Empty and waiting for everyone to brush and look at the target, even the master brother can't do it, and as a result, this little junior brother sat down!

"Little Junior Brother is really devilish! This kind of understanding, I saw it for the first time! "

"Who says it isn't?"

You must know that Li Xiangxian has just begun to cultivate this finger meditation, and the power is so huge, and the finger power surpasses that of the master brother.

He knew that this new junior brother was a little powerful, but he didn't expect it to be so powerful!

Li Xiangxian looked at the target in the distance, a little dissatisfied, and then asked Kongdao: "Senior brother, is this so?"

I almost vomited blood in anger, and you exported it across the riding face?

People are more angry than people, what do you call this, you are better than me, do you still ask me like this?

"Little junior brother, it's true that this is the case, but if you can penetrate the target from fifty meters away, that is considered a success."

I still don't believe it, he can do it in ten meters, maybe the effect is slightly worse, and it may be successful once a day.

"Oh! Then I'm giving it a try! "

Li Xiangxian looked at the target fifty meters away, thoughtfully, and pointed to the force, in the end, the key is still in this strength.

So Li Xiangxian once again condensed his internal strength, gathered on his fingertips, and his entire right hand trembled a little.

As soon as the biu was launched, the target fifty meters away was shot through in an instant, and it was obvious that there was an extra hole.

Everyone's mouths opened wide, looking at the target in the distance in disbelief, and walked over, looked at it, and indeed broke a hole.


And this is the same roughness as when he broke the ten-meter target, and it can be seen that Li Xiangxian broke the target fifty meters away, and he is not very sure.

No, he's fifty meters away, I'm ten meters, I... When I thought about this, I almost cried.

They can see that this little junior brother is a little against the sky, which is really rare in his life.

"I think it should be the little junior brother cheating, after all, he can condense sword qi."

"I think so too."

"No, what big truth are you telling nonsense."

"Oh, don't talk nonsense."

"No, what do you mean?"

"Shut up! You guys. "

Senior Brother knew that Li Xiangxian could comprehend it at once, which showed that there must be a trick in this, and he was not ashamed to ask.

"Little junior brother, do you have any tricks when you practice one-finger meditation."

Empty put down his body and humbly asked Li Xiangxian for advice, people who want to progress must be humble.

Li Xiangxian pondered for a moment, and slowly said: "One finger Zen, the focus is on strength..."

In this way, Li Xiangxian taught everyone a lesson, and everyone began to do it according to Li Xiangxian's words, and they succeeded in one blow one by one!

"I shot through a ten-meter target."

"I did it too."

"I'm a fifteen-meter target."

"I'm only 20 meters on target."

Everyone followed Li Xiangxian's operation, and did not expect to easily break the ten-meter target, that is called an excitement!

You must know that they practiced one by one for five or ten years, and as a result, they got Li Xiangxian's guidance today, and finally broke ten meters.

One by one, they were immersed in joy, and they originally wanted to be grateful to Lee Sang-hyun, who knew that Lee Sang-hyun was gone.

Li Xiangxian went to the Hidden Gold Pavilion, and when the elder saw that it was Li Xiangxian, this little guy, he also knew him and did not care.

It is said that the world's martial arts, all invincible, only fast and unbroken!

Li Xiangxian naturally wanted to look for a more powerful light skill, but who knew that after looking around, there was nothing.

He only remembered what Emperor Shitian had said before, maybe he could understand it and start to recall Emperor Shitian's words.

[You reproduce through memory, recall that you are willing to ascend to the immortal step, you understand the principle of this exercise, and you created the Void Escape Technique! ] 】

The five elements of heaven and earth, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, as long as this heaven and earth exist, there is space, and the art can naturally be used.

It belongs to the existence of space jumping, teleportation.

Since he had such exercises, Li Xiangxian naturally couldn't wait and quickly left the Hidden Gold Pavilion to practice the Void Escape Technique.

The elder of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion shook his head, not that this little guy had a good talent and an excellent heart, how could he look frizzy.

Lee Sang-hyun came to the woods outside and began to study the key to voidness, what is emptiness, that is, nothing.

Making something out of nothing is the key to void escape.

Most light work is used by the feet to exert power, but the air escape technique is not, this light work principle is more like an airplane, using air to achieve teleportation.

With ideas and actions, Lee Sang-hyun used his internal strength to put his body in a state that seemed to be nothing.

Thinking in his heart, as soon as he exerted his strength, Li Xiangxian's cultivation was successful, and he immediately went from the ground to a hundred-meter-high tree.

The cycle went on and on, Lee Sang-hyun practiced happily, and after an hour passed, he was finally able to stop on a leaf!

At first, he was still a dragonfly and couldn't stand, but now he is as light as a feather, and he can stay where he wants.

This made Li Xiangxian overjoyed, and he learned the Void Escape Technique and One-Finger Zen early in the morning, which was still worthy of this time.

In the afternoon, Li Xiangxian went to the Tibetan scripture pavilion to read books and read two strange scriptures, one called the Great Rirulai Sutra and the other called the Lenga Sutra.

[You read the Lenga Sutra, you discovered a secret, the Lenga Sutra is the Nine Yang Divine Gong upside down, you combine the Great Sun Rulai Sutra, you have an epiphany, you created the Yanyang Dafa. 】

What the Yanyang Dafa needs is the power of the hot sun, sitting under the sun to bask in the sun, you can absorb it, and your own internal force can be extremely hot.

It forms a natural aperture, and even emits dazzling light, itself is like the rising sun, making people dare not look directly.

When the scorching sun was empty, it was just the perfect time to practice the Great Law of Yanyang, so Li Xiangxian sat under the scorching sun and exposed to the sun.

Five hearts to the sky, began to meditate, the power of the sun in the sky, passed down from the heavenly spirit cover, a thread, a wisp into the dantian.

Under the influence of the power of the sun, the true qi in the body also became hot, forming a vortex in the dantian, and the power of the sun merged into its own meridians, transforming this meridian.

A smile appeared at the corner of Li Xiangxian's mouth, he knew how to cultivate in the future, he didn't need to rely on any aura, what he needed was the power of the sun.

The dantian is already extremely hot, and now the eggs are cooked, no, you can fry eggs on Li Xiangxian's head!

"It's a pity that this absorbing the power of the sun seems to be a bit slow!"

If you can only absorb that little, it is far from enough, you still need to find another way so that the dantian can generate the power of the sun on its own, and the effect will be better.

But the lonely yin does not give birth, the lonely yang does not last, or it needs to be constantly reconciled.

Perhaps it is possible to create exercises that absorb moonlight, so that yin and yang can be born on their own, so that the internal force is endless.


Pure yang is true love, the highest yang can be the strongest, if you can temper the internal force as hot as the power of the sun, others will definitely not feel good if they hit their own internal strength.

It is impossible to say that it will also burn the meridians of the other party, so this road is open.

Three hours passed, and the sun set, and Li Xiangxian took credit.

When I went to the evil Zen master to the martial arts training ground and saw the disciples, they all cultivated one finger of Zen to the target of breaking thirty meters with one finger, and they were surprised.

How did they improve so much, they were practicing 70-meter targets, and they were still practicing one by one.

Do you still eat this meal today?


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