extremely powerful."

Like a river, quiet as a mountain.

When facing the enemy, the trap is that one feather cannot be added, and the insect fly cannot fall, rising like an eagle falcon, falling like a sinking thunder hitting the ground.

With the empty explanation, Li Xiangxian felt that there was nothing difficult about this, just like a handjob.

This pistol refers to the posture of comparing the hand to a gun, the kind of biubiu, in the end, is still similar to a yang finger, and it is vigorous in the air.

After Dacheng, it is like holding a pistol, shooting at people, biubiubiu, duang.

After teaching the recipe, Li Xiangxian calmed down, looked at the target ten steps away, and his thoughts were united.

One finger points to the target, and with one force, the target in front pierces a hole.

Seeing that Kong and others were stunned, he would learn it as soon as he learned?

One by one, they shook their heads, they have been in the door for so many years, it is not as good as Li Xiangxian entering the door for a day.

What kind of monster is this?

[You practice one finger of Zen, you have an epiphany, you have a finger of creativity. 】

Lee Sang-hyun: ???

You TM tease me?

One finger, keep flicking.

I'll play you little kunkun!

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