Although Yan Xiecheng and the two brothers were a little stunned in their hearts, they still came together.

In the past two days, the Yan family unanimously passed a decision.

That is, mess with no one, don't mess with Li Xiangdong.

And the two brothers were bullied by Silly Zhu before, and now that Li Xiangdong is coming, Silly Zhu does not even dare to provoke.

This makes them feel very relieved.

Aren't you stupid pillars very bullish?

It's not like us yet.

Yan Xiecheng trotted to Li Xiangdong, "Brother Dong, I'll help you carry it." "

Li Xiangdong felt that Yan Xiecheng was a little interesting.

Unlike Yan Jiefang, there is still baggage, and he can't erase his face.

No wonder the back is bold and dares to open a store.

But now they are all spiritual guys who can't find a job, and they have to be talked about by Yan Bugui every day.

"You two are at home all day, and the three masters didn't charge you for food?"

The two brothers were stunned and said with an embarrassed smile, "No, they are all a family." How can I charge for food. "

Li Xiangdong smiled.

He was well aware of Yan Bugui's character.

If you don't pull out a dime, if you go out and don't pick up money, you can lose money.

Love to calculate, just like their own family.

Even if you don't collect it now, it won't be long before you collect it.

In later generations, Yan Xiecheng and Yan Jiefang were unwilling to take care of the sick Yan Bugui, let alone pay money.

Many things happen not by accident, but by cause and effect.

But two more little brothers carrying bags is not a bad thing.

The young man's hands and feet are still quite sharp, and yesterday he cleaned up the house, and Yan Xiecheng moved quickly and efficiently.

Yan Xiecheng took a box of soda, and his arm sank instantly.

Obedient, really heavy!

Just now, he saw Li Xiangdong carrying one finger, and he thought it was not heavy.

Replaced by himself, he almost fell.

Fortunately, I stood firm, otherwise I would have broken this box of soda, and I don't know what the result was.

Yan Xiecheng suddenly understood what "companion is like accompanying tiger" meant.

Pay attention at all times.

And Li Xiangdong is not an ordinary tiger, but the king of tigers, ready to choose people at any time.

After moving the soda back to the courtyard, the two brothers got a bottle of soda each.

"Brother Dong, in the future, you can just tell the two of us to run errands to buy things. You don't have to make a trip on your own. "

"It's okay. I don't have much to do anyway. "


The two brothers listened, and their faces were a little complicated.

They are all idlers who have nothing to do, but how can the gap be so big.

People are still different.

Killing a wild boar can be exchanged for hundreds of dollars and tickets.

Worthy of a year of work for them.

Yan Xiecheng understood that only by following Li Xiangdong could he make a living.

"Brother Dong, when are you going hunting?"

"I'm already hunting."


The two brothers were stunned when they heard this.

How to hunt in the courtyard.

Yan Xiecheng was confused, but in order to please Li Xiangdong, he said, "Brother Dong, I heard that it is difficult to hunt in winter. "

"Something to say."

"Hey." Yan Xiecheng subconsciously tensed his body, "That, Aunt Li originally had a job in the rolling mill, Brother Dong you can take over." "

These words reminded Li Xiangdong.

This was really mentioned in the previous letter, but it was not specifically what kind of work it was.

"What does my aunt do?"



Li Xiangdong doesn't like to sit in his office all day settling accounts.

"Can I change jobs?"


"Change jobs?"

The two brothers found that they could not keep up with Li Xiangdong's thinking.

How good is the job of accountant, why change?

If you can let them be accountants, they will wake up laughing in their dreams.

"Brother Dong, the accountant's salary is a little lower. But usually it's not busy. "

"There are so many people in the rolling mill, and there are only a few accountants."

Li Xiangdong suddenly thought of another thing.

His aunt had been an accountant for so many years, and she was alone again.

The expenses are not much spent, how can there be no savings at all.


"How many years has my aunt been in the rolling mill?"

"More than ten years, right? We were there when we were young. "

"I heard before that my aunt is not in good health? Spending a lot of money on medical treatment? "

"The body and bones are really not very good." Yan Xiecheng shook his head and said, "But it shouldn't cost much, there are subsidies in the factory." And the aunt didn't go to the hospital later, so she bought some painkillers to eat. "

Li Xiangdong nodded, and suddenly his momentum changed, "When you helped clean up the house yesterday, did you take something you shouldn't?" "

The two brothers were startled and quickly shook their heads.

"No, no."

"Absolutely nothing!"

"Brother Dong, you just borrowed ten of our guts, and we don't dare to take it!"

Li Xiangdong stared at the two for a while, and gradually put away his oppressive momentum.

That's strange.

It stands to reason that Li Yulan should leave some legacy.

But he didn't see the deposit certificate, that is, the passbook.

I didn't see cash and tickets, not a single point.

Li Xiangdong looked around the yard, heh, someone actually dared to touch the corpse.

What an impatient life!

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