Li Xiangdong is already familiar with all kinds of chess game routines.

At a glance, I could see the thoughts of the old man in black shirt.

Horses as cover, soldiers as artillery mounts.

The idea is good, but unfortunately it didn't work.

Li Xiangdong directly mounted his horse and ate the soldiers.

The gun mounts are gone, and the [river patrol cannon] is naturally cracked.

Get off the wrong foot.

The old man in black also realized that Li Xiangdong was difficult to deal with and became more focused.

Old Zhou didn't say much, and from time to time he looked at Li Xiangdong, who was sitting almost as tall as him.

This physical condition is really good, polished is a sharp knife.

It's a pity that I'm a little older, and if I polish it early, it will definitely shine.

Old Zhou was still stunned, and the chess game suddenly ended.

An exclamation sounded all around.

"I actually won so quickly!"

"That's awesome!"

"This is the [Clip Cannon], right? It's so awesome to use! "

"You didn't lose unjustly!"


The black-robed old man fell into deep thought.

Li Xiangdong didn't bother, he knew that the old man in black was reviewing.

In fact, if it weren't for being too anxious, this game would not have ended so quickly.

After a while, the black-robed old man raised his head.

"One more round, you first."

Li Xiangdong is also not worried about the debt.

No one dared to account for him.

He basically figured out the strength of the old man in black shirt.

Amateur chess master.

But there is still a certain gap from the pros.

Li Xiangdong planned to finish this game and not play.

So don't keep your hands anymore.

The beginning is [Immortal Guiding the Way].

Soldiers three into one.

Then came the rampage.

Eat the center sergeant in a brutal posture and quickly destroy the defense line.

The car and the soldiers cooperated, forming a situation of iron door bolts.

This is the strongest discarded attack technique.

【Big knife cut heart】.

There is only one purpose.

Defeat the enemy to death.


The old man in black seems to be constantly resisting, exchanging sons for sons, but in fact he has been defeated.

The entire center line was killed through!

The black-shirted old man sat in his chair.


In a state of full strength, be blasted to death!

Li Xiangdong stretched out his big hand.

"Acceptance, two pieces, thank you!"

Old Zhou glared at Li Xiangdong, "I don't know about the old man Jean." "

The latter turned his head sideways and said, "I just helped you down." "

"Okay. Be willing to gamble and lose. "

The old man in black also knew the strength gap and no longer forced another round.

Just touched my pocket and found that there was not a dime.

He has no habit of bringing money.

Old Zhou immediately took out two dollars and put them in Li Xiangdong's big hand.

"Two pieces, walk around."

Li Xiangdong was also not annoyed, and got up and left with a smile.

Unexpectedly, the two old men followed.

"Something? Or do you want me to go back? "

"It's not. I can afford to lose two dollars. "

"It's not your money."


Old Zhou scolded, "How to speak? "

"It's okay, I'm leaving."

Li Xiangdong was too lazy to take care of the two.

"Wait, boy, aren't you going to work?"

"I don't have to go to work."

"What do you do?"

Li Xiangdong frowned slightly, "Why do you ask so much?" "

"Are you interested in playing chess with this old man of mine every day?" Can give you a salary. "

Old Zhou hurriedly whispered, "His origin is unknown." "

"Out of the way."

Li Xiangdong also saw the extraordinary temperament of the old man in black shirt.

However, this did not prevent him from refusing.

"Not interested."

"Oh? Why? You don't even ask me about the conditions of the opening? "

"I'm used to being a comfortable person. I also don't like to follow behind other people's asses. "

"Hahaha," the black-robed old man said with a smile, "I can see it." "

From the chess game just now, it can be seen that Li Xiangdong is a person who opens and closes and moves forward.

Although it is a pity for the old man in black shirt, he did not force it.

"If you change your mind later, you can come to me. Old Zhou, leave him a contact information. "

Old Zhou wrote his name and phone number on the note and handed it to Li Xiangdong.

[Zhou Yunguang, XXXXXXXX].

Then the two left.

Li Xiangdong casually shoved the note into his pocket and did not take it seriously.

Perhaps following the old man in black shirt, the people he comes into contact with are much higher.

But he doesn't need to.

Isn't the courtyard fragrant?

The people in the yard are his "good neighbors".

All of them are good people who help him brush treasure chests.

Although he has only lived for one day, Li Xiangdong already likes the courtyard.

You can get a reward if you don't kill you.

Doesn't that mean he can swipe chests an unlimited number of times?

In the future, you have to pay attention not to slap people's heads like watermelons.

Otherwise, you have to go hunting in the countryside.

After opening two treasure chests and earning two extra dollars, Li Xiangdong bought a box of Arctic soda and returned to the courtyard.

The symbol of the classic snowy mountain white bear.

The taste is very good, a dime a bottle.

A little expensive for the average person.

However, for Li Xiangdong, a big dog household, buying 100 bottles is only 10 yuan.

What a bargain!

The Yan Xiecheng brothers, who had not yet worked, saw a box of soda in Li Xiangdong's hand, and their eyes instantly lit up.

In the hot summer, a bottle of ice soda, that is the ultimate enjoyment!

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